Patio Furniture Sale Near Me

Add new life and style to your outdoor lounge and dining area with patio furniture from one of our many styles and options, designed to match with existing outdoor decor.

Bring home comforts like luxurious outdoor sectionals, plush outdoor rugs and sun-blocking umbrellas to create the ultimate backyard retreat.


If you’re looking to add an inviting space into your outdoor living area, a chaise lounge can create the ideal relaxation oasis. These chic seats offer comfortable seating that makes soaking up sun easy or reading a book or enjoying drinks by the pool relaxing and enjoyable. Not to mention they come in various styles to match any decor perfectly!

When purchasing a chaise lounge, look for one constructed of weather-resistant materials like teak or aluminum and featuring adjustable reclining positions. If possible, select one with a waterproof protective cover to protect from moisture damage as well as UV rays.

Before purchasing a chaise lounge, carefully consider its intended use. If it will be put through heavy daily use, look for one with durable fabrics such as microsuede or poly-fiber with CertiPUR cushioning – however if occasional usage will suffice then cotton or linen may be more appropriate.

Chaise lounges make the perfect addition to any home, exuding luxury and relaxation. Perfect for solo use or sharing among multiple people, chaises offer comfort while remaining elegantly inviting.

Many chaise lounges feature built-in storage solutions like drawers or shelves to safely tuck away books or other items while lounging – an added convenience that makes these chaises ideal for bedrooms, dens and media rooms alike.

Your chaise can be customized based on both its size and your personal tastes; accessories like throw pillows and cozy blankets can transform it into an inviting corner of comfort and style.

Add decorative accents to your chaise to give it a more luxurious aesthetic, such as an accent table or stylish rugs that match or complement the color scheme of your furniture; layer different colored and texture rugs for an eclectic vibe.


People of all ages enjoy spending their free time outdoors relaxing by the pool or reading a good book, daybeds may provide the ideal seating solution to make this outdoor space complete. Combining functions of both sofa and bed into one piece of furniture makes daybeds the ideal way to unwind during the day while sleeping soundly at night – and with their wide array of styles and finishes available you are sure to find one to complement any decor in your home!

What differentiates a daybed from a chaise lounge or bench? While chaise lounges can serve multiple functions (chair, sunbathing), daybeds provide more seating and recliner comfort similar to sofas; they typically feature high backs with low sides (where arms would typically appear on a couch).

Daybeds provide the ideal place for relaxing and sleeping space when guests come over, making them suitable for living rooms, home offices and guest bedrooms alike. Most daybeds feature twin-sized mattresses which can be pulled out when necessary – an added benefit making daybeds particularly suitable for living rooms, home offices and guest bedrooms alike!

Daybeds resemble sofas more than traditional beds, offering deeper seating areas than standard couches and offering ample room to seat several individuals at the same time. As such, they’re an excellent choice for entertaining or family gatherings and can even feature layers of throw pillows with larger ones in the back and smaller ones in front for added comfort and seating pleasure.

If you want to create an intimate reading nook or lounge space in your backyard, purchasing a wicker daybed could be the perfect addition. These durable pieces of furniture are weather resistant and look beautiful against any outdoor background – also making wicker daybeds ideal choices for porches, balconies or other small spaces.

Blend Home Furnishings offers an impressive selection of daybeds and trundles designed with customization in mind, offering designs and colors from modern to classic designs – our custom home furnishings store is the premier designer destination for customizable seating and bedroom furniture in the region, so don’t hesitate to give us a call now!


Sofas are an age-old tradition found worldwide. More formal than their couch counterpart, sofas are designed for sitting rather than lounging around on. Sofas make a fantastic addition to a living room or dining area – or even home offices!

When shopping for a sofa, make sure that it is constructed of durable materials. The frame should be reinforced with dowels or similar reinforcement to ensure it doesn’t break down over time; legs must also be securely fastened; cushions must be well-stuffed; upholstery material should also be sturdy enough to resist stains and wear and tear.

If you’re in the market for a sofa, there is a variety of styles available to you. Choose between small two-seaters to large sectionals seating the whole family comfortably; modular sofas may even allow you to easily adapt them to fit into your space with their disassembled pieces.

Consideration should also be given to the size and layout of your room when purchasing a sofa. Measure doorways carefully so that the furniture fits through, taking note of any obstacles such as wall photos or light fixtures which might get in its way, and consider any spare room necessary when fully assembled. Lastly, ensure the frame of your chosen sofa is made from sturdy hardwood rather than particleboard or metal as these options tend to wear down faster.

Consideration should also be given to the color of your sofa as this can have an enormous impact on how the room appears and feels. When selecting brightly-hued fabrics, be sure to ask for sample swatches so you can view how it appears under both natural sunlight and artificial lighting at night. Also watch for pilling or staining issues and any trendy weaves which might become out-of-style quickly.


Sectionals provide ample seating in one cohesive piece of furniture. Available in many different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of your living space, they come with L-shaped, U-shaped, curved options or even pull-out beds or storage compartments – ideal for smaller spaces that demand versatile solutions with ample functionality.

Many shoppers opt for sectionals because of their durability and convenience. Quality upholstery is stain-resistant and simple to keep clean; models with built-in chaise lounges or cuddlers add even more comfort. Plus, sturdy frames will stand the test of time while durable leather adds classic charm.

There is an array of design styles available to add flair and interest to your interior decor, from modern pieces with clean silhouettes and neutral hues, to more classic looks featuring intricate tufting details and rich brown finishes. Some pieces even combine these two aesthetics for a distinct appeal.

Before purchasing a sectional, be sure to take measures of your room to make sure it will fit snugly and provide enough space for easy movement and other furnishings in the space. Also keep your ceiling height in mind to make sure that its seating will comfortably fill out your living room.

Once you’ve chosen a style you like, select the configuration that will work best in your home. For instance, if you have a large family and require ample seating capacity, larger configurations with chaise and cuddler may be best; or alternatively a smaller sectional suitable for single rooms or empty nesters may provide enough seating capacity.

Configurations is also an influential factor when purchasing a sectional. Some models are reversible, allowing you to switch up their positioning as needed to meet your seating requirements. A modular sectional can also help meet changing seating needs over time while power recline sectionals offer maximum comfort.