Patio Furniture Sale Near Me

Refresh your outdoor space with furniture designed specifically for use outdoors that matches your style. Shop lounge chairs and sofas specifically made to withstand outdoor elements as well as table sets designed specifically for the patio environment, plus pillows and rugs to define the area.

Online shops are an ideal resource to find discounts on popular patio furniture pieces like these acacia loungers with thousands of five-star reviews from past buyers.

Clearance Outdoor Furniture & Decor

Maximize your outdoor space with discount patio furniture and decor! Create an effortless coastal style with weathered wood or resin-wicker pieces, or bring an element of traditional elegance into your backyard patio with classic metal or wood tables and chairs. Round off your seating arrangement with on sale chair pads and pillows that brighten lounge chairs, sofas or ottomans; and keep things looking tidy with indoor/outdoor rugs that define space while helping create a cohesive decorating scheme.

Add an elegant finishing touch to your dining area with a patio umbrella on sale. Crafted of strong fabric and supported by wooden or powder-coated metal poles and stands, these durable umbrellas provide shade from harmful UV rays while adding decorative flair with their variety of fashionable styles.

Are you in the market to add a splash of colour and style to your backyard patio? Discover an array of clearance outdoor furniture and decor items. With dining tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, hardware essentials and more – everything needed to make it an inviting outdoor retreat can be found right here!

Patio Umbrellas & Canopies

An umbrella provides an efficient means to shade outdoor seating and dining areas from the sun, providing much-needed relief during hot afternoons. Patio umbrellas come in an assortment of styles, sizes and colors designed to fit into any space – some even offer tilting options so as to provide coverage as the sun moves throughout the day.

Material choice should be the primary concern when purchasing a patio umbrella, as its function is to shield both you and your family from harmful UV rays from the sun. Each material’s physical characteristics determine how much heat and glare it blocks, and its lifespan.

Anodized aluminum is an increasingly popular material choice among luxury umbrellas due to its lightweight yet strong proportional to weight characteristics. An electrochemical process creates an impermeable base layer of aluminum oxide which resists corrosion and weathering for added durability – perfect for center pole patio umbrellas!

One important consideration when shopping for a patio umbrella is the type of mounting system it has. Most center-pole models are secured to the ground via a tube cemented into soil or concrete for stability; its pole and canopy connect with its base using crank mechanisms or levers; some models like Frankford’s Nova giant patio umbrella have an auto tilt feature which allows you to continue cranking past vertical for greater tilt angles.

Some outdoor umbrellas require special mounting methods, like wood deck mounting or in-ground anchoring. Such installations should only be performed by professional contractors as it involves pouring concrete. Meanwhile, others, like Barlow Tyrie’s SolAire in-ground umbrella feature an installation method with an anchor pole that goes into a hole drilled in the ground and into a hole drilled for it – these installations tend to be more permanent so before making your purchase it’s wise to consult their recommendations from them first.

Those planning on using their new patio umbrella at night may wish to incorporate an integrated lighting system into their purchase. LED bulbs can easily clip onto the ribs or hubs of modern umbrellas and plug directly into standard outlets for illumination; their lower heat emissions mean safer dining or lounging experiences.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs & Pillows

Bring color and comfort to your patio by adding colorful rugs and pillows that bring the outdoors in. Indoor/outdoor rugs made of Sunbrella(r) fabrics provide maximum weatherproofing, and come in various styles that match up perfectly with other furniture pieces on the patio. Pairing one of these durable pieces with outdoor chairs sporting cushions that coordinate will bring it all together perfectly!

There are also rugs designed specifically for outdoor use, like those from Capel(r). Constructed of Olefin with acrylic trim for durability against moisture and UV rays, they’ll retain their color no matter what happens outside. Available in neutral sand tones as well as bold patterns like leopard print or stripes.

Outdoor pillows add decorative flair to any outdoor furniture set, from porch swings and backyard decks to sofas and armchairs. Indoor living spaces can also take advantage of them by using them as accent pillows – or you could choose solid pillow colors like pink or teal for an easy splash of color while bold patterns will liven up any patio chair! These versatile accessories come in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles – you just have to pick out what best matches the furniture!

Outdoor Lighting & Accessories

No matter the scale of your patio renovation, find the pieces needed to create the ideal outdoor environment. Patio furniture deals are an affordable way to upgrade your space; look for lounge chairs, sofas and modular outdoor sectional pieces as well as dining sets that come complete with durable tables and matching chairs that work in either small spaces or larger backyards. Plus, decorative accessories like post lanterns or garden benches add both practicality and an eye-catching accent while adding style!

Patio furniture deals give you the freedom to explore a range of styles and finishes, from coastal decor that invokes an airy beach-esque ambience, rustic patio furniture that creates a rustic charm, metal patio furniture crafted from lightweight aluminum, steel and iron in vibrant or neutral colors; resin wicker chairs and tables which combine durability with traditional styling; modern patio furniture which boasts clean lines, versatile color palettes that complement existing indoor furnishings; as well as on-sale indoor/outdoor rugs and pillows that add texture and color into the mix!