Choosing Quality Patio Furniture For Your Backyard

quality patio furniture

Just imagine enjoying a lovely patio lunch under a setting sun! But to do it right, it takes careful consideration when searching for outdoor furniture that meets all of your specific requirements.

Purchase quality patio furniture at specialty stores rather than big box home improvement stores or membership clubs. Look for aluminum frames that “thud” when thumped; avoid thin wall aluminum frames that rust easily.


An attractive patio set extends your living space and makes for an inviting place to relax during inclement weather, as well as providing a space for entertaining at outdoor dinner parties or poolside gatherings. While there are various choices of patio furniture available to you, wicker is one popular choice due to its comfort and versatility; made up of flexible fibers woven together, wicker can be formed into various styles and shapes and has been around for centuries, from baskets and boxes to chairs and couches.

Luxury patio furniture should combine beauty with durability and longevity. Material such as weather-proof plastic can withstand rain, sun exposure and temperature variations while being low maintenance; making this an excellent investment that will retain its appearance for many years to come.

When selecting high-end patio furniture sets, when searching for durable wicker manufacturers it is essential to seek one who specializes in durable products as this will guarantee quality and a longer warranty. You may be able to locate this information online or ask your local furniture dealer.

Sifas offers a comprehensive collection of stylish yet functional commercial wicker furniture designed specifically to meet the needs of hotels, spas and other venues. Their designs range from modern to sophisticated traditional styles crafted from metal, wood and the highest-grade synthetics – providing resort patio furniture that stands up against ocean salt air, harmful UV rays and freezing temperatures while remaining beautiful for years.

Brown Jordan

If you’re in search of quality patio furniture to upgrade your backyard, there are various pieces available to you. These pieces can add style and comfort to your home while making entertaining friends easier than ever – from tables and chairs to firepits – giving you plenty of choices from which to select the ideal pieces for you!

Brown Jordan has been providing luxury leisure furnishings that transcend time and stimulate the senses since 1945, setting themselves apart in their industry by producing innovatively designed luxury leisure furnishings that excite and exhilarate. Headquartered in Pasadena, California they can be found throughout the globe offering casual outdoor furniture for residential, hospitality and corporate clients.

Their Aluminum Collection utilizes cast aluminum to craft intricate designs in various colors and finishes, from sleek to bold designs that meet every taste imaginable. Their aluminum patio furniture is both light and sturdy – an ideal combination.

They offer various seating collections, from Aegean-Mediterranean style with contemporary seating design, Biarritz-inspired by European modernism, Coast-sleek contour integrates straight lines and unique slopes, Florentine-inspired by Roman Empire architectural style and Florentine-woven collections using synthetic or natural fibers for durable yet beautiful and comfortable furniture. In addition to outdoor tables, chairs chaises and sofas.

EGO Paris

Luxury clientele now enjoy living both indoors and outdoors thanks to screened-in porches, covered decks, and pergolas, yet these transitional spaces lack luxury furniture of high-end indoor lines. Manufacturers such as EGO Paris have filled this void by creating designer outdoor patio furniture which combines sophistication with durability.

EGO was established in 2004 in Belleville, France and offers stylish yet minimalistic aluminum structures designed by Yvan Sommereux, EGO’s production director. Their workshops are open to the public; his welding torch can help rectify details or assist in assembly processes.

EGO Paris collections reflect their philosophy of “art de vivre,” which blends tradition with innovation. Their pieces encapsulate this concept by combining powder coated aluminum’s elegant form with various finishes, colors, and fabrics for an array of finishes and fabrics – and can even be personalized in just three weeks thanks to EGO Paris’s fast production process!

The company’s bespoke patio furniture provides endless possibilities to meet the distinct needs of clients. Their selection includes lounge chairs and tables in a range of shapes and sizes; plus they use different materials such as aluminum finishes (42), Batyline mesh (16 colors), Perennials fabrics such as Missoni Home fabrics (16), and Citel fabrics (10+).


Luxury outdoor furniture blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Screened-in porches, decks and covered patios have become essential spaces for upscale clientele that refuses to compromise comfort or design for durability. As such, high-end manufacturers are creating pieces that bring together the best features from both worlds; sophisticated all-weather woven furniture from these manufacturers is both attractive and long-term durable.

Manutti is a specialist in creating elegant outdoor furniture that seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor living environments. Their founder grew up on a flax processing plantation in Belgium, giving him an in-depth knowledge of fabrics and materials. His creative exploration led to innovative imitation leathers with matching stitched finishes; creating stylish yet practical pieces to grace gardens and terraces worldwide.

Talenti’s designs bring together various visions and cultures. Additionally, they collaborate with designers like Ludovica Palomba and Roberto Palomba to produce collections that are at once modern and timeless. Talenti furnishings grace private estates, exclusive resorts, Michelin-rated restaurants across Europe, Americas and Asia.

For an eye-catching new look, try the 2015 version of the Air modular outdoor sofa with its natural lotus ice blue shade and striking lava frame. Additionally, try out Duo outdoor dining table which combines powder coated aluminum with interchangeable seats in either pepper or lava colors for an impressive showstopper!

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti outdoor furniture makes an attractive addition to any home. Coordinating beautifully with their stunning rugs creates a sense of continuity throughout any space; in fact, their entire company was created to work seamlessly.

Paola Lenti’s designs reflect her innovative use of materials and an inventive perspective on design. Her creations often combine woven textiles with unique combinations of colors. Her furniture is long-term durable; for instance, Paola Lenti woven lounge chairs and modular sofas come equipped with colorfast Sunbrella fabrics which can easily be cleaned.

Talenti interprets contemporary trends and collaborates with internationally-recognized designers to craft furniture that blurs the distinction between indoor elegance and outdoor ease. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies – synthetic fibers, wrought iron, teak wood and glass among them – Talenti luxury outdoor furniture also minimizes environmental impact by using sustainable hardwood forests and forgoing toxic coatings in its production process.

The Kettal Group is a family-owned business that specializes in luxury indoor and outdoor furniture. Their sophisticated outdoor lounge and dining furniture can be found both commercial establishments as well as prestigious residential locations around the globe, from teak wood patio tables, wicker sunroom lounges, stainless steel dining sets, teak wood patio tables to teak wood patio tables – each piece elegant yet highly functional with top craftsmanship and materials used throughout production.

Kettal Group

Kettal stands as an industry leader for modern luxury outdoor patio furniture. Their exquisite collections have been developed in collaboration with major contemporary designers like Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wanders to bring unique style and flair. Established in 1964 in Barcelona, Europe’s foremost manufacturer of premium outdoor furniture has expanded worldwide, selling brands such as Kettal, Triconfort Hugonet Evolutif on every continent in over 60 countries worldwide.

Kettal’s exquisitely designed woven collections are constructed of high-performance materials that are both weatherproof and highly durable, such as Ferrari Batyline rope resistant to sun damage, water, and staining. Kettal also pays close attention to studying these intricate fibers in detail for further durability. All this combined together make Kettal upscale outdoor furniture ideal for use both indoors and outdoors!

Kettal’s commitment to open-air design can be seen through their innovative furniture and accessories, which incorporate high-quality materials and creative ideas. From Rodolfo Dordoni’s Bitta Lounge featuring calyx-shaped aluminum to the exquisite curves of Gandiablasco line furniture – Kettal has created an impressive palette encompassing distinction, serenity and glamour that speaks of environmental respect – producing outdoor furniture made with wood that conforms with Perhutani standards for sustainable forest management, while their paints are recyclable water-based paints – in keeping with their philosophy of environmental responsibility ethos.