Woodard Patio Furniture

woodard patio furniture

Woodard offers collections that will satisfy even the most refined of tastes, from traditional to contemporary. Their designs, materials and construction surpass industry standards.

Crafting their wrought iron furniture using techniques that have withstood the test of time. Only premium iron stock is used.

Aluminum Designs’ aluminum furniture designs have been perfected over time. Utilizing only high-grade extrusions and cast aluminum ingots, their pieces will stand the test of time.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron furniture is heavy, sturdy and long-lasting; typically only needing occasional maintenance such as regular cleaning and an application of wax to look its best. Wrought iron patio furniture makes an excellent addition to outdoor seating or tables when combined with plush cushions and quality tablecloths for added comfort and style. Known for its beauty and design versatility wrought iron allows designers to add intricate details like hand-hammered rivets or embossed flat bars that envelop cushioning; making this type of patio furniture an excellent option for homeowners who appreciate traditional style furniture pieces.

Wrought iron patio furniture‘s durability also makes it a good choice for use outdoors during inclement weather, especially since its strong winds-proof qualities. Should any damage arise to your wrought iron furniture – chipped edges, scratched spots or cracks – immediately repair them to avoid rusting – otherwise, an unsightly and difficult-to-clean wrought iron set could develop quickly!

Wrought iron has the advantage of being easily painted to suit any decor theme, making it suitable for almost any space in the home. A fresh coat of paint can quickly give an old set new life; just be sure to use direct-to-metal paint that contains rust inhibitor rather than standard exterior paint which might not protect against corrosion as effectively.

Wrought iron furniture can be difficult to transport or rearrange due to its heavyweight nature. If you require frequent relocation or are planning on leaving it outdoors for extended periods of time, cast aluminum may be more appropriate than its wrought iron counterparts.

Wrought iron furniture pairs beautifully with many wood finishes for an appealing and original design. A table and chairs made of wrought iron can be combined with rattan or wicker chairs to create a relaxing outdoor dining environment, for instance. Wrought iron furniture comes in contemporary to elaborate traditional styles – Chairish has everything from Woodard patio furniture collections that would suit your home perfectly!


Aluminum patio furniture is one of the most sought-after choices when it comes to metal patio furnishings, due to its lightweight, durable and aesthetic qualities. Furthermore, its resistance to rust and corrosion make it suitable for outdoor environments; many manufacturers also opt for powder coating their aluminum furniture as an additional safeguard against wear-and-tear damage.

Aluminum is also easy to work with, as it can be bent and shaped into many different designs for use in patio furniture. This makes aluminum an excellent material for those seeking contemporary pieces which wouldn’t be possible using more traditional forms of metal like iron. Aluminum furniture also resists rocks or hail damage better than its steel counterpart, which may cause denting damage over time.

Aluminum patio furniture may be more cost-effective than its steel or wrought iron counterparts; however, when shopping for sets it is essential that the quality is verified as this may affect pricing decisions. Search for pieces that are welded securely without signs of leakage or other flaws, with steel rods added inside to make your furniture stronger. Furthermore, be mindful of cast and extruded aluminum construction options when purchasing furniture made from aluminum. Extruded aluminum is lightweight and hollow, allowing it to be molded into different designs easily, but lighter than cast aluminum. Many brands combine the benefits of both materials by using cast aluminum parts of chairs or sofas and adding extruded aluminum legs and arms for additional support.

Aluminum may be resistant to rust, but it can still corrode if exposed to moisture. Therefore, it’s essential that any signs of moisture such as water spots are addressed immediately and the furniture cleaned with mild soap and water solution regularly for optimal appearance. Should any scratches appear due to use or accidents on its part, an aluminum touch-up paint kit from its manufacturer can often help remedy damage quickly and affordably.

All Seasons Wicker

Woodard Furniture takes great pride in creating stylish yet long-lasting pieces of patio furniture made by hand and superior in design, construction and materials compared to industry standards. Their products come with 15 year warranties and customer service commitment from over 50 pairs of hands who craft each piece before it leaves their factory. You are sure to find something in Woodard’s wide variety of styles, fabrics and finishes which is sure to meet all your tasteful preferences!

All Seasons Wicker furniture from All Weather Outdoor Furniture is constructed using cutting edge synthetic fibers woven over an aluminum frame for strength. Thanks to a skilled workforce and resilient materials, All Seasons Wicker furniture is suitable for any environment imaginable – with numerous colors and finishes to choose from so you can find something suitable for your garden or patio space. Furthermore, its collection offers lounge chairs and dining tables suitable for any space or setting.

All Seasons Wicker Furniture requires minimal upkeep due to being less susceptible to water damage. Cleaning it with water alone should keep it looking new for much less money than buying new furniture would cost! A damp cloth is an effective and cost-saving alternative that may just as effectively rid itself of dust accumulation on the furniture surface – ideal if there are spots of dirt or dust build-up on it!

All Seasons Wicker Furniture is an ideal way to upgrade existing pieces in any household, since its more cost-effective than wrought iron or aluminum and versatile. All Seasons wicker can also be combined with various cushion fabrics for a look that fuses modernity and traditionalism.

All Seasons Wicker Patio Furniture may seem daunting at first, as its selection can be somewhat bewildering. There is so much variety when it comes to styles and colors to choose from that making a decision can be difficult – however if that does become problematic All Seasons offer a money back guarantee should that prove difficult!


Woodard patio furniture will match any style, be it exotic, traditional, transitional, or modern. As an industry leader in wrought iron, aluminum, and Whitecraft wicker production – offering casual seating and dining furniture collections, outdoor living/dining room sets, pool-side or garden nooks as well as fabrics finishes and styles to customize each product – Woodard has you covered for all of your patio needs.

Woodard outdoor wrought iron and aluminum furniture is hand-crafted in America using over 50 pairs of hands to form, craft, and finish each piece before it leaves their factory. Such craftsmanship contributes to its long-term and durable nature – many sets have been in service for more than 100 years!

Woodard offers a diverse range of products. While other companies tend to focus on one style or market segment, Woodard provides something suitable for all tastes and needs – with materials including cast aluminum extrusions and various wicker styles and finishes used to craft furniture.

Only downside of purchasing Woodard furniture is its cost; when purchased new it may be expensive. However, paying extra will ensure a product that will outlive you over time and stand the test of time.

Woodard’s Whitecraft Wicker Furniture offers an elegant and fashionable alternative to its metal pieces, available in an array of colors and finishes (the most popular being sand-colored rattan). Combine with different cushion fabrics to achieve the ideal look for outdoor living spaces.

Woodard furniture does have some other drawbacks that may prevent direct purchases; these include inability to shop directly through their website and difficulty in locating stockists for specific items.