Patio Furniture For Small Patios

patio furniture for small patio

With the right patio furniture, transforming a small patio into an ideal retreat is possible. Find chair and side table combos that fit comfortably within your small space or select an East Oak outdoor chaise lounge featuring powder-coated steel frame construction and Textilene fabric material, which offers breathability yet quick drying properties.


Attracting patio seating into your small backyard design creates a comfortable and relaxing space to spend time with loved ones. A quality outdoor dining set can make alfresco meals more pleasurable; but if lounging is what’s on offer here, choose lounge chairs or porch rockers instead. Adding some character and uniqueness to existing furniture sets by painting them can even give an existing set an updated look that fits into the color scheme of both home and yard alike.

Planning the layout of a patio involves more than seating and dining; when planning its layout it’s essential to think about how the space will be utilized for storage purposes as well. Consider multifunctional pieces of furniture like side and coffee tables with built-in storage compartments as this can help keep your space organized. A table equipped with its own cooler is another smart idea for keeping beverages chilled during outdoor gatherings like barbeques or parties; you could also outfit it with trash cans to prevent these items from cluttering tables and chairs or becoming lost among guests when entertaining guests!

For an airy and inviting outdoor space, opt for coastal-style furnishings in white or blue colors with resin wicker, sailor’s rope or weathered wood constructions and decorative accessories such as seashells or stones as decorative features. Coastal furniture also tends to include decorative accessories featuring seashells or stones from nature that add visual interest.

If you prefer an elegant, contemporary atmosphere, try metal patio furniture with glossy metallic frames and finishes. This type of outdoor seating includes sofas and loveseats as well as dining tables and chairs – as well as various accent pieces to make any small patio appear larger and brighter.

If you love the look of verdant spaces, create one on your small patio by setting out some comfortable green lounge chairs and pairing it with an umbrella to shade it from direct sunlight. Add leafy plants for contrast as well as natural wooden deck ideas to complete the scene.


Finding the ideal ottomans and footstools will elevate your patio seating to the next level. These multipurpose pieces can serve as footrests, extra seating or coffee tables – whatever suits you best from cushioned options with plush textures to built-in storage solutions Toronto has a vast array of solutions that are sure to meet all of your outdoor storage needs.

Outdoor ottomans come in both round and rectangular forms. Round ottomans make great footstools to rest your feet on while reading or sipping tea, while rectangular designs create ideal centerpieces in patio seating arrangements, allowing guests to sit around them and share conversation with one another.

Square indoor and outdoor ottomans are larger in size, perfect for use as stylish side tables or for seating when necessary. You’ll find these types of ottomans made out of different materials like leather and inflatable PVC plastic; more luxurious models such as the Neighbor teak model work especially well in modern or rustic living spaces with plenty of natural elements present.

When looking to add something special and individualistic to your living space, cut-out ottomans with designs such as flowers or vines may add the perfect decorative accent. While these types of ottomans may look appealing indoors or out, outdoor use could prove detrimental as their designs could fade in sunlight and humidity.

When shopping for ottomans and patio furniture in Toronto, the best place to do it is at reputable retailers that specialize in this category of seating. This will ensure you receive items made of high-quality materials suitable for the climate of Toronto as well as knowledgeable dealers that can answer any queries about seating options or help find something unique for your home. With their help you can create an inviting backyard getaway complete with hammocks and swings for optimal relaxation!


Plants add life and tranquility to a patio space, adding lushness and vibrancy. From vibrant flower pots to textured hedges, there is an assortment of outdoor planters suitable for every patio space imaginable, from an u-shaped paved garden patio to cozy nooks tucked beneath pergolas.

A lush tropical look while providing privacy can be achieved on city patios using tall trees and shrubs to form an organic garden edging around seating areas. This scheme also works well on sunny terraces surrounded by buildings as they use plants as screening tools while creating an atmosphere of serenity and space.

As part of your planting plans, pay careful consideration to how much sunlight each type of plant requires. A label reading “full sun” implies it requires six or more hours of direct sunlight per day; those labelled part sun typically only require half as much. When planning, also keep time of day in mind as shade-loving plants may be damaged by direct morning sun and vice versa.

A small patio can be the ideal space to grow vegetables that don’t require too much ground space, such as carrots, lettuce and radishes. Solid containers with lids and drainage holes help ensure proper water distribution to keep produce well watered; using the appropriate soil mix you could even try growing herbs too!

Tip: To maximize the benefits of gardening, choose low maintenance plants and combine their colors and textures in the garden to form an appealing display. Include some unique varieties so your plants won’t all appear alike!

An old wooden barrel decorated with moss makes an eye-catching way to display planters that feature lush vegetation, while an old wheelbarrow or bathtub (reinforced with metal pipes for support) also works well. Or add character by mixing in unique items, like vintage tea canisters or an abandoned ice bucket!


If your small patio lacks enough shade for you and your guests to relax comfortably, an elegant patio umbrella may be just what is needed to add comfort. These umbrellas feature vented tops to allow heat to escape while protecting against UV rays from damaging furniture, along with an adjustable crank and tilt mechanism to easily adjust height and angle settings. Plus, these designs come in various colors and Sunbrella fabric choices so you can find one that perfectly matches the space!

If you’re shopping for a patio table, opt for one with an umbrella already included so as to reduce unnecessary spending. This set comes complete with two chairs and table constructed with weatherproof materials to withstand rain or sun; plus, its umbrella folds away easily when not needed for storage purposes.

Market umbrellas bring classic style and functionality to outdoor settings, providing coverage for dining tables or lounge seating areas. Typically constructed of sturdy aluminum frames with canopies made of water-resistant polyester fabric canopies protected with fade-resistant finish for long lasting beauty and fade resistance.

At first, consider what type of pole your patio umbrella has. Metal options are lightweight and sleek in appearance – great for modern designs; while wooden poles have more natural aesthetics. However, over time wood may rust or rot due to exposure to salt air near coastal regions.

When looking for a patio table umbrella, make sure that its canopy at least equals your seating area or table diameter. This will ensure maximum shade coverage of all seated guests as well as those at nearby tables for optimal comfort. For larger tables, a canopy that’s at least 12′ wide may be necessary.

As well as considering which manual or motorized patio umbrella you want, another major decision involves whether or not a wind sensor activates its lift system when high winds are detected. Manual options must be operated manually while motorized models feature convenient crank and tilt mechanisms which make shade adjustments simple and effortless. Some automatic models even come equipped with wind sensors which activate lift systems when wind speeds reach certain thresholds.