Add Comfort and a Pop of Color to Your Patio Furniture With Sunbrella Cushions

patio furniture with sunbrella cushions

Sunbrella cushions add comfort and color to your patio furniture with ease, standing up well against outdoor conditions while being easy to maintain and clean.

Machine-washable cushion covers feature durable yet frustration free YKK brand zippers for smooth operation and are constructed with a breathable mesh backing to reduce static build-up. Furthermore, these covers contain CertiPUR-US foam that is free from harmful chemicals.

Covers and Cushions

If you have made a substantial investment in outdoor furniture, protecting it for years to come should be top of mind. Patio furniture covers make it simple and efficient to do just that while offering protection from rain and sun rays. There’s a cover available to protect wicker sectionals, metal patio dining sets and wood chaise lounges alike from wind, sun and precipitation damage.

Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are made to stand up to daily use and resist UV radiation without losing color quickly or discoloration, while their solution-dyed acrylic construction repels mold and mildew for hassle-free maintenance. Sunbrella fabrics come in an extensive array of colors, patterns and textures so you can create elegant coordinating designs to match your own personal style with ease.

Add comfort and style to your outdoor furniture with seat cushions that add both style and comfort. Sofa, loveseat, ottoman seat cushioned make guests more comfortable as they sit close together; ottoman cushion covers also serve as convenient places for storing pillows, blankets and other outdoor accessories. Dining chair cushions elevate their looks; bench cushion are an elegant yet comfortable alternative to wooden or metal benches.

Sunbrella seat cushions make selecting a color simple, as these textiles come in an assortment of vibrant shades. Neutral hues such as grey and white blend easily with surrounding pieces, while vibrant styles in blue or green can bring life and character into any room. For something less bold but equally eye-catching, striped patterns offer modern touches that pair nicely with solid seating pieces.

No matter if it’s entertaining guests or simply relaxing alone, a patio set with Sunbrella cushions makes relaxation simple. Available in various sizes and designs to meet every family and budget needs – consider investing in a large modular daybed featuring sleek woven wicker seating with beautiful grained teak frames; alternatively use limited deck area by choosing small scale modular designs that fit snuggly into corners and along walls.


If you want your outdoor furniture to stand the test of time, Sunbrella cushions may be your answer. Made with fade-, stain- and mildew-resistant fabrics that come with a 5-year limited warranty and easy cleaning processes – simply brush off dirt before it becomes embedded, use mild soap with warm water for cleaning purposes, rinse out thoroughly afterwards and store away when finished! Moreover, fabric protector can help further extend its durability; just apply once annually on clean surfaces!

Sunbrella fabric’s exceptional durability stems from its innovative construction. Utilizing 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers ensures its vibrant colors remain saturated all throughout its thread, meaning no fading over time – an advantage over fabrics which lose vibrancy in direct sunlight.

Sunbrella upholstery fabric is not only fade-resistant but also water resistant – meaning you can safely sit outside even during rainstorms! Furthermore, its mold and mildew resistance helps prevent unpleasant odors from developing in cushions – something which could compromise both your comfort and enjoyment of outdoor furniture.

Sunbrella fabrics are certified GREENGUARD Gold and OEKO-TEX(r) Standard 100 to ensure they do not contain harmful substances. You can take comfort knowing your outdoor furniture will be safe for both family members and pets.

Sunbrella fabric styles offer something for any patio furniture set, including solid colors, stripes and woven patterns. All of the Sunbrella styles coordinate beautifully and match well together so you can achieve a cohesive look in your outdoor space. Some are suitable for boat covers while others work equally well for indoor upholstery and pillows.

Sunbrella fabric is widely considered one of the best choices for outdoor use, offering UV protection and fade-resistance for items like patio cushions in Phoenix, AZ. You can purchase them either locally at furniture stores or online.

Sam’s Club

Your patio furniture should be an extension of your home and should provide comfort and welcoming seating arrangements for visitors. Sunbrella fabric cushions can help add comfort and style to your patio space; durable, fade-resistant fabric that is easy to maintain is ideal as well. Furthermore, Sunbrella has been tested for harmful chemicals and approved as OEKO-TEX fabric to guarantee top quality indoor/outdoor fabrics.

Sam’s Club offers the cushions and pads you need to create an outdoor oasis, from chair cushions to chaise lounge pads, which come in an array of colors and patterns to match any decor imaginable. Furthermore, you’ll find sizes suited specifically for each piece of furniture in their inventory.

Tulip backed patio furniture has become increasingly popular, adding elegance and sophistication to outdoor spaces. Featuring ergonomic designs that provide lumbar support and comfort during long hours of sitting. Perfect for smaller spaces as it can easily be moved around to meet individual needs, this type of patio furniture also makes an impactful statement about you as an individual.

When selecting cushions for your tulip backed patio furniture, you should carefully consider their material and construction. Polyester fabrics make an excellent choice because they resist mold and mildew growth while remaining fade-resistant; moreover, you can find recycled plastic versions which are environmentally-friendly as well.

Alternately, consider opting for a woven wicker cushion in the pattern or color of your choice. They come in various styles such as tan and red hues that make cleaning them simple while offering luxurious feel.

Cushion quality plays a pivotal role in their durability and lifespan. If you’re purchasing replacement cushions, make sure they fit tightly to avoid them coming undone during heavy winds. In addition, consider protecting your furniture with waterproof barriers or using covers to shield it from elements.

Once you’ve selected the ideal tulip-backed patio furniture for your space, you can enjoy your outdoor oasis for years to come. Just remember to regularly clean it and protect it from harsh weather conditions with an appropriate covering.


Your outdoor furniture requires durability for daily use in harsh elements like sun, wind and rain – so to protect it for years of enjoyment use you must choose top-of-the-line fabrics that can withstand these forces of nature while remaining easy to maintain and provide superior fade-resistance with exceptional color retention. Sunbrella provides many such performance fabrics which last long while remaining easy to clean while offering exceptional fade resistance with exceptional color retention capabilities.

Sunbrella fabric is constructed from high-grade polyester or acrylic fibers that have been saturated to their core with highly UV-stable pigments, to maintain vibrant colors even with extended sun exposure. Furthermore, these fabrics repel water, stains, mildew, odors and mildew for easier maintenance while remaining clean for longer. It’s especially perfect for use on wicker furniture due to being breathable which ensures maximum comfort for guests.

Popular fabric options include olefin and solution-dyed acrylic fabrics. These resilient materials resist fading, mold and mildew growth and bleach cleaning – plus they’re more affordable than Sunbrella fabrics while still coming in an array of colors, patterns and textures to fit with your decor.

Pilling resistance is another great feature of upholstery fabrics that set them apart, which means these upholstery options are more resistant than others to this issue. Pilling occurs when small balls form on the fabric surface due to constant rubbing or scratching and it’s extremely uncomfortable when this occurs – however these fabrics have been engineered specifically to resist pilling more effectively than other options on the market.

Other patio furniture cushions utilize dyed cotton or similar inexpensive, low-performance fabrics that are susceptible to mold and mildew growth; it may not be durable enough or fade resistant enough. Cotton doesn’t repel water well and may lead to mold issues as well as be less fade-resistant than other materials.

Sunbrella cushions can be filled with either foam or Dacron, which is a polyester material used for padding purposes and helps maintain shape retention. Foam filling options tend to be more durable and comfortable to sit on; however, other fill choices might offer greater versatility. Foam may also be bulkier and require additional storage space than its alternatives.