Wicker Patio Furniture – Comfort, Durability and Economical

Wicker furniture makes an excellent addition to any patio for special events or just relaxing under the sun, offering comfort, durability and affordability all at the same time. Resin wicker (click to view) offers all three benefits at an excellent value.

However, selecting the appropriate material for outdoor furniture requires research and an in-depth knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages – not forgetting personal preference.


Durability of outdoor furniture depends on many factors. How it is used, maintained and stored can all impact its longevity; materials also play a part in this equation; for instance wicker patio furniture may not last as long in areas with warmer and humider temperatures due to drying out faster under such heat conditions than it would under less warm and moist climates.

Other durable outdoor patio furniture includes wrought iron, aluminum and resin. Wrought iron has an old and classic aesthetic but can rust if treated improperly; additionally it can be difficult to move around due to its weight. Aluminum on the other hand is lightweight yet strong and durable material which comes in various powder coated colors for easier customization of outdoor furniture pieces. This makes aluminum an attractive option.

Resin is an economical plastic material that can be molded and shaped into various styles of furniture. Resin’s flexibility allows it to be transformed into any desired form, making it an excellent alternative to wood or rattan materials like these. Cleaning resin furniture requires little more than water from a garden hose or bucket with mild soap added for convenience.

Acacia wood furniture is another cost-effective and long-term outdoor option, boasting natural protection from humidity and rain, lasting over 30 years with only minimal upkeep required to keep its look. Refinishing will give the wood an updated appearance.

Metal patio furniture is a popular choice. Wrought iron may be more expensive, but its classic aesthetic and durability when properly maintained make it worthwhile. Aluminum and galvanized steel are lightweight options; galvanized steel doesn’t rust as easily than regular steel, while teak wood furniture may cost more but lasts much longer when sealed with either tung oil or linseed oil to keep its new-looking appearance.


When guests visit your hospitality space they need a place to unwind and relax, one way you can help is by offering comfortable outdoor furniture such as chairs – this can make a significant impact in making visitors feel at ease in your space.

As there are various styles of comfortable outdoor furniture on the market, it is essential that you choose one that will complement the style and theme of your hospitality space. Popular types include casual, coastal and rustic. Casual pieces often feature white, blue or pastel color palettes with resin-wicker construction featuring nautical rope accents or weathered wood surfaces; decorative accessories may also come adorned with nautical themes.

The ideal wicker patio furniture should be constructed of high-grade material that lasts over time and is easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, look for furniture with water-repellant fabric and rust resistance as well as comfortable cushions suitable for outdoor use.

Considerations when buying wicker patio furniture include its durability. When making this decision, ensure the frame has a quality aluminum structure with thick, sturdy frames to avoid them bending over time or wrapping in on themselves. When possible, avoid cheaper metal frames which might bend under pressure from frequent use and become bent or wrap.

Are you in search of some comfortable yet stylish wicker patio furniture? Check out StyleNations, one of the premier custom furniture manufacturer brands. They provide an impressive range of wicker and aluminum patio furniture, which can be customized to fit your hospitality space exactly, as well as patio accent furniture such as side tables and coffee tables – plus they have Sunbrella fabrics which match perfectly to complete the cozy atmosphere that creates the ideal hospitality space!


Maintaining non wicker patio furniture differs slightly from that of other materials. Although general best practices such as regularly clearing away debris and using mild soap and water to wash its surface may apply, each material has unique requirements to keep looking its best.

Teak wood, for example, is well-known for its durability and resistance to the elements, particularly rot. However, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent mold and mildew growth on it. Teak also changes over time from its original color into silvery gray – an inevitable process which can be delayed by periodically applying oil.

Rattan wicker and plastic are generally straightforward materials to care for. Most items utilizing cushions require cleaning with water from a garden hose, with each use. Rinsing off dirt and grime after each use should also help. For stubborn stains such as mildew or tree sap you may require stronger cleaners such as Tilex or Goo-Gone products but be wary not to damage either the foam core or frame of the cushion by overdoing it!

Natural wicker can be challenging to keep in good condition due to being composed of thin and delicate natural materials that are vulnerable to weather damage. Rain can cause warps or moldy patches on wicker to form while insects such as rats can nestle into its weave and leave permanent marks that require costly repairs. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods can also bleach out some brands completely or fade them over time.

Quality wicker furniture is usually constructed of Polyethylene, an eco-friendly synthetic resin infused with UV inhibitors to guard against sun-fading. Avoid cheap wicker from big box retailers as it may lack this essential UV protection and wear out faster. Furthermore, well-built wicker chairs typically include powder-coated aluminum frames to avoid rust and enhance aesthetic appeal while providing additional support for warping or bowing under extreme pressure – helping ensure they last a lifetime!


Price of non wicker patio furniture depends on its materials used to construct it. High-end wicker furniture typically made with synthetic resin looks just like natural rattan but stands up better against weather than its counterpart. Furthermore, synthetic resin furniture is easier to maintain; you simply spray on water-proofing spray to keep looking new for years. However, be mindful that such high quality requires spending a significant amount.

Some wicker furniture is constructed of paper fibers and natural rattan, which won’t withstand the elements. You could try spraying it with water-proofing spray but that won’t be lasting long either – it would probably be wiser to store this indoors or at least cover it with waterproof material like tarpaulin to protect it from rain and sun. All-weather wicker is constructed from UV-resistant synthetic fibers woven together for durability against climate conditions – look for brands offering limited lifetime warranties when purchasing sets of all-weather wicker furniture!

Even on a tight budget, you can still find beautiful patio wicker furniture without breaking the bank. Many brands offer budget-friendly wicker sets; just be sure to read reviews and look at images for proper selection of furniture pieces for your space.

Quality wicker sets should cost at least several hundred dollars for sofa, loveseat and chair pieces; larger sets may exceed this figure. Be wary of bargain-basement sets costing less than one thousand dollars as these may be inferior quality materials that break down quickly wasting both your money and time.

Some manufacturers use low-grade plastic resin in their wicker furniture. Although it may resemble HDPE wicker in appearance, its durability will deteriorate over time and it could crack. Read the label to ensure you’re purchasing real wicker instead of PVC-coated PVC furniture; high-grade wicker will have its name listed as HDPE in its description; investing more to guarantee an heirloom set that lasts years will always pay off!