Wicker Patio Furniture

wicker patio furniture

Add two wicker lounge chairs near your pool for an airy tropical lounging area, and set one or more patio tables as convenient places for sunscreen or cocktails.

Quality wicker furniture is easy to keep looking its best; its construction features synthetic resin weave over sturdy frames. Cheap sets may feature loose strands which stress out their structure and eventually unravel completely.


Wicker chairs can turn your patio into the ultimate place for relaxing and socializing, offering durable comfort over time. Available in various styles and materials, it makes finding your ideal set simple.

Before making your purchase of wicker outdoor furniture, the first thing you should do is read reviews. This will enable you to evaluate whether it’s worth spending your money. Be sure to look for both positive and negative reviews; both can provide insights into customer opinions when they wrote them. Also note the date of each review to get an indication of when it was written.

Wicker patio furniture is both affordable and versatile, making it a smart investment when updating outdoor space. The best sets feature high-quality materials with stylish designs. Plus, cushions can easily be removed for washing – which means less hassle cleaning! Additionally, its material resists UV rays and rain better than most forms of outdoor furniture, prolonging its lifespan.

Wicker patio furniture offers another advantage of ease of maintenance over other forms of outdoor seating: steel will rust when exposed to elements and is difficult to keep clean, while resin fiber wicker furniture is easily cleanable using a garden hose or by hand rinsing with mild soap solution and water mixtures; additionally you can easily take apart cushion covers if necessary for washing them separately.

When purchasing wicker furniture, avoid cheap synthetic sets. Although they may initially cost less to purchase, these sets tend to break down quicker. Furthermore, their plastic-like look and glare make for uncomfortable seating compared to higher quality pieces which feature natural colors and very comfortable sitting surfaces.

All weather wicker furniture is an ideal addition to any outdoor space, thanks to its neutral hues that blend in seamlessly with nearly every color scheme and woven design. Choose from chairs, rockers, sofas and sectionals to create the ideal living area for you and your family.


Wicker patio furniture adds an eye-catching, distinctive style that blends easily with different decor styles. While its beachy roots may lead to association, its versatility means it works for almost any backyard layout.

Traditional wicker furniture pieces feature intertwining strands woven together by weaving needles. These strands are secured together using wood, aluminum or cast aluminum bindings for durability and strength, creating a handmade natural look to suit any patio decor. Wicker material also remains attractive longer than wood in terms of staining and painting requirements – meaning you get longer enjoyment out of each purchase!

Wicker furniture is known for both its beauty and sturdy construction, which make it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Most patio wicker pieces are designed to withstand both sun and rain conditions without becoming damaged; resin wicker patio furniture in particular stands up well against moisture damage; making it more resilient than natural or wooden furniture and less susceptible to mold or mildew than other pieces of furniture.

Metal furniture offers durability, but over time can warp or rust over time, becoming uncomfortable during hotter temperatures in summer or freezing in winter. Wicker furniture on the other hand boasts durable designs made of top-grade materials which will stand up against any climate and provide years of use.

Wicker patio furniture’s mobility makes it convenient for homeowners who entertain frequently; moving it around your yard or placing it indoors for storage is effortless. Also, transporting it is much simpler than carrying heavier furniture pieces around. While some sets come as single pieces, most come as complete comfort systems including two love seats, one corner sofa, two long benches and dining table – providing homeowners with plenty of entertainment space in one go!

Wicker furniture comes in many colors, making it easy to select something to complement the decor of your backyard. Some pieces feature neutral hues like white, black and brown while others have brighter hues that pop against flower bouquets or colorful accessories.

Easy to Maintain

Keep your natural or synthetic wicker furniture dust-free to extend its lifespan and maintain its beauty for as long as possible. Failing to do this regularly could result in mildew that deteriorates fibers over time (in natural wicker) or can make synthetic pieces break apart prematurely (with synthetic). To combat dust and debris accumulation, vacuum your furniture regularly using a brush attachment vacuum cleaner and light dry cleaning is also advised for mold, mildew and sticky spills like tree sap (for both natural and synthetic wicker). Finally, store cushion separately when not needed — to ensure they look like new for years!

To easily clean wicker furniture, use a garden hose and mild dish soap designed specifically for this material. A soft bristled brush can get into tight spaces of weave to scrub any grimy areas that remain. Once complete, rinse off any soap residue left behind before leaving your wicker in direct sunlight to dry. A re-staining product may need to be applied periodically in order to protect its beauty against the elements.

Wicker furniture makes an excellent addition to any outdoor space, as its versatility complements many different decorating styles from modern to rustic and coastal. Plus, its easy care requirements make it a popular choice among patio furniture materials; no oxidation, warping or bent out-of-shape issues exist with metal and aluminum patio pieces while termites or pests won’t damage wood pieces as readily. Plus wicker will hold its shape year after year without looking dated!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wicker furniture’s intricate weaving pattern adds an elegant and charming element to any outdoor living area, dating back centuries when its weave was first invented for craft purposes. Today it remains popularly used and can complement various decor styles thanks to its versatile nature.

Natural wicker furniture is composed of plant fibers such as rattan, bamboo and seagrass which are bound together into a sturdy frame. Synthetic wicker is typically created from polyethylene resin which provides greater resistance against sunlight than natural plant fibers. Aside from chairs, sofas and benches wicker can also be found as tables, accent pieces and other accessories.

Natural and synthetic wicker are available in an array of colors and designs to coordinate with any outdoor space, whether neutral like tan, cream and brown or bolder hues such as blue, red and green. You can even find decorative pillows and throws with patterns for added visual interest!

Wicker furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it easier than ever to find something to match any space perfectly. If you have a small porch or balcony, opt for a bistro set instead of an elaborate dining table if possible; alternatively consider purchasing modular wicker sectional seating arrangements which offer flexibility in size and shape of seating arrangements.

Resin wicker sets will outlive conventional plastic or metal furniture when selecting materials for outdoor furniture, being more durable than natural wood and more weatherproof than their counterparts. However, if you prefer something with more of an traditional aesthetic rattan can also provide plenty of durability while remaining attractive.

Wicker patio furniture allows you to transform any outdoor entertaining area into an inviting gathering spot that you’ll look forward to spending time in year round. Perfect for lounging poolside with friends, hosting a barbecue, or simply unwinding after an exhausting day – choose Tortuga Outdoor’s selection of wicker sofas and accent pieces to transform your backyard into your very own paradise!