Choosing Durable, Weather-Resistant, and Easy-To-Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture

outer patio furniture

Be it for family gatherings or social occasions, selecting suitable outdoor furniture is essential. Make sure it can withstand snowy climates while remaining easily cleanable and durable enough.

Jiake Liu and Lin brought their Outer patio chairs to “Shark Tank” in 2019, hoping to secure enough funding for 4% ownership at $750,000 each.

Synthetic Resin

Synthetic resin is an extremely durable, weather-resistant, low-maintenance option for outdoor furniture that’s made up of plastics mixed with wood fibers or recycled materials. Available in various colors and designs to complement any patio decor theme.

Resin furniture is lightweight and easy to care for, featuring aluminum frames for extra durability. Resin outdoor seating comes in various shapes and sizes – from large dining sets to bistro tables – with some even including built-in tabletop features. Resin outdoor furniture makes for stylish seating areas in contemporary outdoor settings. It makes an excellent choice if you want a contemporary aesthetic in your outdoor seating area.

synthetic resin outdoor furniture is one of the best eco-friendly choices you can make, using less chemicals in its production than other outdoor pieces and not containing formaldehyde – something important if you have allergies to formaldehyde fumes – making it perfect if children or pets will use the furniture frequently.

Wicker and rattan pieces are some of the most sought-after resin patio furniture options, offering stylish elegance with exceptional durability and comfort. You’ll find these durable yet beautiful pieces available in earthy browns and greens through vibrant blues and reds as well as various weaving patterns to find exactly what works for your outdoor space.

Combining rattan and synthetic resin can create an eye-catching combination in your backyard, offering an appealing blend of natural and artificial materials. Not only are these pieces extremely durable but moisture, mildew, and rust resistance are other key characteristics; making this furniture both modern and classic at once. Alternatively, for something rustic you could try using reclaimed wood; its unique color and texture give this option its rustic charm while being very cost effective – perfect for any budget! However, regular maintenance must be performed to prevent damage caused by weather elements.

UV Resistant

UV stands for ultraviolet, and this form of light can damage or discolor fabrics and wood over time. To avoid fading and protect against moisture which could lead to mold or mildew growth, furniture with UV blockers or stabilizers applied is essential. It helps maintain appearance, functionality and protects against potential mold/mildew growth by the sun’s rays – this makes selecting furniture with such treatments necessary for everyday life!

Polymers are one of the primary materials used to craft outdoor furniture, and different polymers boast various levels of UV resistance. Polypropylene has limited UV protection and will quickly deteriorate when exposed to high levels of ultraviolet radiation; other polymers like fluoropolymers (such as polytetrafluoroethylene and polyvinylidene fluoride), imides (such as polyimide and polyetherimide) or acrylics are better choices as they offer stronger and longer-term UV radiation resistance – making polypropylene vulnerable against the harsh rays found outdoors.

No matter the material, all outdoor furniture should be treated to resist the potentially damaging effects of UV radiation. This treatment could take form of special coatings designed to block UV rays from reaching fabric; or it could involve adding UV absorbers and stabilizers into manufacturing processes as additives.

To protect outdoor furniture from fading, its best to keep it in partially shaded areas. If possible, move it around so it doesn’t stay exposed to direct sunlight for too long. A UV-resistant umbrella may also help shield it from direct sunlight’s UV rays.

Outer is an eco-conscious brand that crafts modern outdoor furniture designed to look great on any patio, including lounge chairs, rugs, coffee tables, dining chairs and a loveseat. Their collection also includes fire pits and accessories to accompany these products such as fire pits. Their teak is responsibly harvested with FSC certification and they plant three trees for every one harvested – something not many manufacturers can boast of doing!

Easy to Clean

Your ideal patio furniture should be durable, comfortable, and easy to keep clean. From lounge chairs and dining tables to lounging spots and cozy armchairs for relaxing outdoors, your outdoor furniture is going to take quite a beating over time – especially in warmer climates where it may see regular use year-round. Therefore it’s wise to clean it at least every few months as to prevent dirt build-up, mold growth or mildew growth from developing on it.

If your patio furniture features a powder-coated finish, cleaning it using a garden hose and mild soap solution should be sufficient to keep it looking new for years. Lubricate moving parts regularly such as chair swivels and glides or umbrella ribs/poles as this will extend its life and help extend its lifespan.

When cleaning plastic or metal patio furniture, avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners as these may damage its surface. Vinegar is an eco-friendly alternative that you can find at local hardware stores; additionally it can act as an effective stain remover; simply spray an equal mixture of white vinegar and water solution onto affected area, use soft bristle brush scrub over surface, rinse thoroughly afterwards then dry using a lint-free cloth for best results.

Wood patio furniture should be cleaned on an ongoing basis using either a garden hose with mild soap, or using a pressure washer set at low pressure settings. Avoid power washing wooden furniture at high pressure as this could damage it irreparably and lead to cracking or warping of its wood finish. Ideally, clean your wooden furniture twice per year (or more frequently if exposed to more frequent use).

Make sure that when caring for your upholstered patio furniture, always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions on its cushion tags. Most upholstery is machine-washable and dryer safe on gentle cycles. However, many manufacturers advise air drying cushions before returning them to furniture frames. If your cushions feature fabric like Sunbrella, consider investing in an all-weather cover so they remain protected throughout winter weather conditions.


Durable outdoor patio furniture can last decades when given proper care and protection with a patio furniture cover. When purchasing durable patio furniture, take into account your local climate as well as how much use the furniture will get before selecting one for purchase. It is also essential to think about the length of time that will pass before leaving it outside – this may impact its durability as well.

Aluminum, steel and iron patio furniture is ideal for withstanding extreme weather conditions; lightweight yet sturdy pieces may include aluminum, steel and iron pieces that have powder-coated frames or non-toxic paint finishes that provide resistance from corrosion. Furthermore, when purchasing metal patio furniture it should always be coated in some way with an antirust layer as bare metals such as wrought iron can quickly rust in extreme climate conditions.

Wood furniture can also provide years of outdoor enjoyment. Teak, eucalyptus and acacia woods naturally withstand weather elements with proper care and weatherproof patio furniture covers – they will last decades when properly protected with patio covers! When shopping for wooden patio furniture make sure it has been treated with preservatives to extend its beauty and lifespan.

Outer is an eco-friendly outdoor furniture material made of recycled plastics and sustainably sourced wood, sold direct-to-consumer. In 2019, their founders brought Outer onto Shark Tank seeking $750,000 for 4% of their company. While some sharks declined due to only being in business four months, Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner expressed interest.

Outer has created an innovative viewing model to assist consumers with testing its furniture. Outer pays previous customers to become showroom hosts, enabling others to make appointments to see it at their home and gain an authentic sense of how it will fit into their environment, rather than browsing a storefront showroom. Through this method, Outer now boasts over 1,000 neighborhood showrooms in the United States alone!