Patio Furniture Slipcovers

patio furniture slipcovers

Patio furniture slipcovers provide your backyard furniture with weather protection, helping preserve their beauty and extend their lifespan while making your garden more inviting. Plus, they make your yard more visually appealing!

Choose from an array of colors and fabrics, such as Sunbrella which resist stains, moisture and mildew growth.

Protects Your Furniture from the Elements

Outdoor furniture can be vulnerable to weather-induced damage. Be it torrential rain, intense sunlight or freezing temperatures; patio furniture covers can protect and extend their lives by shielding furnishings.

When selecting patio furniture cover materials, look for sturdy fabrics that are resistant to tearing and fading, yet allow furniture to breathe, preventing moisture build-up inside the cover. Furthermore, mesh panels can help prevent condensation or mold growth inside a cover; drawstrings or zippers may help keep them secure in inclement weather.

Based on the material of your furniture, there may also be various protectants or coatings designed to safeguard it against damage. When selecting an appropriate protectant, however, be mindful that only specific types may work; wood sealants will not adhere to metal pieces and rust protectants won’t do their job on wrought iron pieces.

Patio furniture covers are an easy and reliable way to protect outdoor furniture from the elements, and come in various sizes and materials to fit every type of outdoor furniture. Additionally, they’re made to fit snugly over each item so no water or debris enters through its seams and into its body.

PatioLiving offers an expansive selection of patio furniture covers for every need and piece, including full set covers to protect an entire table and chairs, individual lounge furniture covers, dining table covers and fire pit tables. Each cover is constructed from sturdy yet waterproof materials designed to protect against weather elements as well as UV rays from sunlight.

To ensure your patio furniture stays looking its best, it’s best to cover it regularly and perform maintenance checks regularly. Removing leaves and twigs, washing cushions regularly, and maintaining frames regularly all help extend its life while keeping its appearance.

Prevents Heat Damage

Patio furniture covers provide protection for chairs, tables and cushions by creating a barrier against direct sunlight that protects their materials from being directly heated by direct rays. This helps keep cushions looking new for longer while decreasing cleaning needs and frequency. Covers come in various fabrics designed to withstand outdoor elements ranging from polyester to vinyl – double layer covers may offer even further moisture and insect control protection.

Moisture can be one of the primary culprits behind damage to outdoor furnishings. Overexposure to moisture accelerates mold and mildew growth, leads to wooden furniture rotting and can even corrode metal pieces with rust. Patio furniture covers offer protection from sudden downpours by deflecting water away from directly hitting upholstery, protecting both it and its contents.

Most outdoor cushion covers are constructed from weather-resistant fabrics like polyester, acrylic or olefin that can withstand humidity and rainfall. Woven together and coated with PVC or polyurethane coatings make these covers suitable for humid environments while some designs even resist UV rays allowing your furniture to keep its original hue.

Keep your cushion covers looking their best by taking steps to maintain them on a regular basis, such as taking them apart and washing them with mild soap and warm water, either by hand or machine washing, when necessary. It is wise to rinse off fabric thoroughly after machine-washing in order to avoid mildew buildup in storage.

If you use outdoor furniture regularly, covering it at night should be part of your routine. This protects it from overnight rain showers and dew, which could otherwise lead to moisture building up in cushions or mold and mildew growth. Covering is especially essential if your seats or tables are made from wood or wicker that could become damaged from exposure to weather elements.

When purchasing a cover, look for one with an integrated ventilation system to prevent condensation and mildew growth. A good product should come equipped with an adjustable drawstring at the bottom as well as an air flow panel to circulate air freely through it, keeping cushions and upholstery cool while simultaneously making sitting on it more comfortable for you and your family and reducing maintenance needs. This feature should make maintenance simpler too – saving both time and money!

Reduces Dust and Debris

Come time for you to relax outside on your patio furniture, only to find it covered with dust, dirt, leaves, pollen, bird droppings, tree sap or other forms of debris – none of which cause permanent damage but can take time and effort to clean away from its surfaces. By covering up when not in use you can help protect it against dust and debris accumulations.

Many high-quality furniture covers are constructed with long-wearing materials that are easy to keep clean, including fasteners that secure them to ensure they stay securely in place, providing protection from wind that might blow it off, as well as rainstorms that cause sudden downpours causing water damage. Some waterproof versions even add another level of security against sudden downpours causing additional harm.

If it becomes necessary for you to wash your furniture cover, it is imperative that it is done in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Washing in hot weather may damage both its fabric and color while direct sunlight will accelerate fading. A mild detergent used with cold or warm water should suffice for washing your cover.

Patio furniture covers can be found for individual pieces as well as entire sets, such as tables, chairs, chaises or sofas. Full set covers can help save both time and effort as they’re tailored to cover both table and chairs in one convenient package. Modular and L-shaped furniture covers may also be found as well as smaller covers designed to cover outdoor pillows or throws.

No matter the kind of furniture you own, an investment in quality patio furniture covers is an invaluable way to extend their lifespan and enhance its visual appeal. A cover will protect it against UV rays, moisture and heat damage as well as prevent staining, dust or dirt build-up so you can fully enjoy its enjoyment while spending more time relaxing and entertaining in your backyard.

Easy to Clean

Many outdoor furniture covers are constructed from fabrics that can be easily cleaned, making the process of disinfection and hygiene much simpler and reducing mildew and mold issues. To keep them in prime condition, however, it’s essential that you follow all cleaning and care instructions specific to the material/fabric type in question. First check the tag for instructions if your cushions have removable covers – typically just throwing them in a delicate cycle and leaving to air dry afterwards; for one-piece covers, it may require more steps but remains relatively straightforward overall.

Begin by clearing away all debris from your cushions and covers, such as dirt, leaves, bird droppings and tree sap. Do this prior to washing them as doing this could prevent accidental damage during the wash process. Next, lay a plastic tarp on the patio or grass as a work space and move cushions and covers off their furniture to prevent them from getting dirty during cleaning as well as making getting rid of stains easier.

Once your work area is tidy, combine a solution of warm water and gentle cleaning soap or detergent in a bowl, using either a soft scrub brush or sponge to apply it on covers, being sure to pay attention to any stains or seams. Next, scrub gently focusing on stubborn dirt spots or marks with a soft bristled brush; once rinsed completely remove all trace of cleaner. Afterward, blot the covers using a clean cloth in order to absorb any extra moisture that remains.

Once your covers are dry, they can be placed back onto cushions and furniture. To speed up this process, hang your cushion covers in a sunny spot with good airflow; sunlight will help disinfect and brighten them while they dry! Once everything is ready to use for another summer of outdoor entertainment!