How to Choose the Right Patio Furniture Table and Chairs

patio furniture table and chairs

Transform your backyard into an additional living room with high quality patio furniture. Choose from outdoor sofas and sectionals as well as dining tables and chairs.

Outdoor chairs and tables come in an assortment of sizes to meet the seating needs of any area. Consider a set that features dining chairs with swivel or rocking functions for optimal relaxation.


As well as choosing table sizes and chair styles, you can also customize the color of the dining furniture set to best match the aesthetic of your outdoor decor. If you appreciate natural wood furniture’s natural charm, choose a fade-resistant stain; otherwise polyresin furniture provides clean lines for a more modern vibe.

Color choices for patio tables and chairs are diverse and flexible enough to work well with different design themes. A brown patio table and chairs pair can create an earthy rustic aesthetic while white hues bring clean classic appeal to a porch or balcony space.

Based on your maintenance preferences, choose from durable materials like teak and wicker or stylish aluminum or steel furniture to maintain. Different materials require different levels of care – wooden furniture requires regular oiling while wicker or metal patio chairs can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth for regular care.

Add elegance and class to your patio by purchasing a table with glass top and wrought iron frame, or upgrade the outdoor dining experience by investing in a fire pit that adds warmth and comfort to your backyard. Crickets’ high-pitched chirp and dew-soaked green grass will seem all the more magical while enjoying dinner on your deck with family and friends around an outdoor fire pit from our selection. Our outdoor fire pit sets come complete with chairs to quickly outfit an entire patio; or find one as an accent piece to complete it.


Outdoor dining tables come in all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit different seating capacities. Round dining tables are a popular option; however, other shapes such as elliptical and square designs also exist. When selecting the size for you table, keep the space available in mind to accommodate family members as well as guests comfortably.

Consider both chair height and movement needs when choosing patio furniture tables and chairs, in addition to seat capacity requirements. Standard dining height chairs usually stand 30 inches, making them easy to move around your patio railings; balcony/gathering height chairs typically sit 36 inches, enabling higher seating arrangements that offer panoramic views over railings for enhanced social dining experiences.

Add some flair and fun to your outdoor patio chairs by choosing something with a swivel rocking or swivel dining chair that swivels or rocks swivel rocking dining chairs are great additions. Swivel rocking dining chairs provide conversion seating that doubles as relaxation seats after dining or as conversion chairs after an event, reducing scratches beneath tables as guests get up from their chairs without needing to push all the way back when getting up from them – many outdoor furniture sets provide both styles so everyone feels at ease when using one or another chair style!

Some dining chairs are made with easy maintenance fabrics like outdoor polyester that can be quickly and efficiently wiped down for cleaning, while others feature stain-resistant materials like wicker or powder-coated aluminum for maximum longevity. You may even find some with removable cushion covers that can be machine washed.

When purchasing outdoor dining chairs, look for features such as armrests and back support to ensure a relaxing dining experience. Some chairs even feature contoured backs and arms designed to promote good posture when eating or reading.

Finding the ideal patio table and chairs can transform your backyard into an inviting living room where you’ll cherish time spent with loved ones. Check out Jordan’s Furniture’s outdoor dining sets and chairs to see which will work best for your home or business.


When shopping for patio furniture, there are various materials from which you can select. Each offers distinctive aesthetic, durability and maintenance advantages – some require time-intensive treatments like special cleaners to keep them looking their best while others can be easily maintained and cared for quickly.

Metal furniture frames are popular because it is durable and sturdy enough to support significant loads. Metal is malleable enough that it can be formed into various shapes and styles to suit any aesthetic; most metal furniture also combines other materials for additional comfort, such as fabric cushions or backrests. Furthermore, manufacturers have developed methods of decreasing the number of bolts required in metal furniture so less frequently tightened or replaced ones will need tightened or replaced themselves.

Plastic outdoor furniture is another popular option due to its lightweight nature and weatherproof properties. Furthermore, its availability in various colors allows you to find an accent hue for any space in which it is placed – as well as transparent designs for an ultramodern appearance. However, to ensure its durability and longevity it is wiser to opt for high density polyethylene (HDPE) rather than low grade PVC plastic outdoor furniture.

Wood is an attractive natural material used for patio furniture because of its strength and beauty, yet can easily rot and mildew if improperly cared for, particularly in humid regions like Florida. When purchasing wooden pieces for patio use, select high-grade hardwood such as teak or acacia and avoid cheap wicker made with untreated synthetic material.

Other popular materials for furniture creation are lightweight aluminum that’s both sturdy and can be painted to suit your aesthetic, with finishes like bronze, silver, white and black available. Also consider composite materials like polylumber which combines synthetic resin materials with softwood or hardwood fibers from either softwood trees or hardwood trees; additives such as UV stabilizers, colorants and lubricants can be added into this mix to ensure long-term durability and fade-resistance of the furniture.


Knowing your table and chair heights when shopping for patio furniture is essential in making sure the pieces you select fit perfectly. Standard tables (known as dining tables ) stand between 26-30 inches high. There are various styles and finishes available that complement any backyard decor perfectly, while 18-20 inch seat height is recommended when pairing these tables with outdoor dining chairs.

If you prefer something more informal, an outdoor coffee table could be just what’s needed – these tables typically measure 19 inches high and pair perfectly with lounge chairs or sectional couches. For something with more of an elegant flair, bistro tables offer 31 to 39-inch height range that works beautifully when combined with counter height outdoor chairs or bar stools.

Picnic tables are another common type of table, usually accommodating from two to six people in sizes that range from two-six. Ideal for family gatherings and smaller patio spaces. Most feature an umbrella hole at their center for easy umbrella setup.

Patio tables come in all sorts of shapes, from round to square and rectangular. For an especially versatile option, choose one with an integrated ice bucket to store drinks and snacks – or opt for folding table for easy transport and storage!

Experienced patio dining sets will add the perfect atmosphere for entertaining friends or just sharing breakfast together, whether that means hosting guests or eating alone in comfort under San Diego skies. By following these helpful shopping tips and tricks for purchasing patio furniture sets with confidence. Using them you may just find what you’ve been searching for to complete the patio of your dreams! And for any further assistance or support we are always on call seven days a week if any assistance is required – happy shopping!