Palecek Furniture – High Design and Sustainability

palecek furniture

Palecek furniture has long combined high design with sustainability to produce furniture and accessories that add style and character to any room. Crafted by skilled artisans around the world, their pieces reflect nature’s beauty through an international palette of natural fibers and fast-growing woods.

Allan Palecek established his company and showcases to-the-trade only showrooms for residential and hospitality customers to experience his collection first-hand. Nicholas Haslam Ltd is proud to represent Palecek both within the UK and European regions.


Palecek products are synonymous with luxurious design and environmental responsibility. Based in Richmond, CA, this company crafts handcrafted furniture, wall decor, accent furnishings and lighting from natural materials for both indoor and outdoor living spaces – exuding timeless elegance that resonates with designers, architects and homeowners seeking to add nature-inspired beauty into their homes.

Palecek was established by Allan Palecek in 1974 after seeing an opportunity in home accents made of distinctive rattan and wicker materials. His first offerings were expertly woven baskets that quickly gained customers. Inspired to expand his product line further, Allan developed a network of master artisans as he imported exotic natural fibers from around the globe – quickly turning these exotic fibers into furniture, lighting accessories and decor that revolutionized an industry trendsetting brand like Palecek.

Innovation remains at the core of their designs, as the company embraces new techniques and materials to keep its designs innovative. They take an environmental-minded approach by working with suppliers who practice sustainable forestry; additionally they use water-based finishes in order to minimize their environmental footprint. They support numerous community organizations and charities including Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross Samaritan’s Purse, Build the Cure Dream House.

Palecek designs are inspired by international influences but evoke Californian life through its relaxed lifestyle and eco-conscious mindset. Additionally, this company employs eco-friendly practices while still creating fashionable long-lasting pieces; its meticulous craftsmanship ensures every piece is of superior quality on the market.

Sprintz Furniture proudly serves Nashville, Franklin and Greater Tennessee with the Capitola Woven Rattan and Lampakani Lounge Chair shown here in brown. While this piece requires special ordering, it can still be tailored to suit your individual preferences. Reach out today to learn more and explore all our ordering options – our knowledgeable staff can also assist in selecting fabrics, leathers, and hardware to match any style imaginable!


Allan Palecek made his mark when he established his furniture company in 1974 by crafting pieces that combined artistry, functionality and appreciation of nature’s beauty into each design. These designs quickly gained favor among architects and designers looking to integrate indoor-outdoor living spaces and embody nature. Today, Palecek furniture remains a pioneering force within the industry with exquisite pieces made of traditional style blended seamlessly with natural materials like rattan, teak or seagrass – as well as being available online!

At a time when sustainability was still relatively undefined, Mr. Palecek traveled throughout Asia in search of inspiration from centuries-old basket weaving traditions from local communities. He developed a network of master artisans before starting import rattan and wicker accessories.

Palecek furniture pieces can now be found for purchase on 1stDibs with exceptional care taken when being made by skilled artisans. Since its inception, this company has expanded to offer various styles and furniture pieces, such as dining sets, lounge chairs, bar stools and more – all available to be bought with unparalleled care by Palecek’s brand new catalog of Palecek pieces!

With our wide range of designs and finishes, you are sure to find a piece that complements your personal aesthetic. Take for instance the Melrose Lounge Chair; its coastal-inspired style features hand twisted jute detailing as well as a cerused off white finish making this piece perfect for adding some organic charm into any room in the house.

Palecek has created yet another magnificent piece: The Art Deco Accent Table. Featuring large bent bamboo arms and legs with woven rush seats that give it timeless appeal, this accent table will bring beauty into any living room setting.

Palecek furniture embodies an outstanding sense of responsibility to both the environment and community. Their use of eco-conscious materials has long been part of their legacy, as they strive to reduce their environmental impact through collaboration with vendors and customers on sustainable solutions that will outlive generations.

Additionally, the company works closely with a number of local and international charities to support their neighbors. They have provided relief following natural disasters, provided financial assistance to families in need, as well as supported numerous organizations that strive to assist those within their community. They take great pride in doing what they can for those living nearby.


Palecek furniture is expertly crafted using natural materials sourced from renewable resources, giving it lasting durability. Ranging from seating and accent pieces, each piece has been expertly handwoven for an elegant design suited for many different decor styles – traditional to modern alike!

Since their founding, the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability has been at the core of their mission. When Allan Palecek first set out to design rattan furniture, he traveled throughout Asia seeking inspiration from various communities’ ancient basket weaving traditions for design inspiration – then created his line of handcrafted home furnishings using quickly renewable materials like wicker and rattan.

Palecek brand furnishings have long been recognized for their superior craftsmanship. As one of the premier wholesalers for custom-designed and globally-sourced handcrafted outdoor furniture, accessories, and wall decor, with permanent showrooms located throughout Atlanta, Dallas, Laguna Niguel, Los Angeles, Las Vegas High Point New York City they have long been trusted partners in creating unforgettable living spaces.

Their products are handcrafted using various materials ranging from rattan to teak and can be found throughout hotels, resorts and private residences worldwide. As well as being committed to the environment, their commitment extends further with community outreach initiatives like disaster relief nationally and globally.

Palecek’s collection of woven furniture offers both casual comfort and elegant sophistication for any setting. Their Melrose Lounge Chair combines comfortable cushioning with hand-twisted jute detailing for an eye-catching coastal aesthetic, all finished off in cerused off white finish for timeless beauty in any space.

Palecek has always been conscious of their impact on the environment since opening for business in 1974. Their company works closely with suppliers and artisans to produce eco-conscious designs; Palecek believes their work embodies not only artistic craftsmanship and functional design, but also pays homage to those responsible for its creation.


At a time when Earth’s resources are diminishing and waste accumulation is increasing exponentially, it has never been more crucial to consider sustainable furniture as part of design process. From material selection and production, many designers are employing new methods and materials which lower environmental impacts during furniture making processes.

Integrating sustainability into design is more than a buzzworthy trend – it is core value of many brands. Some manufacturers, for instance, produce furniture from renewable raw materials that require less energy in production; others reduce carbon emissions through recycled materials or by including eco-friendly elements like jute fibers and rattan weaves in their design.

Palecek, for instance, is known for producing superior indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, wall decor, and accessories that exude organic style. Since 1974 when they first established their company, Palecek has consistently combined high design with innovative artistry while using natural fibers derived from rapidly renewable resources to craft its products.

Allan Palecek, the founder of Palecek, began his journey in Asia by traveling to various communities for inspiration from their centuries-old basket-weaving traditions and learning how to utilize quick-growing natural materials like rattan and seagrasses. Through developing relationships with master artisans he discovered how to combine an international palette of natural materials with fast-growing hardwoods in order to create functional works of art that also enhanced interior design.

Palecek is now a globally-recognized brand offering furniture and accessories to retail stores and designers through eight lifestyle showrooms across the U.S. It sources its products from vendors in five countries across Southeast Asia and Mexico and then upholstery and finishing processes are completed here in Richmond, California.

Palecek’s environmental commitment extends far beyond its own operations and into its surrounding community, through philanthropy. Palecek supports various charitable organizations including Build the Cure Dream House, Samaritan’s Purse and New York Lower East Side Settlement.

Leadership and employees of this company have even participated in disaster relief efforts, helping families recover from Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake and Indonesia volcanic eruption. When disasters strike, their response is swift and generous – providing relief with heart.