Wicker Patio Furniture Near Me

At a cocktail party or weeknight dinners, having the right outdoor furniture makes all the difference. Our extensive collection of rentable patio furniture near you includes patio sets suitable for Parisian cafes as well as nature inspired loveseats with magazine-worthy designs.

Rent-A-Center stores offer top quality outdoor furniture rentals at your Ludington townhome balcony or backyard to create cozy seating areas or party spots, without needing a major upfront investment.


Wicker patio furniture is an enduring classic for outdoor spaces, offering timeless style that fits easily with any type of decor and is exceptionally long-lasting. No matter if you want a place for solo relaxation or entertaining guests, you’re sure to find an wicker lounge or dining set suitable for you in our extensive selection.

Rattan patio sets make an excellent addition to poolside lounging or backyard parties, as they’re available in an array of colors and styles that will fit seamlessly into your space. Plus, thanks to its water and heat resistant properties, rattan holds up well against harsh weather.

Before purchasing, take some time to learn what wicker is and what characteristics make up a quality set. Keep in mind that wicker is not a material but rather a weaving technique used to produce fine fabrics made of any material but most often made from natural elements like bamboo, cane or rattan.

Rattan differs from bamboo by not being hollow and therefore not easily breaking or splintering, making it an incredibly strong natural material that grows in tropical rainforests, making it popular choice for beach homes as its casual beachy feel goes well with seaside decor.

Resin wicker furniture is another popular option due to its weatherproof qualities and reasonable pricing, making it more accessible than wrought iron and wooden options. But not all resin wickers are created equally – for optimal performance look for products containing HDPE (high density polyethylene). This material will withstand damage better than PVC (the material most budget wicker uses) which has poor resistance against damage, fadeout and cracking.

Frame and support systems of your rattan patio furniture should also be carefully considered. Poor frames can place undue stress on the wicker, leading it to unravel. To reduce stress on this furniture and lengthen its lifespan, seek brands using thicker gauge aluminum frames with netted supports underneath seating (not visible from above), which will keep wicker furniture secure longer. You should also avoid sets requiring extensive assembly – the more pieces you must piece together yourself, the higher their risk of coming apart in time – opt for sets that arrive ready-made!

All Weather Wicker

All weather wicker is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture as it can withstand rain, extreme hot or cold temperatures and humidity without damage. Additionally, its ease of maintenance makes it simple to find traditional or more modern pieces like sectionals or lounges made from all weather wicker – and some manufacturers even incorporate recycled rattan into their products further improving environmental sustainability.

Natural wicker furniture is not suitable for outdoor use, as its organic fibers such as willow, reed and bamboo quickly dry out and become brittle in direct sunlight. Wicker treated for all weather conditions remains soft and flexible even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and precipitation; however this treatment isn’t always feasible or cost effective for homeowners.

Resin or PVC wicker furniture is ideal for all weather conditions due to its plastic-like quality, which resists water, dirt, mildew, and mold growth. Woven together with aluminum or other durable materials to form strong yet lightweight furniture pieces; all-weather wicker is often more cost-effective than organic options since its maintenance requirements are lower.

Though synthetic wicker furniture is designed to stand the test of time, it’s best to bring it indoors during extreme weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to sunrays and strong winds could damage it over time; if you do choose to leave your wicker outside for any length of time, take precaution by covering or storing it securely when not in use.

All-weather wicker furniture does not require the same level of care as its organic counterpart, making repairs simpler. Should it become damaged, simply apply wood glue over any affected areas until dry before cleaning with damp cloth or sponge; avoid using harsh cleansers that could damage its weave.

Villa Outdoors provides all-weather wicker furniture cushions so that you can find the ideal match for your home. Find traditional brown hues or vibrant brights – or anything in between – among our selection of colors and styles, such as our comfortable cushions that resist fading, staining, mildew growth and provide you with all of the same comfort as indoor furniture. If allergies are an issue for you, our indoor wicker sofas come equipped with hypoallergenic foam and fabric so you can rest easy knowing they’re safe for children and pets alike. In addition, we offer an assortment of outdoor cushions for our rattan and resin wicker chairs, dining sets, and other pieces so that you can select one to match the decor on your patio or balcony and complete your existing decor.