Wicker Patio Furniture Near Me

wicker patio furniture near me

Are you looking to add some style and comfort to your outdoor living space? Consider purchasing some wicker patio furniture. These sets are designed with longevity in mind; cheaper brands may use extra strands in their weave design while quality sets only use four rows at once for a better weave effect.

Outer’s wicker furniture comes in easy-to-transport boxes with assembly required; their cushions also feature protective covers which can be machine washed for your convenience.


Teak patio furniture adds timeless style and durability to your outdoor space, creating the perfect setting to relax with family and friends. Teak’s strong structure, long lifespan and striking natural grain makes for beautiful furniture in any landscape – the ideal place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Teak wood’s high concentration of oil and rubber makes it nearly immune to Jacksonville’s humid climate, meaning that it can withstand decades of outdoor use without needing additional finishing treatments or treatments.

Teak patio furniture is ideal for creating an elegant seating area in front of a pool or near a grill, whether in front of several loungers at once, or near drinks and snacks tables. A sofa provides comfortable lounging space; pair it with teak dining chairs in your favorite hue to complete the look; add seat cushions of different colors for an eye-catching effect; chaise lounges provide luxurious relaxation in your own backyard, offering space to catch some sun rays or enjoy reading a good book; complete each chaise with its own side table to complete this setting!

Choose Ipe or Roble woods as alternatives to teak for classic beauty and long-term quality that won’t rot away in direct sunlight, such as Ipe dining tables with matching chairs that feature rich chocolate brown tones that fade over time to reveal beautiful silver patina finishes. Both materials come from environmentally responsible plantations sources approved by Forest Stewardship Council so you can feel good about choosing this material for outdoor furniture – pair matching dining chairs with dining tables made of either Ipe, Roble, trestle tables or counter-height tables when mixing-and-matching tables from these materials for outdoor dining areas!


Aluminum furniture is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. Available in nearly every color imaginable, you can combine aluminum pieces with other types to create unique designs. Furthermore, its corrosion-proof construction makes it a fantastic choice for coastal environments as it can withstand rain, snow and wind without much fuss in terms of maintenance.

Cast and extruded aluminum are the two primary forms of aluminum used in patio furniture production, respectively. Cast aluminum can be formed into intricate designs without visible welds to mar its aesthetic, while extruded aluminum pieces are hollowed out using machines, creating lighter-weight pieces with easier portability. Both types of aluminum are rust-proof; however cast aluminum tends to last longer with increased wear-resistance over extruded aluminum pieces.

Aluminum furniture has the potential to heat up in direct sunlight, though this should not be an issue if your outdoor dining area is shielded from direct sun rays. If placing your wicker furniture on a condominium balcony, consider installing an awning or canopy as shade measures.

Protective powder coating can add another layer of defense for your aluminum furniture set, but it will need to be touched up after extended use. Minor scuff marks can be easily remedied using nonabrasive cleaners like Barkeeper’s Friend for quick touch up.

Aluminum furniture may last a long time, but eventually it may need replacing or repair. Rusted metal may need sanding down and repainting; cushions and sling upholstery may show signs of wear over time; these parts are relatively affordable to purchase and easy to install; just be sure you purchase high-quality brands or they may fall apart after just one season of use!


Wicker patio furniture stands up well against all weather elements and requires little in terms of maintenance, making it an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. Our Amish-crafted wicker collection provides stylish pieces to complement existing decor or mix and match pieces across different collections for an individual look that makes an outdoor living area stand out.

Synthetic resin is one of the better materials to use when it comes to outdoor furniture. However, PVC synthetics should be avoided as they are cheap, flimsy and unattractive. Instead, look for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker as this thicker, stronger and more appealing than cheaper alternatives. A quality manufacturer will avoid using leftover strands by weaving a maximum of four rows at a time in their sets to avoid fading while maintaining flatness and levelness of their wicker sets.

Fabric on a vinyl set is also an important factor. To extend its lifespan, consider fabrics made of durable materials, such as fade-resistant UV-resistant polyester. Some brands may also provide water-resistant canvas. Regular cleaning with non-abrasive soap and water solution can help extend its life; to extend this even further, store cushions when not in use using towels to cover wicker furniture when not being used to keep dust at bay and protect it.

If you want a durable yet more traditional look, opt for a wicker sofa set with a modular design. This allows you to configure it into two three-seaters or a smaller two-seater with an extra seat. Alternatively, if space is at a premium consider purchasing an option that comes complete with outdoor wicker armchairs as this will fill any empty spaces quickly and efficiently.

Weather Resistant

No matter if you prefer relaxing on a wicker chaise lounge one day and enjoying an outdoor fire pit the next, having furniture that can withstand your region’s unique weather patterns is key for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Wicker furniture has long been considered an excellent solution due to its moisture-resistant properties; however, when selecting materials specific to your requirements.

At its best, patio furniture should be constructed from materials that are weather-resistant such as aluminum, teak and wicker. Teak wood can withstand the elements well and pairs nicely with tropical themes or coastal vibes, staining and painting options being easily available; its wide array of cushion fabrics – such as Sunbrella cushions – make for customizable design options. Alternatively, lightweight rust-resistant aluminum frames or all-weather rattan may provide lightweight solutions; in regions that experience excessive rainfall it would be wise to store indoors or cover wicker furniture during rainy days and throughout winter months to protect it.

When considering wicker furniture, its maintenance requirements should also be taken into account. While natural rattan may require little upkeep, it can still become damaged from rainwater and sunlight exposure; synthetic wicker is much easier to care for and should always be chosen over natural options in order to save yourself the extra upkeep costs and repairs associated with upkeep and repair expenses.

Although synthetic wicker sofas may be more costly than their natural material counterparts, they’re definitely worth investing in. Their appearance resembles that of natural wicker while withstanding wet weather and ultraviolet rays better than its counterpart. Synthetic wickers may be constructed out of PVC while others from polyethylene.

When searching for wicker furniture to add to your home, always read reviews and testimonials before making your purchase. Doing this ensures you purchase from a company who prioritizes customer care; additionally make sure they offer warranties or money-back guarantees to protect your purchase.