How to Choose the Best Weather Resistant Patio Furniture

best weather resistant patio furniture

Your patio furniture must be constructed of weather-resistant material to withstand changing temperature, rainfall and humidity conditions without succumbing to premature degradation.

Wood, synthetics and metal are great materials to consider for outdoor furniture sets that will stand the test of time. Select one suited to your climate and continue its maintenance regularly in order to keep looking brand new!

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic patio furniture is one of the best choices on the market when it comes to weatherproof outdoor seating, offering weather resistance in terms of mildew resistance, chlorine levels in salt water sources, wind speed and snow load resistance and resistance against cracking, splintering or rust. Recycled plastic is often lighter and cheaper than its alternative forms of furniture options.

Most importantly, recycled plastic keeps thousands of plastic containers out of landfills and oceans every day. Companies like Loll Designs and Breezesta offer outdoor dining chairs, rockers and sofas made from post-consumer HDPE (high-density polyethylene) recycled from milk jugs, detergent bottles and other post-industrial waste, produced locally within the USA according to fair trade standards for worker protection.

Plastic lumber furniture is made by melting and molding plastic into sturdy lumber that can be stained to look like traditional wood grain, then colored using infusing colors through its material so it will never fade; once dirtied it can simply be rinsed off with water from a garden hose for easy maintenance. Perfect for anyone who desires an eco-friendly, low maintenance backyard oasis throughout the year!

POLYWOOD outdoor furniture, created in Syracuse, Indiana from post-consumer high density polyethylene waste combined with recycled milk and detergent bottles is another eco-friendly choice. Its colors are embedded within its material to prevent fading while heavy rainstorms don’t drain off excess water quickly – all while remaining insect, mold and mildew proof. Simply clean using either a garden hose or power washer!


Teak wood patio furniture is one of the most durable and low-maintenance solutions on the market, ideal for any climate due to its natural oils which protect it against moisture, fungus, termites and pests – however these natural oils eventually dwindle over time so a protective sealer should be used in order to keep its beautiful aesthetic.

Teak wood’s light coloring and tight grain pattern makes it a beautiful choice for any decor scheme, while its antibacterial qualities provide extra peace of mind for those with sensitive skin. Plus, its 30 year lifespan makes this an invaluable investment for backyard oasis.

Some outdoor furniture may be difficult to keep clean in humid climates. With proper care and maintenance, however, you can keep your teak patio furniture looking brand new for years. Regularly sealing it with teak sealer will prevent its color from fading while discouraging mildew, fungus, and bacteria growth on it.

This set of two teak chairs and a side table makes an elegant statement in any outdoor space, thanks to its timeless yet timeless design that blends seamlessly with any cushion style or color scheme. Plus, each cushion is filled with memory foam for extra comfort – made of waterproof OuterShell fabric which also protects from UV rays – for an exceptional seating experience if hosting a backyard barbeque and conversing by the fire pit after dinner is over!

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron furniture frames are widely renowned as one of the longest lasting and most durable metal furniture frames available, coming in various styles and finishes to meet every taste and preference. Wrought iron’s malleability enables designers to craft unique and visually striking designs; its weighty nature ensures stability even during windier climates.

Teak wood is another fantastic choice for humid environments, offering an elegant and timeless appearance that complements most decors. Not only is its moisture-resistant exterior capable of withstanding direct sunlight without warping or rotting, it is naturally resistant to mildew and fungus growth allowing regular cleaning products to effectively keep it clean.

Dust can accumulate quickly in arid climates, which causes outdoor furniture to quickly degrade and become brittle over time. To protect metal and wooden patio sets in such an environment, they should be secured so high winds won’t blow them away, and covered when not being used to minimize sunlight exposure.

The Southern Company provides an impressive range of weather resistant patio furniture, such as wrought iron pieces that can be repainted to keep them looking new. Their products feature electronic application of their finishes for optimal results that don’t peel or flake off in hot climates. Furthermore, The company provides a refinishing service so your favorite set can return to its former luster so you can continue enjoying it season after season.


Material selection for patio furniture can help ensure its resilience and enduring aesthetic in sunny climates. Woods like teak, cypress and eucalyptus resist insect damage naturally as well as UV rays, making them suitable choices. Metals such as wrought iron and aluminum provide heat resilience, while synthetic rattan is less vulnerable to sun-damage than some materials.

No matter if your furniture is constructed of natural wood like teak or synthetic materials such as wicker, it’s essential that any set includes weather-resistant cushions and pillows. Quick-drying foam cores, reticulated foam inserts and solution dyed fabrics should all be resistant to UV rays, moisture, mold and mildew for prolonged use in damp or sunny climates. Look out for cushion covers equipped with Velcro closures and buttons so they can easily be taken apart to be washed when necessary.

Eucalyptus woodgrain patterns and smooth textures complement most decor styles beautifully, while remaining sustainable and eco-friendly. You can stain, paint or whitewash it to fit into any setting perfectly. Over time, copper also develops a gray patina and should be sealed with weather sealant or all-weather varnish to withstand rainwater and solar radiation. Are you searching for an inviting outdoor seating solution? Consider investing in a reclining eucalyptus chaise lounge featuring a powder-coated steel and aluminum frame and textilene fabric with five recline positions, which breathes easy. Plus, this deluxe chaise comes complete with its own round table for convenient drinks or snacks storage and handy round tabling capabilities! Eucalyptus furniture comes in various sizes and designs to meet the needs of any space!

Resin Wicker

Resin wicker outdoor furniture remains popular due to its durability and aesthetic. Made of modern material that resists sun rays and rain, resin wicker outdoor furniture makes an excellent choice for most climates.

Maintaining furniture is easy; most pieces simply require periodic spraying with a garden hose to stay looking their best. Plus, for added color pops you can easily swap out cushions.

Resin wicker furniture can be made of either synthetic or natural materials, with synthetic being the better choice due to its longer lifespan than organic wicker. Woven onto an aluminum frame, synthetic wicker has weather-proof finishes such as powder coated paint or even powder coating for weather resistance – ideal for cold climates where organic wicker may brittle and break down due to temperatures under freezing conditions.

Wicker patio furniture can be lightweight and easily blown away in strong winds; therefore, make sure that it is brought indoors at any sign of bad weather warnings.

Your backyard can become an exotic tropical oasis with resin wicker patio furniture! Imagine birds singing in the trees, ocean breeze blowing through your hair, and intoxicating scent of hibiscus flowers filling the air; then sit back in one of these comfortable chaise lounges to unwind and unwind in style.