Give Your Patio Furniture Pillows and Cushions a Fresh Look

outdoor patio furniture pillows

Are you looking to add some fresh new cushions to your outdoor furniture? New cushions are an easy and stylish way to update its look, while providing protection from weather elements like heavy rainfall, direct sunlight or muddy children and pets. Choose from an assortment of comfortable yet stylish options available now that will shield it all.

Many cushion covers are machine-washable for effortless cleaning, making life simpler when refreshing your furniture’s look with new covers. These easy-to-remove covers are fade and mildew resistant so you can switch them out as often as desired for instantaneous change.


No matter the occasion – whether you have just purchased new patio furniture, or are in search of replacement cushions – quality outdoor cushions make your chairs and sofas into relaxing spots for outdoor lounging. Grandin Road provides a selection of fabrics like traditional cotton to Sunbrella that offer both style and durability for your outdoor living space. Choose between various colors and patterns to customize a look uniquely your own!

Most outdoor cushions feature fabric covers to protect them from dirt, spills and moisture. Some feature zippers for convenient removal for thorough cleaning. Before cleaning any cushion cover though, be sure to read up on any washing restrictions from their labels or manufacturer websites – machine-washing will prolong its lifespan while keeping its look.

Foam and polyfiber fillings are water-resistant, making them the ideal choice for patio furniture pillows that see frequent use or the occasional splash from children or pets. Furthermore, these cushions offer firmer support than ones filled with down or feather fillings.

Acrylic fabrics are known for being soft, breathable, color-fast and resistant to sun damage – all qualities which make them suitable for sunny climates. Furthermore, their waterproof nature means that it resists mildew growth; making it the ideal material choice for cushions in rainier regions or near pools.

Spun polyester fabric is an excellent option for families with both children and pets as it resists soil, stains, and dries quickly. In addition, its insulation properties make it suitable for outdoor lounge time during cooler weather months.

Toss pillows add comfort to any seating area, as well as accentuating or complementing your patio decor’s color scheme. Bolster pillows offer similar support but with ergonomic features designed to provide greater back support.

Your patio pillows won’t fly away on windy days or end up as part of a muddy pillow fort by adding ties – they’re simple and cost-effective way to prevent lost or stolen cushions! All it takes to tie them is punching holes into fabric with a punch for holes punch, needle, and Fray Check (a clear liquid used to prevent fraying fabrics)!


Outdoor furniture covers provide your patio seating with protection from adverse weather conditions, making a beautiful focal point in your backyard getaway. Available in various sizes to fit most chairs, loveseats and sofas these protective accessories come with ties for secure placement during stormy conditions so as not to blow away or become caught onto furniture.

No matter whether you are prepping wicker seating for an upcoming party or simply making your backyard oasis more inviting, cushion covers are an effective solution. Not only can these covers offer protection from the elements; they can also add color and design flair that ties in perfectly with any existing decor in the space. Choose between neutral colors like jet black and light neutrals; vibrant Rave Cherry or Rave Kiwi hues will bring extra summer style into the fold!

For an even more luxurious option, invest in covers made of fade-resistant acrylic fabric. Not only is this material durable and easy to maintain; its breathability enables water trapped inside to evaporate easily – this helps ensure your furniture stays dry during rainstorms!

A top quality cover will protect your furniture from the elements while also keeping mold, mildew, dust and debris at bay – which often goes unseen but could otherwise lead to discoloration and potentially lead to unwanted organisms like insects or mushroom colonies growing within.


Adding ties to outdoor pillows and cushions is an easy solution if they do not already include them; this prevents cushions from blowing around during windy weather, helping prevent them from ending up as part of an unruly pillow fort in muddy terrain.

Price for tufted cushions depends on the fabric used. Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics require weaving in order to achieve patterns, impacting their price levels. In comparison, spun polyester (SP) may be less costly.

Tie-on covers are an effective way of protecting cushions and pillows from stains and clinching, and allow for easier cleaning. By maintaining the look and life span of your furniture, tie-on covers help extend its life span.


Most outdoor cushion fabrics and fillings are resilient against moisture damage; however, extended exposure to rain may cause their fabrics to become mildewed or discolored over time. Storing cushions dry in storage is one easy way to extend their lifespan, keeping them fresh longer while prolonging their longevity – whether stored in a shed, garage or closet, having waterproof storage facilities protect them from moisture accumulation as well as bugs or pests that might find shelter within.

Waterproof outdoor storage boxes come in an assortment of sizes and designs to meet most any need. Some feature sleek, minimal designs to complement modern or transitional decor while others may feature more classic or rustic styles with hinged lids that open to reveal storage areas that fit most cushion sizes.

Patio furniture that features storage spaces is becoming more and more sought after, not only due to its functionality and spaciousness but also due to their eye-catching aesthetics. Chair-like pieces with storage underneath their seats or accent pieces with shelves and cubbies for holding additional patio accessories have proven especially popular among many outdoor settings.

Many of these units feature wood finishes to blend in seamlessly with woven patio sets, offering an array of colors to complement virtually every outdoor living style. Others are constructed of weatherproof plastic resin with an authentic wood grain pattern for more natural appearance. Some models even boast subtle barrel shapes for an added layer of charm on a deck or porch.

To provide additional protection during storage, it’s recommended that cushions be wrapped in padding. This provides an extra layer of safeguards against rough handling, vibrations and temperature variations which could otherwise crack glass, warp wood and melt plastic. If time is of the essence and no padding is available to you – old towels or blankets could serve as suitable substitutes!