Patio Furniture Slipcovers

Keep your outdoor furniture fresh and in top condition with patio furniture slipcovers to protect from water damage, harmful sunlight rays and more. These covers provide protection from water accumulation as well as harmful UV rays from the sun rays.

Look for covers that fit tightly over your furniture to provide a snug fit, as this can reduce humidity and condensation which could potentially lead to mildew or mold growth.


As many patio furniture materials require additional protection against the elements, high-quality outdoor furniture covers provide the best way to shield wood, wicker and iron patio furnishings from UV rays, moisture intrusion, staining or scratching. Covers also protect outdoor furniture against bird droppings and tree sap, as well as environmental hazards like bird flu, tree sap, mold growth and mildew growth. Fabric used in these covers often made from weatherproof polyester is robust and scratch-resistant – perfect for protecting painted or unpainted outdoor furniture alike – plus it helps reduce mold growth. Plus it comes with soft inner that protects surfaces from scratches.

If you have purchased outdoor furniture, patio furniture slipcovers can help extend its longevity by limiting how often pieces need to be cleaned. That way, more time can be spent relaxing with family and friends!

Though most outdoor furniture is constructed to withstand harsh environments, prolonged sun and rain exposure can wreak havoc on its materials. Plastic can crack when exposed to freezing temperatures while wood and wicker may develop mold or mildew growth; water seeping into rattan can lead to its decay; metal furniture can even rust over time – yet protective patio furniture covers provide valuable protection for all forms of furniture regardless of material.

The most durable patio furniture covers provide a snug, snug fit over chairs and sofas to provide protection from dust, dirt and debris – making it easy for you to put them on and take them off as needed when prepping for an outdoor barbecue or relaxing afternoon in your own backyard.

Durable outdoor furniture covers come in an assortment of modern patterns and colors to perfectly compliment any patio decor. Choose neutral hues like ivory and gray for an understated yet stylish seating area, or go bold with vibrant patterned designs to bring color into your backyard oasis. Pair solid ottomans and coffee tables with cushion slipcovers in solid hues to create an effortlessly sophisticated seating area suited for any backyard oasis.

Weather Resistant

Protection for outdoor furniture from the elements and keeping it looking new all summer long are two main goals of patio covers. No matter if it is an entire dining and lounge set or just some chairs, sofa, and coffee table, patio covers fit seamlessly around all parts of your furniture to keep it secure from high winds. Look for waterproof polyester coverings with drawstring fasteners so they are easy to store or remove as well as cord closures or drawstring fasteners that allow quick stowage/removal; find covers for chair/lounger sets as well as outdoor sectionals/umbrellas so your backyard deck stays comfy all year long!

Though most outdoor furniture and cushion materials are designed to withstand weathering, all materials will eventually wear down over time. With the proper patio furniture slipcovers, however, you can extend the life of cushions and tables while protecting their beauty – prolonging their usefulness for many seasons ahead! Nylon fabric makes an excellent choice; it’s fade-resistant, resistant to abrasions while remaining comfortable to sit on; additionally Sunbrella acrylic fabric provides luxurious seating areas ideal for relaxing under the sun!

Consider your climate conditions before choosing the material of a cover to best meet them. Nylon works well in hot and humid locations that often experience mold or mildew growth; for rainy areas with increased moisture build-up, waterproof covers should be used instead of nylon covers for maximum moisture management; alternatively if budget constraints prevent you from doing this, invest in mesh covers instead to reduce moisture build-up on patio furniture and cushions.

Make your outdoor furnishings pop by matching cushion covers to the rest of your decor, such as Tortoise wicker furniture. Bold Rave Cherry or Kiwi pillow covers add vibrant tropical accents; create more of an understated, subdued setting by using neutral linen covers and adding decorative features like metal lanterns or solar string lights – or create an alfresco space with clean linen covers that match well.

Easy to Clean

Your outdoor patio furniture cushions should be constructed of sturdy, stain-resistant materials that are easy to maintain and clean, such as nylon, vinyl, polyester and olefin. These materials offer superior resistance against both sun exposure and mildew growth – ideal options for your cushions! Fabric cushions will retain their shape better than other types of upholstery fabrics, so for best results it is advisable to regularly clean your cushions so they remain looking clean and fresh. As they may be secured to the frame, this may prove challenging; however, you can remove the cushion covers and put them through your washing machine while following any care instructions on their labels. It is also best to air dry them prior to reusing on patio furniture to prevent mildew growth.

Covering patio furniture when not in use can protect it from rain and humidity damage that could otherwise hasten its degeneration, as well as UV rays from the sun which can do extensive damage over time. Covering it also serves to shield its components from UV light damage caused by summer sunbathing – something it should be doing more of!

Outdoor patio furniture covers are an essential tool in protecting your investment. They can defend against water, humidity, dirt, dust and pests that could threaten the pleasures of relaxation spots in your garden or yard; in addition they help preserve color and texture in their entirety.

Many big box stores and online retailers sell furniture covers that fit all patio sets at once, but these don’t usually work. Instead, it would be wiser to invest in custom covers tailored specifically to the size of your patio furniture – this way the cover fits snuggly without leaving any areas exposed.

To make cleaning your patio furniture cover as easy as possible, ideally it should be machine-washable. In addition, look for one with built-in vents to facilitate airflow and minimize moisture build-up. If not machine-washable, cleaning should be accomplished using soapy water in a bucket and soft bristled brush; hot water could damage some fabrics.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The ideal patio furniture slipcovers are both visually pleasing and enhance the appeal of outdoor seating areas. Available in an assortment of color shades and patterns, they coordinate beautifully with existing cushions and pillows for a cohesive look that’s both beautiful and functional. Patio covers offer protection from staining or mold forming on furniture while still allowing users to relax on their patio in peace.

Don’t skimp when selecting the ideal patio furniture cover; cheap alternatives typically do not contain breathable material and cannot withstand extreme temperature changes or rigorous use. When searching for patio covers that suit the dimensions of your furniture and offer features like non-slip ties and piped perimeters. Similarly, selecting one with vents allows any trapped moisture to escape preventing mold or mildew growth on your furniture.

Patio furniture covers are an investment, so it pays to spend the extra money on one that adds style. Look for covers with neutral hues so they easily blend into your backyard oasis and allow you to add color through accent pillows, plants or flowers, decorative details like metal lanterns and solar string lights, decorative details such as metal lanterns or solar string lights and even bold patterns for added interest in your outdoor oasis.

Considerations when selecting a patio furniture cover include its ability to be secured using drawstring or elastic hem and straps, which will ensure a tight fit and protect it from being blown off in windy conditions. Also search for one with convenient handles or cinch cords so putting and taking off furniture becomes simpler, as well as UV protection to guard against sun damage and faded fabric.