Wicker Patio Furniture Set – Stylish, Durable and Affordable

Wicker patio furniture sets are stylish, durable and affordably priced – not to mention easily customizable to your space and personal taste.

Resin wicker furniture can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions such as intense sunlight, torrential rainfall, and extreme temperature swings without suffering damages. Cleaning with water from a garden hose is easy, while maintenance requirements remain minimal to keep its beautiful look.


There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting outdoors with family and friends in a wicker seating set, relaxing and conversing while feeling secure and at home in this timeless furniture piece that pairs beautifully with wood, iron or teak materials.

Wicker sets encompass all shapes and sizes of chairs and sofas suitable for seating two, four or more people comfortably. Crafted using premium synthetic resin wicker that won’t crack, peel or fade; as well as moisture-resistant dyed yarn polyester seat cushions which won’t absorb spills or fade in sunlight – wicker sets offer comfort without compromise!

Some wicker sets come equipped with modular pieces to expand or customize your layout, such as outdoor side tables, club chairs and chaise lounges. This means they can be added to sectional sets or placed strategically around a patio to form a reading nook.

For those seeking a modern aesthetic, there are wicker furniture sets with more geometric and streamlined shapes available to them. These have an updated feel and can even be combined with other fabrics like Sunbrella or Outdura to provide even more choices of styles and fabrics to work into their design scheme.

Boho-inspired outdoor living spaces may benefit from having wicker couch sets that feature thicker and rounder weaves than those found elsewhere, like herringbone, cord seat weaving or lattice weave constructions that give these pieces their distinctive texture and appearance – not to mention being more comfortable and durable over long periods of time.


Durability should always be at the top of your list when choosing outdoor furniture, particularly when choosing wicker patio sets that you plan on using daily. They must withstand elements like sun and rain without showing signs of wear and tear over time. A quality set should last years without showing any sign of wear and tear.

Furniture durability testing involves load and pressure testing. This involves placing weights on the furniture to observe its response to stress. Another form of durability test includes corrosion resistance tests; this involves subjecting it to various chemicals like chlorine or saltwater over time in order to ascertain its response.

Wicker furniture may be durable and resilient, but regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary in order to keep it looking its best. While dusting can help remove light dirt and debris from its surfaces, vacuuming or hosing off is more effective at eliminating more stubborn grime or spots of mildew or sticky tree sap residue that won’t go away. For stubborn spots of mildew or sticky tree sap residue that won’t go away try applying a common mildew remover or grime-eliminating product before scrubbing it clean using a soft bristle brush.

Be sure to inspect your wicker patio furniture regularly for areas in which its weave has shifted out of place – this can easily be fixed with wood glue if necessary, so don’t fret if any pieces become loose or broken; just ensure they’re repaired quickly.

The lifespan of your wicker furniture set depends on its use and care. High-quality rattan sets with sturdy frames may last as long as 30 years, while lower quality pieces may only last 10 or 15 years. Resin (synthetic) wicker may last longer but must still be protected from direct sunlight when not in use; in cooler climates consider purchasing wicker furniture covers to safeguard its resin from frost or snow damage.


Your outdoor living space can look just as stylish and comfortable with a wicker patio furniture set, just like it looks indoors. Wicker is great for sun/sleeping porches, gazebos and even living rooms at camps and cottages in Maine; additionally it lends itself to coastal cottage styles popularly seen there.

Before choosing wicker patio furniture sets, the first step should be identifying what look you are after in your backyard. Some opt for modern aesthetics with clean lines and sleek angles while others seek more of a natural and tropical vibe which pairs perfectly with wicker furniture sets.

There are various varieties of wicker sets on the market. A basic set includes a chair and ottoman for seating and relaxation purposes. There are also dining sets with either two or four chairs depending on the size of your patio, which feature elegant glass top tables to complete this luxurious ensemble.

An ideal addition to any patio is a full sized wicker sofa set, similar to what would be found indoors but built specifically to withstand outdoor elements and provide extra comfort than a standard chair can offer. These sets tend to look traditional while offering exceptional support when lounging around outdoors.

Some wicker sets come complete with outdoor coffee and end tables to give your patio an integrated appearance. There are various colors and styles available so that you can select one that complements your decor best.

There are also some wicker sets with frames made of both rattan and aluminum, offering you the best of both worlds; classic look of rattan meets durability of aluminum for the ideal combination. This makes these sets suitable for any backyard whether you prefer natural styling or need something that stands up well against heavy use and weather elements.

Matching Pieces

Wicker furniture sets often include additional patio furniture pieces to help create an entire outdoor lounging area or dining layout in your backyard. Individual pieces may also be purchased separately to add cozy alcove seating or extra seats to an existing setup of wicker deck chairs. Wicker tables, chairs and stools feature stylish finishes that match up well with whatever color wicker set you choose – from earthy gray hues to vibrant orange tones; adding accent pieces will complement them beautifully!

Assembling a wicker dining set can transform your balcony into an inviting outdoor dining area for family and guests. Choose from various sizes and styles of round or rectangular wicker tables with matching metal or wood chairs; some wicker dining sets also include glass-top center tables that create an eye-catching focal point in the garden porch or poolside lounge area.

Rattan sofas are timeless classics for creating an inviting and functional lounge space. Many wicker furniture designers also craft sectional sets featuring rattan pieces to help create cozy seating areas with central coffee tables. You may also consider opting for wicker loungers – ideal for relaxing after swimming pool time!

Wicker outdoor furniture includes sofa tables with glass tops and other matching accessories, ottomans to rest your feet on, wicker benches for front porches or at the end of decks and charming accessories such as jute rugs or tan pillows – among many others!

Since wicker is such an adaptable material, you can create an elegant patio layout using it that complements all styles of home exteriors. Rich brown hues complement natural-looking wicker furniture while white or other light hues work better in contemporary home exterior designs. Wicker furniture makes an excellent addition when decorating with geometric or patterned rugs; or for something more traditional try darker colors such as walnut and chocolate for your wicker patio furniture.