Patio Furniture Replacement Fabric

patio furniture fabric replacement

Even the highest quality patio furniture cannot stand up against constant wear and tear from sunlight, salt air, body oil, chlorine and bird excrement – which will eventually cause it to wear away.

No matter if your outdoor cushions have seen better days or you simply wish to add an updated look to your patio chairs, sling replacement fabric may be a simple and cost-effective solution. Patio Sling Site offers over 150 Sunbrella chair sling fabric choices at unbeatably competitive rates!

UV Protection

Sunlight can be an extremely damaging force when it comes to patio furniture, causing fabric to stretch, tear or fade over time. Even under umbrella or canopy protection, its rays still affect materials – which is why choosing materials which resist fading can extend its useful life and ensure you can continue enjoying your patio furniture for many years to come.

No matter if your patio furniture has an aluminum, wood or metal frame, The Southern Company carries fabrics resistant to UV light that will help your furniture appear new again. We carry an assortment of sling and cushion fabrics which resist fading while many are also mildew resistant and soil proof – we can replace your current fabrics to give your furniture that new-looking feel again!

Spun polyester patio furniture fabrics are an attractive option due to its variety of solids and patterns, created using inked colors applied onto white 100% spun polyester yarns. Spun polyester fabrics can withstand direct sunlight exposure for up to 300 hours at a time without succumbing to degradation.

Vinyl-coated polyester fabrics offer another excellent solution for outdoor cushion and sling fabrics, featuring PVC coating on both the inside and outside, making these durable fabrics. Furthermore, these vinyl-coated polyesters will retain their color even after being exposed to sunlight for over 2,000 hours!

Acrylic fabrics are similar to vinyls but softer, providing greater UV resistance without fading over 2,000 hours of direct sunlight without becoming discolored. Furthermore, these mildew resistant fabrics can be easily cleaned using mild detergent and water for quick cleanups; some even come equipped with Microban protection against mold growth and bacteria build-up.

Sunbrella is an industry leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing weather-resistant fabrics. Their selection of unique patterned and textured fabrics are resistant to fading while their Sunbrella Rain fabric offers total waterproof cushioning protection on the market.


Even outdoor furniture designed to last decades will show signs of wear over time, especially sling patio chairs that are exposed to sun, salt air and chlorine from pool environments every day. After eight to ten years, mesh sling fabric may begin showing signs of deterioration; at this point it should be replaced in order to extend its life span and breathe new life into your furniture.

Your patio chair’s frame may still have plenty of life left in it and replacing its sling can save you 30-50% compared to purchasing and installing all new furniture.

When purchasing new slings for your patio chairs, it’s essential that you consider their desired style. Do you prefer something to blend in seamlessly with existing decor, or would a flashier piece be more your cup of tea? Once you have decided on one or two colors, order up to six fabric swatches so that you can test how they appear in your environment – computer monitors aren’t reliable when it comes to showing true fabric colors accurately – this step ensures you are happy with the final result!

Sling fabrics come in an assortment of colors and patterns, making it simple to find something that complements your interior decor. Furthermore, sling fabrics are made of long-wearing materials designed to withstand years of use; for poolside furniture use specifically, Phifertex or Sunbrella may provide greater mildew resistance as well as chlorine/chemical resistance – ideal for the job!

If it’s time to update the slings on your patio furniture, purchase new slings from a sling furniture provider in your area. They’ll remove and install your current one before applying a brand new powder coating that protects it against corrosion.

Weather Resistant

Even the finest patio furniture will eventually show signs of wear and tear from weather exposure and regular use. Sun, wind, rain and snow damage require replacement fabric replacement – choosing an appropriate material can withstand weather damage more effectively.

Acrylic fabric cushions are durable and resistant to sun fading, mold growth and mildew development, as well as being air permeable so air can pass freely through it and keep cushions cooler when temperatures increase. Furthermore, this breathable material comes in an assortment of colors and patterns to match any decor while being less costly than foam or polyester fiberfill materials.

Synthetic all-weather wicker is another durable choice for outdoor furniture slings. Constructed over an aluminum frame, it can support significant loads and features fade resistance as well as organic colors that appear nearly indistinguishable from natural wicker.

Vinyl, polyester and nylon fabrics make durable slings for patio furniture slings; some of which are water-resistant and easy to maintain, while others may be susceptible to weather damage but still durable enough for most uses. Selecting the appropriate fabric depends on how often and for how long you intend to use your outdoor chairs; cotton-based fabric may suffice if only sitting out for occasional meals while more robust materials such as vinyl are more important if sunbathing on patio.

Selecting an awning fabric that’s right for your home can protect it from heat, sun and rain. The ideal fabric should be breathable so as to stay cool during hot temperatures while resisting moisture build-up and mold growth. Furthermore, UV stable pigments used during dyeing processes help avoid fading under direct sunlight; to extend its life even further consider applying waterproof sealant sealants over its fabric surface.


Even the finest outdoor furniture can become tired over time, even with regular use. If your sling chairs’ fabric begins showing signs of wear, reupholstery may be worth investigating as an alternative solution compared to buying new patio furniture which would cost considerably more and take much more effort and labor to maintain. Reupholstery projects may save condos, country clubs and HOA communities money while alleviating headaches caused by expensive and labor intensive patio furniture replacement projects.

When it comes to replacing patio furniture, there is an array of fabrics from which to select when choosing new ones. Some can be extremely stylish while others are designed more functionally for longevity and usability. It is essential that you understand all aspects of each material to select one which best meets the needs of your community.

Spun polyester sling chair fabric is one of the most versatile options available, providing soft cotton-like textures with thousands of patterns, strips and solids available to create custom patio spaces for any property. Furthermore, spun polyester is highly durable against moisture accumulation, mildew growth and insects – an added advantage over cotton materials!

Recycled plastic is another eco-friendly material option, made of milk cartons, shampoo bottles and other recycled plastic items. Constructed of this resilient material that can withstand high winds and saltwater exposure while being resistant to mold and mildew growth, cleaning with soapy water is simple with this eco-friendly choice.

Cast aluminum furniture is another great, long-term investment. Its sturdy frame can support multiple colors and come powder coated for an appealing finish that can last for over 20 years with proper care.

Teak patio furniture is an elegant and luxurious option. The natural wood grain can be maintained with just a bit of oil, or can patina naturally into an appealing silver-gray hue over time. Furthermore, this material is extremely strong, durable and weather-resistant and will never rot or splinter.

Sling patio furniture is an ideal solution for poolside seating and dining areas, thanks to its distinctive design which eliminates cushions. As a result, its easier to dry after rainstorms or windsstorms and less of an effort is needed when cleaning it afterward.