Choosing the Best Quality Patio Furniture

best quality patio furniture

Quality patio furniture adds enjoyment and relaxation to life, whether relaxing, dining, or entertaining outdoors. Selecting pieces that can withstand Florida’s environmental challenges – high humidity and salt air included – is vital.

Sustainable wicker furniture is an intelligent investment, but be wary of cheap PVC synthetics. Instead, consider Envirobuild wicker that upcycles recycled plastic waste from oceanic environments into long-lasting furniture pieces.


Teak wood is one of the finest timbers for outdoor furniture, featuring excellent weather resistance and durability. This natural beauty stands up well against all weather conditions – rot, termite devastation and acid damage are no match for it, while its natural oils repel insects and moisture effectively. Over time it will weather to an elegant silvery grey, needing minimal upkeep if desired; otherwise its original warm brown tones may be restored with just a light sand and polish!

An investment in real teak wood patio sets may seem expensive at first, but is well worth its cost in terms of long-term durability, longevity and elegance. Furthermore, teak trees absorb up to 10 kilograms of carbon annually making this material among the most environmentally-friendly choices when selecting outdoor furniture materials.

Teak wood patio furniture treated with preservatives requires little in the way of maintenance; however, for maximum life expectancy and protection from mildew growth it should be cleaned and oiled at least twice annually to keep its natural appearance.

Another option is to purchase untreated, FSC-certified teak furniture and allow it to weather naturally over time into its signature grey hue. This choice can help your furniture remain visually pleasing as time passes; if you do decide to treat it however, ensure it uses an effective sealant for optimal results.

Consider each piece’s shape, style and modularity when selecting teak furniture. Circle-shaped tables look great when combined with circular outdoor armchairs while round pieces such as side tables or coffee tables add soften an otherwise formal atmosphere.

When it comes to affordable and durable teak wood patio furniture, there are various manufacturers who provide outstanding value for your dollar. Harmonia Living features stylish mid-century modern and tropical pieces at competitive prices while Three Birds Casual provides sleek minimalist designs at even more reasonable rates.


Aluminum furniture provides the ideal combination of durability and style, coming in various styles to meet every patio furniture need. A great choice for those who wish to maintain the fresh and new appearance of their patio for many years ahead, this material resists moisture and UV rays for added peace of mind.

When purchasing aluminum patio furniture, look for frames coated with powder to prevent corrosion and non-toxic paints which won’t chip over time. Cushions should also be fade-resistant with high quality outdoor fabric to withstand wear and tear – ultimately aluminum will outlive traditional wooden sets in terms of both longevity and maintenance costs.

One advantage of aluminum furniture is its nonrusting properties, making it ideal for coastal regions. However, you must carefully consider how much salt there is in your area where you plan on placing it and rinse the frames regularly to protect it from corrosion and maintain its fresh appearance.

Aluminium furniture comes in many different forms, from chairs and tables to loungers and benches. There are also numerous finishes such as metallic and brushed aluminum available from manufacturers, while some even provide more unique and more cost-effective sand cast pieces than die cast versions.

When purchasing aluminum furniture, pay special attention to how it’s assembled and the quality of its finish. Aim for durable powder coat that is free from bubbles, blotches and stippling; check with manufacturer’s warranty policy as investing in high-quality aluminum furniture can be costly; so ensure it stands the test of time by following these tips when shopping for one.

When purchasing an aluminum patio furniture set, take into account both your home’s style and decor as well as space constraints in your backyard when making a selection. If your backyard is smaller, opt for sets with sleek designs to give the illusion of spaciousness.


IPE (ironwood or Brazilian walnut) is one of the strongest woods available for outdoor furniture. This dense tropical hardwood resists rot, insects and weather; boasting rich, deep brown hues with natural grain patterns that remain beautiful even after years of exposure to sun, rain and moisture. Like teak, Ipe develops an attractive silver-gray patina when exposed to sunlight and moisture like teak does, turning a lovely silver patina over time when exposed to direct sunlight and rainwater; with a Janka hardness rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating rating 3,680 pounds force making IPE an excellent choice when considering replacement or repair costs over the long term.

Due to its inherent resistance to weather conditions, Ipe requires less upkeep than other outdoor furniture materials. Frequent cleaning with mild soap and water will suffice in maintaining its beauty for up to 75 years without significant repairs or replacements being needed.

Comfort is also key when selecting quality patio furniture, so choosing a company with strong customer service emphasis is vital to enjoying years of comfortable use with your new furniture. Berlin Gardens, for example, provides ergonomically designed outdoor furniture by Amish craftspeople as well as warranties on each product sold; all their pieces feature high-grade wicker and aluminum frames designed to withstand all four seasons without needing to be stored away during off-season months.

If the environment is important to you, choose sustainable wood sources that won’t contribute to deforestation. Jensen Outdoor features FSC-Certified timbers in their luxury furniture pieces which helps preserve millions of acres of forest through each purchase made directly by them paired with plush cushions made of premium waterproof Ultraleather fabric.

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor living space with top quality patio furniture? Shop online for the widest selection of frames and furniture styles available – chairs, dining sets, loungers and fire pits will help complete any outdoor design scheme! You are certain to find your ideal piece.


Steel patio furniture adds an industrial charm to your outdoor design and provides a sturdy solution for damp or wet environments. Available in different finishes and shapes, steel furniture offers something suitable for every design taste: quaint black steel bistro sets to contemporary stainless-steel lounge chairs are just two choices that could enhance any outdoor setting. Alternatively, for something with more classic appeal wrought iron offers timeless sophistication with intricately detailed pieces offering both style and durability in equal measures.

Aluminum and stainless-steel are two of the most popular metal patio furniture materials. Each offers distinct advantages to suit your style and budget: aluminum is more cost-effective than wrought iron and powder-coating can add longevity and aesthetic appeal; however, its susceptibility to rust remains. Steel on the other hand provides stability during windy areas due to its weight. Furthermore, its resistance to corrosion makes it an excellent option for fire pits or sectional seating arrangements.

Lipanovich notes the primary distinction between aluminum and steel furniture is their temperature sensitivity. Aluminum may be more affordable, and resistant to corrosion; however, its properties include becoming hot to the touch in exposure to sun or heat or cold. As such, aluminum furniture may not be suitable for areas experiencing extreme temperatures; while steel retains heat longer and becomes uncomfortable to sit on during warm weather. Cushions or covers may be added for either type of metal patio furniture to protect guests’ skin from direct contact with either hot or cold metal, particularly children.

To select the ideal metal furniture for your property, it’s important to take into account how it complements its overall architectural style. Copper and brass offer rich aesthetics with natural patina while stainless steel provides sleek modern designs. For something with more contemporary flair, opt for aluminum furnishings featuring subtle curves and refined proportions.