Patio Furniture Replacement Parts

patio furniture replacement parts

Patio furniture often finds itself exposed to outdoor conditions and therefore experiences wear and tear at an increased rate than its indoor counterparts. Instead of tossing it away altogether, consider professional refinishing to extend its life and increase its beauty.

Once we’ve disassembled and removed old slings, we inspect swivel mechanisms and sliders before refinishing the frame if requested by customers.


Slings make an excellent addition to outdoor patio furniture because they offer both durability and lightweight seating options. Compared to wicker or teak wood furniture, sling frames require little maintenance as they’re highly resistant to cracking, warping, splinting, or rusting – often even more so than their fabric itself!

Slings are sewn together using threads that are resistant to fading, aging, strains, tears and cleaning chemicals – this means they’ll last over time while easily being re-stitched as necessary – either by professionals or DIY enthusiasts alike.

Whenever reslinging patio furniture, accurate measurements are of utmost importance to achieving desired results. Otherwise, new slings could end up too loose or tight and won’t look right. Furthermore, you must know how taut your sling must be to withstand pressure; doing this requires strength and skill, which makes DIY less likely.

Once you have your slings, the next step should be installing them. While this should be a straightforward process, if this is your first time doing it it may become complex; follow all directions carefully while paying special attention to markings for hardware slits and envelope openings.

Watch out for freeze damage. This occurs when aluminum sling rails deteriorate from exposure to freezing and thawing temperatures, potentially opening up along their course and dislodging their attachment to your frame. This may prevent your slings from being securely attached.


Strap furniture has quickly become an extremely popular seating solution for commercial outdoor spaces such as poolside chairs and bar stools, thanks to its wide array of frame colors, strap colors, and strap configuration options available to meet any style preference. Not only that but strap furniture also stands up well against salt air environments – making it the ideal solution near oceans or bodies of water – while being easy to maintain thanks to quick hose down or wipe downs using mildew-resistant cleaner.

Just like with any patio furniture, the webbing and straps of your chair may begin to wear down over time, needing replacement to restore its beauty and functionality. At New Again, we offer an assortment of vinyl straps in various colors and styles that will restore its beauty while giving it new life.

Heat is applied to our straps so they become stretchy and easy to install on furniture frames. Although not complex, this process must be executed accurately to ensure webbing has proper tension without becoming loose over time; depending on chair style this may mean drilling holes at specific points along its endscaps.

At our store, we carry a selection of covers designed to protect outdoor furniture during the winter months. These waterproof covers feature drawstring closure and may even be UV-resistant for longer furniture life and protection from snow/ice accumulation that could otherwise cause damage. By keeping it covered throughout the year, keeping costs for repairs/maintenance fees down while increasing its lifespan!


Glides are small pieces that attach to the bottom of furniture legs and serve multiple important purposes: protecting floors from damage, increasing stability, and providing smooth movement. If your patio floors have sustained any damage over time, replacing glides is definitely time.

Gliders are typically constructed out of plastic, metal, or rubber and come in different sizes to fit various furniture pieces. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to durability, stability, and ease of use – choose one which best matches your preferences in terms of these factors.

Patio furniture requires regular care to keep it looking its best and functioning effectively. Regularly dusting with a soft brush or cloth or using non-abrasive cleaners like mild detergent mixed with water may suffice, although for deeper cleans you may require non-abrasive cleaners such as mild detergent mixed with water may also work effectively.

It can be easy to think that patio furniture that shows signs of wear and tear is beyond repair or will need to be completely replaced, but several repair and restoration processes exist that can bring even the most tarnished pieces back to life. The first step usually entails taking apart and inspecting its frame for broken welds, weak swivel mechanisms, cracks or seized bolts.

After this step is taken, the frame may be sandblasted and refinished with fresh stain or paint to return it to its original appearance and extend its lifespan. This process is often more cost-effective than replacing an entire piece of furniture; and can save significant sums in the long run.

Sling Rail End Caps

End caps are the final component of patio furniture sling hardware to be installed, serving to keep fabric from falling off of chair frames and off of sling rails. Available in multiple colors to complement chair frame colors or white for contrast against black frames, end caps are an inexpensive and straightforward addition that will extend their life significantly.

Attracting guests with comfortable outdoor patio furniture that looks good will create an inviting space in which to spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, sling seating tends to deteriorate more rapidly due to exposure from sun and rain exposure; worn slings become trip hazards that could cause someone to trip and fall over your furniture, necessitating replacement with fresh slings immediately in order to prevent an unfortunate accident from taking place.

Installing sling furniture can be a complex and challenging task. To ensure the task goes smoothly, take the time to learn about its construction before beginning your project. For assistance in doing this, many reputable sling manufacturers like Brown Jordan, Carter Grandle, Lloyd Flanders Winston Woodard have online specifications which will assist in getting you underway with this endeavor.

Once you understand how sling furniture is constructed, installation should be relatively straightforward. Some brands allow you to separate sling rails manually while others may require you to purchase an inexpensive spreader bar from a home improvement store for around $10.


Patio furniture is often an expensive investment and, when it starts looking worn and outdated, it may seem hard to justify replacing it. But in most cases it would be more beneficial to invest in patio furniture repair and restoration processes rather than throwing it out into the trash when signs of wear begin appearing.

Restoring patio furniture requires keeping several key points in mind. First, inspect all pieces thoroughly for any problems; paying special attention to straps, slings and wicker portions that may have become loose or damaged should be tightened or replaced immediately.

An essential consideration when purchasing patio furniture replacement parts is selecting those made of high-grade material that will outlive their predecessors, particularly mesh slings found on outdoor seating such as Winston, Brown Jordan or Tropitone that are highly durable and will withstand years of weathering.

Note that certain types of patio furniture require specific maintenance procedures, including cleaning and refinishing. Cast aluminum pieces in particular should be professionally refinished at least every few years, otherwise they risk becoming dull and discolored over time, even becoming susceptible to moisture-induced rust issues. When it comes to refinishing aluminum furniture it is key that UV inhibitors be included within any product used as this will protect its finish from sun rays damaging it further and extend its lifespan for many years to come. If your aluminum furniture requires professional refinishing we advise professional services over trying it yourself for optimal results that save both money and ensure longevity for years of enjoyment!