Woodard Patio Furniture Review

woodard patio furniture

Woodard patio furniture is built to stand the test of time, using only top materials and proven construction processes.

Their handcrafted wrought iron frames utilize time honored techniques to form each piece of outdoor furniture.

One of the major downsides to shopping at Woodard is their vast selection of products; without knowing exactly what your goals are, this could prove overwhelming.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron outdoor furniture has always been a classic design choice, and continues to remain trendy today. Durable and weather-resistant, wrought iron’s versatility extends well beyond weather conditions; offering various finishes and designs to match any decor imaginable. However, its only real drawback may be higher costs than other metal furniture choices.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture from Woodard

Wrought iron furniture is known for being highly resistant to corrosion due to its low carbon content, which helps it ward off oxidation and rust better than other metals. However, regular care must still be taken in order for its beauty and condition to remain preserved – including regularly cleaning it out as well as applying protective coatings or varnish.

Wrought iron furniture can also be heavy, which makes it less portable than other forms of outdoor furniture. This could become an issue if you require frequent relocation or rearrangement in your yard, as wrought iron has an increased tendency towards rusting if exposed to moisture for extended periods.

Though not without drawbacks, wrought iron furniture remains an elegant choice for those seeking to add class and elegance to their backyards. Thanks to its artisanal nature, wrought iron allows furniture designers to craft intricate and unique designs using this material – giving wrought iron patio furniture its luxurious and elegant appearance compared with other outdoor pieces.


Woodard offers one of the widest selections of aluminum patio furniture available today, with seating, tables, and accent pieces made with all kinds of materials ranging from wrought iron to cast aluminum and all-weather synthetic wicker – and they even offer all weather synthetic wicker! Their diverse construction methods and styles enable them to meet all types of casual or formal furniture requirements.

Woodard, an industry leader in aluminum outdoor furniture, has utilized cutting-edge production techniques on their cast and extruded aluminum lines to increase design patterns on metal furniture that they produce – creating lasting yet attractive pieces of outdoor seating furniture that stand the test of time.

While wrought iron has been around for some time, aluminum’s popularity has steadily grown over time due to its more contemporary aesthetic and ability to be formed into various designs. Woodard offers 19 premium frame finishes as well as 19 standard ones and 150 fabrics so there is an extensive selection of aluminum outdoor furniture from which you can choose.

Woodard recently introduced an all-weather synthetic wicker into their aluminum patio furniture collection to combine the best features of traditional wicker with aluminum’s durability, creating beautiful yet comfortable pieces suitable for year round outdoor use. This has enabled Woodard to design beautiful and functional outdoor pieces.

Woodard uses all-weather synthetic wicker furniture crafted with polyethylene fibers that are both tough and moisture resistant, and mounted over an aluminum frame that won’t rust – creating all-weather synthetic wicker suitable for multiple outdoor settings.

Woodard aluminum patio sets are popular investments because they’re durable and look good in almost any setting, making them an excellent value. Unfortunately, however, this type of furniture can be more costly and require maintenance to keep its good looks. When purchasing one of these patio sets, take the time to shop around and compare pricing before making your final decision.

All Seasons Wicker

Woodard stands apart from their competition when it comes to all weather wicker patio furniture with their 140+ year legacy of making outdoor furniture. Their skilled craftsmanship has given them a leg up when it comes to creating all weather wicker furniture designed to withstand rain, wind and various climate conditions.

All season wicker furniture is constructed of cutting edge synthetic fibers woven over an aluminum frame for durability, making it a suitable option in any climate and color scheme. Since it can be painted to suit any color scheme.

All-weather wicker requires minimal upkeep; just rinse it down with water from a garden hose and allow it to air dry. Furniture covers provide additional protection, keeping your furniture free from harsh weather while keeping it looking its best through winter months. A resin all-weather storage trunk may also keep it safe when not in use.

All-weather wicker is more cost-effective and easier to maintain than natural wicker for both aesthetic and financial reasons, being made from synthetic materials which cost much less. Furthermore, its synthetic components make all-weather wicker much more durable and resilient in comparison with their natural counterparts.

If you are looking to add the beauty of vintage Woodard patio furniture into your home, 1stDibs offers an expansive selection. Browse Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency pieces as well as Victorian pieces for any living space transformation. Alternatively, modern outdoor wicker furniture from brands like Gloster and POINT can create the ideal modern atmosphere in one purchase!


Woodard offers an expansive range of replacement cushions to complement their chairs, loveseats and sofas, or additional seating solutions like chaise lounges. Their plush cushions are fade resistant; mold resistant; mildew resistant; fabric designs and color combinations provide options that suit every outdoor space perfectly.

Woodard offers a selection of dining and lounging tables suitable for every style and space, such as traditional and contemporary-inspired wrought iron and hand-forged aluminum coffee tables with traditional or contemporary aesthetics, featuring slat, glass or wicker table tops, elegant aluminum frames with wrought iron bases, or circular and oval wooden side tables to fit perfectly into any environment.

Add coziness and warmth to your patio space with Woodard fire tables. These beautiful yet functional statement pieces provide a comfortable place for you to gather after dinner or drinks with family and friends, creating an inviting ambience after sundown. Woodard also offers an extensive selection of upholstered bar stools and chairs – great for casual settings that can accommodate more guests than traditional furniture pieces.

Woodard offers both 2-seater and 3-seater reclining patio furniture from their collection of wrought iron and aluminum sofas, as well as modern styles with clean lines. Their selection includes traditional cushion reclining sofas crafted from either material; modern styles with clean lines; luxurious chaise lounges which make a great way to relax after eating or after having drinks.

Woodard remains unique among manufacturers by still producing most or all of its furniture at its factory in Owosso, Michigan – this means you can still get custom-made pieces produced to your specifications that typically ship within weeks of your ordering them.