Wicker, Wicker and Other Wicker Patio Furniture

woven patio furniture

No matter where your backyard party may take place, woven patio furniture has an easygoing charm that suits its surroundings perfectly. Lounge chairs featuring recliner options provide extra relaxation while dining sets offer the ideal spot to serve cocktails and appetizers.

There’s something here for every style and color preference – find something perfect for your outdoor space now!


Resin wicker patio furniture has become increasingly popular over time. Crafted from plant-based materials and handwoven into frames of chairs and sofas, resin wicker boasts durability, affordability, easy care maintenance and can even withstand all weather conditions thanks to aluminum frames that won’t rust – all making it a top pick among homeowners seeking low maintenance patio furnishings that still allow outdoor usage.

Resin patio furniture comes in many styles and colors to meet every homeowner’s backyard decor or landscape design theme, providing homeowners with many choices when selecting their set. Resin can be made to appear natural by mixing shades of brown together or more modern with vibrant hues mixed right into its resin material so it won’t fade in sunlight like other forms of outdoor furniture might.

Wicker is an extremely durable material due to the way that it is woven, as it can withstand significant wear and tear without succumbing to moisture and pest invasions. Therefore, it makes an attractive option for homeowners planning outdoor entertaining events in their backyard – particularly those that include pools or hot tubs.

Woven wicker furniture adds an interesting focal point to any backyard. Its soft fibers blend beautifully into its surroundings, creating an idyllic retreat perfect for relaxing or hosting. Woven wicker pieces make an attractive statement of any interior or exterior design scheme and can easily adapt to suit individual preferences.


Aluminum woven patio chairs and sofas offer an elegant alternative to the typical wicker furniture seen around backyards today. Available in multiple colors, aluminum woven patio furniture is made of a tough material that stands up well to weather elements while remaining easy to maintain with simple cleaning solutions.

Aluminum furniture is lightweight and easy to move around your outdoor space, providing more seating or room for entertaining without the burden of transporting heavy pieces of furniture. Plus, aluminum is easy to sand down or repaint, providing an affordable alternative to more costly wood or metal options.

Aluminum’s natural resilience against rain, humidity and intense heat makes it ideal for outdoor furniture in areas where frequent rainfall may damage it. While this does not preclude occasional downpours from occurring, aluminum furniture won’t need to be brought inside or covered up every time the heavens open up – an enormous benefit in areas with frequent showers that could otherwise cause lasting damage to its surfaces.

Maintenance-wise, an aluminum woven patio furniture requires only a quick hose down with mild soap and water for cleaning purposes – this should remove any build-up of dirt or grime and restore its new-like look. If stains or marks occur on aluminum furniture, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and they should disappear. However, direct sunlight should be avoided, as prolonged exposure could cause it to heat up faster than other materials, especially when the sun is low in the sky. Therefore, aluminum woven patio furniture requires fabric cushions and throws for optimal seating comfort during extended use. Furthermore, this will protect it from rainwater damage as well as UV rays which could eventually harm it over time.


TropiKane(r) woven furniture offers timeless, casual warmth of wicker and rattan patio chairs in any residential or commercial space, adding natural textures that bring welcoming environments. Their various colors, textures, finishes and durability also makes for lasting beauty – they withstand weather elements well without mildew formation while being designed with RELAXplus cushions for optimal comfort, longevity and style.

With its diverse collection of colors and patterns, this outdoor seating collection is suitable for use in various outdoor environments. The modular pieces boast tapered legs with subtle arches across their backs for optimal support; durable woven patio chairs offer durability while remaining affordable; both Nutmeg and Kaffee TropiKane Basket weave options can be found with RELAXplus cushion seating to complete this versatile seating collection.

This collection combines dining chairs and chaise lounges with optional arms to form a unique set. They pair beautifully with Basta Sole umbrellas and Tropitone tables; its sturdy frame features TropiKane Basket weave making this collection the ideal solution for high traffic commercial outdoor areas.

The Lakeside Woven Seating Collection features a sturdy yet handsome frame, with clean lines and generous seating surfaces, making it the ideal solution for modern living spaces. Available as dining chairs with either sling or cushion versions; rockers; chaise lounges; sofa and settee configurations are all part of this range.

Evo outdoor woven dining chair stands out with its distinctive TropiKane(r) Vineyard or Basket weave and modern, comfortable design, creating the epitome of reliable comfort. Boasting beautiful rounded shapes and ample seating surface area, its seating surface makes this chair suitable for restaurants, hotels or any public culinary setting; nesting together, it allows quick and convenient storage up to four chairs at the same time.

Kenzo Woven High Back Dining Chair features a classic yet transitional design, blending simple lines with wide frames and TropiKane(r) Bison Weave for ultimate comfort long after meals are over. Plus, Tropitone’s woven furniture also comes in stationary bar stool and chaise lounge configurations!


No matter the occasion – whether relaxing poolside or hosting friends for an outdoor BBQ – woven patio furniture offers stylish comfort. When selecting fabric upholstery for outdoor wicker pieces, Sunbrella fabrics provide long-term UV and water damage resistance, making cushions last longer while protecting them against fading, mold growth, mildew staining and staining.

Sunbrella employs a revolutionary solution-dyed process, which dyes each individual fiber down to its core, producing vibrant hues and sophisticated patterns that add an elegant flair to woven patio furniture. Plus, thanks to its acrylic fabric makeup, Sunbrella repels moisture – keeping cushions dry for extended use!

Sunbrella fabric makes cleaning Sunbrella furniture simple. In most cases, all that’s required for outdoor furniture to look their best is a quick rinse with soapy water; but for deeper cleans simply mix water and mild detergent before rinsing well to remove soap residue before leaving to dry completely before reusing the fabric again.

Sunbrella fabric is available as an option on many brands of woven patio furniture, so check the product specifications or read descriptions to determine whether each piece comes equipped with this durable, long-term fabric. Lloyd Flanders’ Tuscany collection boasts an all-weather wicker frame in shades of gray half-round half, combined with fade and stain-resistant Sunbrella cushions for optimal comfort and style that are built to withstand years of use. This ensures an attractive yet practical solution. Woodard, Telescope Casual and Treasure Garden all use Sunbrella fabrics in their patio furniture pieces for even more inspiration when creating the ideal outdoor oasis. Be sure to browse through our curated collections for even more ideas on creating your ideal piece.