Wicker Vs Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture

Metal outdoor patio furniture comes in many styles to meet any taste or budget, from wrought iron to stainless steel – you have many pieces from which to choose. When properly maintained, this durable furniture should last years with proper care.

Location is essential, as some areas may experience strong winds that could damage lightweight wicker or aluminum furniture, while saltwater and humidity can corrode iron or steel furniture over time.


Wicker outdoor furniture adds organic texture and relaxed style to any patio, from natural materials like rattan to man-made resin and plastic resin products. When purchasing wicker products, quality construction and support should also be a key priority; when comparing models of this furniture look for supportive aluminum frames with rust-proof legs; an even weave without gaps or overlap; durable weather resistance will all make a difference when purchasing high quality wicker pieces.

All-weather wicker furniture has become an increasingly popular option for outdoor spaces. Crafted with UV-resistant synthetic fibers that mimic natural rattan, all-weather wicker can remain outside year round and is often more durable than its traditional counterpart. When choosing all-weather wicker for use in your area, be sure that any potential products include harmful flame retardants.

Price should also be kept in mind when shopping for wicker furniture, although it’s less costly than metal. Wicker is still an investment worth making, however. Most lower-priced products are usually constructed of plastic which may not provide as sturdy or long-lasting performance compared to higher quality options; additionally these lower quality options don’t biodegrade properly and add to landfill waste over time, potentially having negative environmental ramifications.

Metal furniture may be durable, but it may not be appropriate if you have small children or pets that enjoy playing on it. Metal can become hot in direct sunlight and is susceptible to rusting if exposed to moisture for extended periods. Furthermore, its weight makes it cumbersome when moving around your patio furniture set-up.


Metal outdoor patio furniture offers several distinct advantages over its counterparts. First and foremost, its weather resistance prevents rust and other environmental damages that would compromise other forms of outdoor furniture over time. Furthermore, there’s a wide selection of colors, designs and styles available that can compliment any backyard decor – with popular choices including wrought iron, aluminum and stainless steel being popular options.

metal patio furniture stands up well against mold and mildew growth compared to its wicker counterpart, as it does not require regular staining for protection from such issues. Instead, regular washing with mild detergent often suffices in keeping its appearance fresh. Furthermore, both wrought iron and aluminum pieces are naturally fire-proof materials, making them an excellent choice for dining areas, pool decks or other public areas.

Corrosion is an inherent concern of metal patio furniture, although powder coated aluminum and wrought iron tends to fare better in this respect than their non-coated counterparts. Still, corrosion may still occur where joints or weld seams have been scratched or compromised if scratched or dented during assembly; to combat corrosion effectively on your metal patio furniture use protective coatings which will shield its surface from dirt, moisture and contaminants.

Some experts advise purchasing covers for your metal outdoor furniture to shield it from rain, snow and sun exposure. These should be tailored specifically for your furniture to reduce condensation which could otherwise cause mould, mildew and other health concerns; additionally they should come equipped with secure ties or straps so as to keep the cover from blowing off in windy conditions and potentially damaging it underneath.

Stainless steel outdoor furniture is an excellent way to give their patio a sleek, modern aesthetic. Although more costly than wrought iron or aluminum patio sets, stainless steel resists corrosion better and requires much less maintenance compared to its counterparts. Furthermore, its heavy weight makes it more difficult for theft than other patio sets.

Stainless Steel

When selecting metal outdoor patio furniture, customers often gravitate towards steel and aluminum options as these materials tend to be easier to clean, lighter, and more durable than wicker and rattan. But not all metal furniture types are the same, which means understanding their differences can make or break a buying decision.

Stainless steel furniture boasts an elegant, silvery metallic aesthetic that appeals to those who appreciate modern furniture designs. Not only is stainless steel highly durable and requires little upkeep, it can even be formed into shapes resembling popular wooden styles such as wicker and rattan, expanding design possibilities available to homeowners.

Like other metal furniture, stainless steel may rust if left neglected for too long. However, this can be prevented through regular cleaning with mild soap and water as well as brushing furniture to remove dirt, bird droppings and debris which could contribute to its rusting process. In addition to regular maintenance efforts, an effective protective coating or paint may help ensure moisture does not cause corrosion on this piece of furniture.

Wrought iron furniture used to be popular, but its proclivity for rust, heavy weight and high cost has made it less appealing in today’s landscape. But traditionalists still favor its timeless beauty and proper protection will help ensure its long life span.

Wrought iron is an impressive material that resists corrosion, yet can be fragile if improperly taken care of. Like aluminum, however, it can easily become damaged from heat damage; making its use in hot climates more challenging while remaining fragile in cold environments. Therefore it is advisable to limit wrought iron usage to indoor or covered environments and apply regular coats of protective paint or powder to keep its finish protected.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron outdoor furniture offers the best of both traditional and contemporary styles. Its malleability allows for nearly endless design options that feel both classic and contemporary, making wrought iron an excellent choice for those seeking patio furniture that makes a bold statement without breaking the bank. Furthermore, this form of metal remains strong against strong winds without being easily dislodged – unlike other forms which bend and break under pressure.

As opposed to cast aluminum, wrought iron furniture often requires protection from environmental factors like rust. Powder-coating processes typically apply paint or powder that uses electrostatic charges on dry powder deposited onto furniture surfaces and then heated in an oven to fuse the particles together into an even finish – providing exceptional durability against rust, scratches and faded colors. Powder coating provides exceptional durability as well as protection from environmental conditions like rust.

Steel patio furniture is another popular option that’s well suited to outdoor settings. Steel is known for its strength and durability, though its weight makes it less ideal for homeowners who regularly rearrange or relocate their outdoor spaces for different activities. Furthermore, steel tends to retain heat during hotter summer months causing arms and backs of chairs to scorch and may rust in humid climates.

Galvanized steel is an appealing alternative to steel because of its protective layer of zinc that helps prevent corrosion. Unfortunately, however, it can be costly and requires periodic re-coating with protective products to remain functional. Aluminum offers another solution as a lightweight but still sturdy alternative that’s less likely to rust but can still withstand scratching and denting damage.

Black metal furniture is an ideal combination of casual and luxurious decor styles, fitting right in with both minimalistic and lavish style aesthetics. The neutral hue is easy to match up with existing colors and materials in your patio such as wood accents and wicker furniture, or pair black metal patio furniture with white rug and pillows for an eye-catching monochromatic look or add red accents for some vibrant contrast.