Heavy Duty Resin Patio Furniture

When selecting patio furniture, it is important to keep both form and function in mind when making your selection. Different materials offer advantages and disadvantages.

Metals such as aluminum or wrought iron offer a sleek modern aesthetic but require maintenance. Plastic or resin wicker offers an airy coastal aesthetic while being low maintenance.

Weather Resistant

Investment in weatherproof outdoor furniture is an intelligent strategy for those who wish to enjoy their backyard oasis without expending too much effort on its upkeep. From lounge chairs to sectionals, heavy duty resin patio furniture provides many durable solutions that can withstand even extreme environmental stresses.

All-Weather Wicker: Also referred to as synthetic wicker, this heavy-duty outdoor furniture style features UV-resistant synthetic fibers woven around an aluminum or iron frame for UV protection and environmental stress resistance. Similar to traditional rattan furniture, All-Weather Wicker can withstand moisture and splinters with little fade over time, making it suitable for use in any outdoor environment.

Recycled Plastic: Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is one of the most eco-friendly and long-term durable options, offering versatility when it comes to style and color choices. Recycled plastic stands up well against moisture and splinters without staining or painting, is impervious to salt water damage, staining, or paint application needs, is resistant to rusting, and is one of the longest lasting options for outdoor seating options available today.

Metal Patio Furniture: Aluminum and steel are popular materials used in metal chairs, sofa frames and tables, offering lightweight yet sturdy seating solutions perfect for many homes. Available in an array of finishes that complement modern or classic traditional aesthetics – even powder coating or galvanizing can help ensure long-term use – metal patio furniture offers versatility in style for many environments.

Wood: Pine, cedar and fir are softwoods with some degree of weather resistance; however, teak stands out as being an exceptional wood for patio furniture due to its ability to produce its own oil to prevent rotting and other issues from developing. Teak furniture also tends to require minimal maintenance; occasionally it may need re-staining or painting as part of routine upkeep.

Iron and steel may rust when exposed to moisture, but that shouldn’t be an issue for homeowners who use protective paint on their furniture. If there’s any exposed metal in your yard, be sure to shade it from the sun with an umbrella that provides adequate shade from its powerful rays – this will keep guests cool during outdoor entertaining!

UV Resistant

From wood to resin or wicker outdoor furniture, most pieces require some kind of protection from UV rays to preserve its color and durability. Some manufacturers employ special coatings designed to prevent sun fading on their pieces while others recommend covering or keeping under an eave or extended roof for additional shelter from harsh weather conditions. During extreme conditions it’s important to bring any non-weatherproof pieces inside for safekeeping.

Synthetic materials like plastics and high-density polyethylene are popular outdoor furniture materials because they’re suitable for almost every climate condition. Many synthetic materials contain recycled content for eco-friendliness; all-weather wicker even looks similar but is made with UV-resistant fibers instead of natural ones!

Metals such as aluminum and wrought iron make an excellent choice for modern patio furniture as they resist rust. Furthermore, these metals can be formed into various shapes to suit the design and functionality of each piece. Aluminum frames provide extra strength in rain or snow conditions; consequently most contemporary furniture features aluminum framing.

Metals like wrought iron can rust and crack under extreme temperatures. To keep these components protected from corrosion and damage caused by nature, wrought iron frames have become an increasingly common design choice on resin wicker furniture pieces.

Resin patio furniture is an excellent and attractive option for modern patio settings. Available in various colors, it can be easily customized to match the space and decor, without staining or painting necessary. Furthermore, it’s easier to keep clean due to its nonporous surface that doesn’t collect dirt, dust, and pollen like wood does.

No matter if it is used for commercial patio seating or office breakroom furnishings, this all-weather table top will certainly impress. Made of heavy-duty poly resin construction with an elegant stone finish and phenolic edge finish. Perfectly complements its black cast iron base to complete the look of your commercial outdoor restaurant table set!

Easy to Clean

Heavy-duty resin patio furniture is not only durable, but it is also easy to keep looking like new with its easy maintenance. Simply rinse your garden hose after each outdoor adventure to restore the shine on your furniture; or dampen a cloth with soapy water and wipe down chairs or tables afterward. Remember that bleach or cleaning materials that contain bleach should never be used on fabrics as this could permanently stain them – which would not only damage their color but also your chair or cushion frames!

Different pieces of furniture require various forms of care to remain clean. For instance, cleaning metal patio furniture differs significantly from that needed to keep outdoor chair cushions or wicker patio sets looking their best. Furthermore, each material and construction of furniture has unique maintenance needs that must be considered when considering its needs for cleaning.

Commercial plastic patio furniture like Grosfillex’s Beverly Resin Patio Chair features an open weave wicker-look design, perfect for modern, transitional, or exotic restaurant patio spaces without unravelling and unraveling with age. Constructed of lightweight molded plastic for superior comfort while being waterproof allowing stackable storage.

Resin wicker patio furniture has long been a favorite choice for outdoor spaces due to its ability to withstand weather elements while providing a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere. Available in various styles and colors – often less costly than its natural rattan counterpart – resin wicker furniture can serve as standalone pieces on patios, pool decks or even sunrooms or living rooms alike.

Your budget dictates whether or not you purchase the full set, or piecemeal as the need arises. Or consider purchasing clearance sale sets of wicker furniture to achieve the look at a discounted price.

Care for wicker furniture should include frequent rinse-down with water from a garden hose after each use and application of mild household cleaner, such as Murphy’s oil soap diluted with water, using nonabrasive sponge or cleaning brush. Before using cleaning product on furniture make sure it has been tested in an inconspicuous area first for compatibility with wicker furniture.


Heavy duty resin patio furniture will stand up to time and weather exposure better than other forms of patio furniture, such as those not designed specifically for outdoor use. Other pieces may become damaged quickly when exposed to elements; other than that, wood and wrought iron options tend to outlast other materials in terms of longevity but require more upkeep than others. When purchasing heavy duty resin furniture you can rest easy knowing it will outlive others such as stainless steel.

Plastic resin furniture resembles wood without needing frequent replacement, and is more affordable than its alternatives like wrought iron or other types of wood. Furthermore, its resistance to mold and fungus make it suitable for high traffic areas.

Wicker furniture is another type of synthetic resin furniture, distinguished by its durability, natural aesthetic and easy maintenance requirements. When selecting synthetic wicker chairs be sure to select chairs made from HDPE instead of lower quality PVC synthetics which may unravel over time and become brittle over time. Also note that synthetic wicker must be regularly sprayed down or washed to maintain its fresh look.

Synthetic wicker furniture may require occasional upkeep, but will outlive traditional pieces over time. Furthermore, its variety of colors and styles allows it to adapt perfectly with any theme or decor; making it an excellent choice for commercial restaurants.

If you need help selecting resin furniture for either your home or business, speak to an expert at a showroom. They can guide your selection and recommend pieces based on your space as well as provide tips on maintaining and caring for it so it lasts as long as possible.

Resin patio furniture is one of the most durable and stylish choices available to your home or business, standing up against rain, sleet and snow while resisting sun fading and being easy to maintain – no wonder hotels and multifamily properties prefer it as their go-to style!