Black Rattan Patio Furniture Set

black rattan patio furniture

Make the most of your backyard with a black rattan patio furniture set! This stylish outdoor furniture boasts sleek silhouettes wrapped in tightly-woven rust-proof black wicker and weather-resistant gray upholstered seats and back cushions – the ideal combination to maximize any backyard space!

This rattan outdoor furniture set comprises two single chairs, one loveseat and a coffee table – ideal for garden, balcony, patio, courtyard and poolside use.


Black rattan patio furniture is an excellent choice if you’re in search of durable outdoor living space furniture. Crafted to withstand even extreme weather conditions and moisture exposure, UV rays, temperature fluctuations and humidity levels – black rattan’s strength also enables it to support heavy weight without compromise, absorb impacts without risking injury from accidental bumping into it and lasts a long time before needing replacing or repairs.

Rattan furniture is not only durable but it is also highly customizable, and you can adjust its shape, colors, designs, or upholstery options to meet the aesthetic of any space in which it resides. By doing this, you can design a distinct outdoor set that perfectly complements its surroundings.

Rattan wicker patio furniture can be susceptible to damage if left unsecured and without proper care. Therefore, it’s essential that it’s cleaned regularly and protected against harsh elements, like rain, snow and wind. When not in use it’s wise to cover or place under waterproof protection such as plastic bags.

Bamboo wicker rattan is another popular variety, similar to natural rattan in that it can be woven into furniture and accessories, yet different due to being harvested sustainably without depleting plant life. Furthermore, bamboo wicker is more flexible than its counterpart and can easily conform into various shapes without breaking.

Are You an Adept at DIY Projects? Rattan Patio Furniture Can Be Learned Without Professional Assistance If so, learning the craft can be quite a rewarding challenge – one that allows for creating unique pieces tailored specifically to your outdoor living space. All that’s necessary to start is gathering the necessary materials including rattan strands and weaving needle, gathering tutorials or attending local workshops on various weaving techniques before beginning creating. Once mastered you’ll enjoy years of delight from your masterpieces!


Rattan furniture makes an eye-catching and functional addition to any outdoor living area, adding an elegant and versatile element. Black rattan patio furniture adds an eye-catching, sophisticated aesthetic that complements any color scheme; pairing it with white patio decor creates a beautiful black and white palette while teal, yellow or light wood decor can further promote its relaxed and cozy ambience.

Black rattan furniture makes for the ideal way to set an elegant and luxurious atmosphere at any event, whether hosting an evening dinner party on your lanai or relaxing while reading on your patio. Black rattan pieces also work perfectly well in outdoor dining areas at restaurants, bistros and cafes as they’re water and UV resistant – ideal for long summer days – while their lightweight construction makes them simple to move around or rearrange as your needs shift.

Black rattan patio furniture offers another benefit – customizability to meet your design preferences. Many manufacturers provide customizable upholstery options, giving you access to high-quality fabrics that complement the style and decor of your outdoor area. Plus, these fabrics can withstand weather fluctuations for lasting enjoyment!

While rattan furniture may be the perfect fit for some homes, it’s essential to carefully weigh all available options when selecting furniture for your own. Durability, cost considerations and customization possibilities should all be carefully evaluated when making this decision; ultimately it depends on your priorities, design preferences and budget when making this decision. Luckily, Hauser’s Patio offers premium outdoor furniture and accessories to meet every taste imaginable so visit us today and start creating your ideal backyard paradise – we look forward to helping you find exactly the right furnishings!


Rattan garden furniture should be relaxing enough for you to spend hours lounging in comfort, so look for styles with plush cushions and armrests for added relaxation. Additionally, many styles come in black hues so you can choose one to match the decor of your space or use cushion covers to customize its appearance even further.

Rattan patio furniture boasts several outstanding advantages over its competition in terms of durability. It can withstand moisture, UV rays and temperature fluctuations without becoming damaged over time – lightweight making moving pieces easier too! However, remembering maintenance and cleaning schedules is essential to prolonging its life and avoid damaging its composition over time.

Black rattan patio furniture is an elegant choice that complements any outdoor setting, from contemporary to traditional designs. With its modern yet sleek aesthetic, black rattan can complement a variety of design styles easily – it makes a great reading nook or dining area!

Add an eye-catching piece to your outdoor space with a new black rattan coffee table! This eye-catching centerpiece will become the focal point of your design while its easy maintenance makes it ideal for everyday living. Pair this table with matching side tables to complete the set!

Rattan wicker patio furniture has become a top choice among both homes and businesses alike, as its durable yet versatile and stylish nature make it a wonderful addition to any garden or outdoor living space. Rattan can easily blend with teak or metal patio furniture for a pleasing design aesthetic and provides long-term weatherproof durability as an alternative.

Rattan garden furniture is constructed of high-grade materials and boasts an exquisite finish, perfect for use in any garden, patio or even small space. Perfect for conservatories as replacement furniture; suitable even in hotels and restaurants to complement any style decor!


Rattan outdoor furniture can be an affordable addition to your home. Not only is it durable and stylish, it’s an attractive focal point of any backyard patio or deck space – plus, it can even serve as the setting for backyard events like barbecues. Rattan furniture makes an ideal addition for relaxing under the sun or hosting garden parties!

Add an elegant touch to any venue with this black rattan patio chair, made of faux rattan supported by an aluminum frame for comfortable seating experience. Meeting commercial standards with little maintenance required to stay looking new; water and UV resistant assuring safety for your guests.

If you’re searching for an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your backyard, black rattan patio furniture might just be what’s needed. Thanks to its versatility, durability and beauty – black rattan patio furniture has quickly become one of the most desired styles available; offering stackable chairs and ottomans as seating solutions while coffee tables with tempered glass tops add modern style.