Add a Touch of Tropical Style to Your Backyard With Green Patio Furniture

green patio furniture

Bring tropical style into your backyard with this versatile furniture set from Tropitone. Easy to maintain and backed by a one-year warranty.

Bring life and charm into any lounge area with this elegant wicker arrangement. Its dark finish connects the seating and dining areas while its solution-dyed fabric cushions resist sun damage, mildew growth and stains for lasting use.

Cast aluminum

If you’re in search of green patio furniture to accent your outdoor living area, there are various materials from which to select: wood, wicker and cast aluminum are among the options available to you. Finding furniture made of the appropriate material can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort and attractiveness. Finding the ideal set for your backyard requires taking your time browsing various online stores and comparing prices. Green patio furniture options vary widely, including loungers, dining tables, chairs and chaise longues. Many sets feature vibrant hues such as red, orange or yellow upholstery while others come with more subdued hues like muted shades of green – these may be ideal for poolside areas as they blend in better with surrounding landscaping and grasses.

Cast aluminum furniture stands out from iron and steel in that it does not succumb to rusting, which makes it ideal for humid climates where salt water and marine fog damage metal furniture. Furthermore, its heat resistance makes it an attractive option for people living in environments with scorching summer heatwaves.

Cast aluminum furniture offers another advantage – it can be fashioned into beautiful designs. Cast aluminum can be formed into unique shapes like an eagle-like head rest or latticework design; and can even be enhanced with intricate carvings and etchings for an eye-catching touch. Plus, its cost can often surpass that of its metal counterpart! Plus there’s another perk: cast aluminum is much cheaper than its wrought iron counterpart!

Painted or powder-coated cast aluminum furniture will provide protection from the elements. However, it’s important to remember that harsh chemical cleaners could discolor or erode its surface – mild soap and water is recommended instead to help avoid stains on its surface. Any scratches in the aluminum patio furniture can easily be touched up using car wax or polish.

Purchased complete sets of green patio furniture featuring cast aluminum frames can also be an attractive solution, and often come complete with matching table and chair sets, or even bistro tables and chairs for an elegant touch. This could be ideal if you plan on adding dining area to your garden.

Poly resin

Outdoor living rooms are one of the newest trends in home decor for good reason: they provide extra square footage for relaxing, family time and hosting guests. However, outdoor furniture must meet certain specifications, such as being weatherproof and durable enough for use outdoors.

When purchasing green patio furniture, opt for pieces made of recycled plastic or other long-wearing materials like aluminum. Not only are these pieces eco-friendly and long-term sustainable but they’re lightweight making it easier to transport or store; additionally they resist stains, mildew and corrosion for long lasting use – some companies even provide lifetime guarantees on some pieces!

Poly resin patio furniture is an ideal choice for poolside areas as it is resistant to salt water and chlorine, plus no maintenance needs such as sanding or painting are required – not to mention its variety of colors can easily be cleaned by garden hose.

reclining lounge chairs provide durable, comfortable, and stylish green patio furniture – they make relaxing easy! Available from traditional wooden models to contemporary designs featuring built-in cup holders and footrests – reclining lounge chairs make an excellent addition for anyone who enjoys reading a good book or sipping cocktails outdoors.

Add decorative cushions and pillows that complement the color scheme of your space for an inviting outdoor experience that encourages family and friends to spend more time outdoors. By doing this, you’ll create an environment in which people want to spend more time outside!

Maintain the beauty of your outdoor furniture by keeping it clean and free of debris. To do this, dunk a rag into water and soap mixture and scrub your furniture surface before rinsing off and leaving to dry naturally. Additionally, to provide added protection from weather elements it may be wise to invest in waterproof covers when not in use.

Many people refer to wood alternatives as polywood or poly furniture, however there are various forms of plastic-based furniture which fall under this umbrella term. You might hear them called hdpe, polywood, poly resin, recycled plastic furniture – though these terms are often used interchangeably; note that quality varies.


Rattan furniture is one of the top picks when it comes to green patio furnishings, due to its lightweight, durable and stylish construction. Available in an assortment of colors and styles, finding your ideal set is sure to be easy!

Metal furniture offers another option for green patio furnishings. Metal patio furnishings often comprise aluminum, cast aluminum or steel pieces and provide sleek modernity to your patio space – plus their durability means they’ll stand the test of any weather condition!

Add an element of style and sophistication to your patio by installing a bar. Not only will this give you somewhere to store beverages for guests, but it will help bring nature in while connecting you with nature – creating an ideal social space where all can enjoy themselves!

Your patio can become an even more relaxing environment by adding a fire pit. Not only will this keep you warm on chilly nights, but it can be the centerpiece of your garden! Before installing one in your yard be sure to check all local fire codes.

Add a seating area to your patio in addition to a fire pit for more comfortable relaxation or social gatherings, or place a coffee table in an intimate spot so as to create an intimate conversation area.

Create green patio furniture using various materials, such as wicker and metal. Wicker is made up of various natural or synthetic plant skins while metal is created from raw metal rods woven together into finished pieces of furniture by weaving.


Wooden patios add a natural charm to any backyard. Perfect for creating relaxation areas and dining zones for family and friends alike, wooden patios blend perfectly into green landscaping to create a soothing environment. When shopping around for wooden patios make sure they feature excellent craftsmanship and construction: use only kiln-dried wood for this project, with rustproof hardware fasteners installed, mortise-and-tenon joints instead of glue/staple joints which may break more easily than needed for durability.

Eucalyptus wood patio furniture is the go-to material, as it resists insects and can stand up to an abundance of rain. But humidity and climate conditions may require additional care. If you live in a humid area, placing wooden furniture on hard surfaces will protect it from rot and mildew that could form due to excess moisture in the air.

When selecting wooden furniture with upholstery, choose fabric designed specifically for outdoor use. This material, known as performance fabric, resists sun damage, stains and mildew growth. When purchasing solution-dyed upholstery it will handle harsher cleaners than printed or piece-dyed fabrics.

Wood patio furniture sets often come equipped with cushions and pillows. If you want to add an eye-catching pop of color, look for pillows made of durable fabric with appealing patterns that can withstand the elements well. Avoid anything featuring printed designs as their colors may fade with use while their fabric may get wet quickly.

Sun loungers are an easy and effective way to create an inviting space. Perfect for poolside patios and backyard gardens alike, sun loungers come upholstered with fabrics in colors that match or complement the decor of any given garden or home.