All Modern Patio Furniture

all modern patio furniture

Modern patio furniture is designed to withstand the elements, from high temperatures and strong winds to UV rays and rain. Durability and ease of cleaning make modern patio sets stand up well against Mother Nature.

Modern outdoor furnishings come in an assortment of styles and designs, such as classic, contemporary and coastal. Crafted from metal or wood materials with neutral color palettes.

Barlow Tyrie

Barlow Tyrie has long set the standard for luxurious outdoor furniture. Their stunning patio sets are handcrafted from beautiful teak wood that naturally resists warping and rotting; but now also include premium materials like wrought iron, stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum; all carefully assembled by skilled craftspeople by hand to ensure long-term use. Didriks offers an assortment of Barlow Tyrie chairs, tables and benches suitable for every home and budget.

Luxury designer brand Womb delivers chic outdoor furniture in contemporary styles crafted by some of the world’s leading designers that is both durable and comfortable, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Their collections can be found both residentially and commercially. Their elegant designs add style and class to both spaces.

Contemporary patio furniture offered by Teak Warehouse features dining sets, loungers and sofas that can be combined into complete seating areas. Each piece boasts sturdy marine-grade teak bases complemented with slatted teak table tops – available in several sizes and finishes to meet any need – with chairs also offered in several different styles to find one best suited to your space.

Barlow Tyrie’s teak garden furniture is ideal for creating an inviting and relaxing outdoor environment. Their collection offers various dining tables from small four-person tables up to large rectangular ones that seat eight. Their commitment to eco-friendly construction can be seen throughout their products – including their exquisite teak outdoor dining chairs as well as beautiful rattan ones used alongside them.

Exteta, another acclaimed luxury designer brand, blends contemporary design with traditional production techniques and premium materials to produce stylish patio furniture that stands the test of time. Their emphasis is ergonomic performance; making their furniture comfortable to sit in while also easy to move around. Their woven patio chair and sofa collections use durable textiles such as Textilene or Sunbrella that are weather resistant – great options to consider for weatherproof patio furniture!


Modern patio furniture is built to withstand the elements and last for years, so as to bring your outdoor living room to life. Many of the top brands use innovative materials that will withstand wear and tear while adding color, texture, shapes, sizes and shapes that suit different preferences – creating cohesive outdoor spaces with lasting memories!

Sifas Collection provides chairs, tables and lounges suitable for patio use – and has something to meet all of your outdoor furniture needs! In business for over 50 years and evolving to meet modern trends since their founding, their collections reflect an elegant simplicity which stands the test of time. Crafted with materials both practical and beautiful – Sifas collections provide something suitable for every outdoor setting and budget.

Sifas offers more than sofas; we also carry dining table designs and other accessories to make creating inviting outdoor spaces simple for both your family or guests. Their selection includes ceramics, glass, polyethylene or high pressure laminate tops – the latter of which resembles natural teak while withstanding weather elements without needing refinishing.

As more people embrace outdoor living as part of their home, trends are evolving to complement both spaces seamlessly. These changes include an emphasis on comfort and temperature regulation as well as increased use of outdoor lighting – trends which help define outdoor furniture by distinguishing it from the rest.

Sifas products are widely loved beyond the borders of France’s French Riviera, appearing in second homes, luxury hotels and even yacht owners who wish to relax on their waterway trips. Sifas continues to lead in its industry by manufacturing and importing rattan furniture from Cebu using innovative processes and technology.


Dedon is a luxury brand known for creating modern patio furniture designed for those who enjoy life outside. Their cutting-edge high-end woven furniture utilizes sophisticated synthetic fiber that’s both weather resistant and visually stunning, creating beautiful pieces you’ll be proud to display in sunroom or family room settings alike. Dedon combines revolutionary design ideas with superior manufacturing quality to craft stunning outdoor pieces you won’t soon forget.

Dedon, founded by Bobby Dekeyser in 1990, has made an immeasurable mark on luxury outdoor furniture. They were among the first companies to use synthetic impervious fibers in luxury outdoor creations; as a result their work has since become widely recognized globally. Offering chairs, loungers, dining tables and other accessories – Dedon is now an industry standard in luxury outdoor furnishings.

Modern patio furniture trends place comfort and function at the forefront. Many of today’s styles feature premium seating with customizable features for effortless comfort, making finding exactly the right piece easier than ever before. These new trends in patio furniture reflect our shift away from celebrating nature to embrace urban environments – we’re rethinking how we spend our time outside.

Modern patio furniture now comes in an assortment of styles and colors, not just comfort. Neutral tones such as blacks, off-whites and beiges have become increasingly popular and work well with any style of decor. Additionally, they help create a warm and welcoming space which is easy to keep clean.

CLIMA Home’s Miami and South Florida showrooms showcase Dedon’s luxurious outdoor furniture and accessories, including their popular Dala and Seax collections. Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any inquiries about our products, and can assist in selecting pieces to enhance the style and functionality of any outdoor living area.

Dedon Fibers are used exclusively in all of our woven furniture pieces. Woven to perfection on Cebu island in the Philippines – known for traditional hand weaving – each piece meets Dedon’s high quality standards while being both durable and fashionable. Dedon has its own dedicated fiber and furniture production facilities which allows them to manage all aspects of production with great care, ensuring each piece meets Dedon’s rigorous quality standards from start to finish.


Mamagreen designs and creates modern patio furniture that is functional, comfortable and long-lasting. Committed to using only premium luxury materials like reclaimed teak and aluminum – which have been highly engineered to withstand even the harshest climates and environments from Zurich to Sydney to Houston – Mamagreen partners closely with both residential and commercial clients to bring their project dreams to fruition – offering custom designs tailored specifically for each client and meeting the unique requirements.

The company’s designers use their expertise to bring each design concept to life. Their goal is to achieve sleek lines, balanced proportions and harmonious combinations of different materials in order to achieve beautiful aesthetics – these qualities have earned their products numerous awards and commendations for design excellence.

Mamagreen offers outdoor furniture solutions from lounge chairs to dining tables that will suit every outdoor space, whether commercial or residential. Their collection also comes with accessories to complete their offering.

Sydneysiders enjoy gatherings with family and friends in their backyards. DIY reality shows have inspired many homeowners to invest in their outdoor living spaces – leading them to purchase more upscale patio furniture.

Mamagreen furniture has quickly become one of the hottest new trends in Sydney. Their eco-friendly designs fit right in with today’s green lifestyle; pieces made from high-grade teak from recycled buildings or sustainably harvested from managed plantations are available as part of this sustainable collection.

Mamagreen furniture has been put through rigorous tests to ensure its durability, including heavy snowfall and high winds. Furthermore, their materials make for simple care and upkeep.

This company offers an impressive range of eco-friendly upscale furniture. Their sofas, chairs and sectionals come with multiple color options, while some pieces can even be reversed for use indoors and outdoors. Their modern designs make for the ideal outdoor additions.