Wicker Patio Furniture – A Beautiful Choice For Your Backyard

wicker patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture makes a beautiful addition to any backyard space, offering timeless aesthetics with minimal upkeep needs.

Wicker furniture can easily become covered in dust, pollen, and other forms of debris; yet, cleaning it is simple with just water from a garden hose compared to other forms of patio furniture that require much more effort for upkeep.


Durability should always be your top priority when purchasing furniture for outdoor living spaces, and all-weather wicker furniture is an ideal way to do just that. Crafted with polyethylene resin specifically formulated for outside use, all-weather wicker is resistant to sunlight, rain and snow damage as it remains UV stable over time – making it a fantastic long-term investment option for homeowners seeking long-term satisfaction from their outdoor furniture purchases.

Quality construction of wicker furniture is key to its durability. This includes using high-grade aluminum frames and a robust base that supports the weight of its woven strands, helping prevent them from weakening or breaking over time. Good-quality pieces should also include solid seat frames to provide additional support; this feature is especially important for lounge chairs used exclusively by one person as over time their strands may weaken and snap.

Wicker furniture’s versatility makes it ideal for families with kids and pets, providing you with a custom look that complements existing decor. Additionally, its easy care maintenance makes it a practical choice – simply remove any spills immediately to prevent mildew growth that would ultimately compromise its texture.

Wicker furniture can also be an excellent option for homeowners who prefer more natural looks. Even though made from synthetic materials, wicker maintains its homey and traditional aesthetic that works well with different kinds of exterior decor. Plus, you can even accessorize with decorative patio cushions that add color and interest!

If you’re shopping for wicker furniture for your home, do your research first before making your purchase. Some manufacturers use lower quality rattan or have not updated their materials to be durable enough for outdoor conditions. Always choose from reputable manufacturers and decide whether or not you would prefer genuine natural rattan or synthetic all-weather wicker – natural won’t hold up as well and may break down over time while synthetic will last much longer.


Wicker patio furniture is an exquisitely beautiful way to enhance any backyard space. With timeless elegance, wicker furniture fits right in with city lofts, suburban sunrooms and vacation resorts alike. Wicker has long been considered a beloved art form; thanks to modern materials it has only become even more durable over time. Wicker furniture can either be made using natural rattan fibers or synthetic polyethylene wicker which both types will last a lifetime of use!

Natural rattan furniture offers several distinct advantages over synthetic wicker: its solid core resists extreme weather conditions while remaining visually appealing; it is highly flexible, enabling you to shape curved sections or an elaborate multi-piece sectional; synthetic wicker is made from high-density polyethylene that has been treated against moisture penetration, ultraviolet light damage and overall lightweightness – perfect for creating lightweight furniture pieces!

Durability of wicker furniture relies heavily on its frame. Many wicker sets feature aluminum frames that won’t rust and won’t bend or break under the weight of sitting people; additionally, these frames are easy to keep clean.

A quality wicker set should also feature a solid support system beneath its seating area that prevents stretching or unraveling of its weave. Cheap wicker furniture often uses leftover strands from weaving them together which may pull loose over time and start unraveling, while higher end sets often utilize thicker gauge aluminum alloy with supports beneath their seats that evenly distribute weight distribution to prevent this from occurring.

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Easy to Clean

Wicker furniture’s simple nature makes it simple to keep clean. While it may attract dust and dirt, regular dusting with a duster or soft-bristle brush should keep it looking gorgeous and new. In case of stubborn grime build-up, a non-foaming cleanser applied via low pressure hose is usually sufficient to wash away residue.

Vacuuming natural wicker furniture with the brush attachment is ideal for clearing away heavy debris and dust from crevices and cracks, while for painted or stained wicker pieces a homemade solution of warm water and dish soap works wonders. Simply fill a bucket with half a cup of dish soap mixed into several cups of warm water until bubbles appear, dip your towel into this solution, wring it out so as to not overwhelm the furniture, use this towel to wipe down its surface before using a hose rinse-off until all soapy residues have vanished!

Resin wicker doesn’t require as much maintenance, but hosing it off every few weeks to remove build-up is still recommended. Cover your wicker during winter or other times when it won’t be used to protect it from harsh weather conditions which could damage its resin composition and weaken it over time.

If your wicker furniture has been compromised by severe outdoor elements such as mold, mildew or sticky sap from trees, there are cleaners designed specifically to address them. Tilex mildew remover is one great choice, while Goo-Gone may work wonders on sticky messes like tree sap. Just be sure to rinse away grime-eliminating products after use as leaving them for too long can stain or discolor your wicker furniture!

Wicker furniture often encounters other common issues, including rodents chewing on foam cushions and ripping the fibers to build nests. Many deterrents designed to prevent insects and birds from damaging wood and wicker can also work against rodents; if signs of damage have been noticed in any areas where you might suspect an infestation is happening, spray a pest repellent on that spot to keep away the pests.


Wicker furniture is an extremely flexible solution, seamlessly fitting into many decor styles. While its primary use may be vintage beach designs, wicker can also fit seamlessly into classic backyard layouts, rustic chic styles and contemporary urban retreats. Wicker comes in all sorts of colors and materials ranging from natural wood weaves to synthetic weaves; so creating your perfect outdoor space has never been simpler!

Wicker furnishings offer great versatility when it comes to design features and accessories. Some wicker sets include additional modular pieces such as coffee tables and side tables, lounge chairs and club chairs and dining chairs to help customize your layout and accommodate more guests. Furthermore, these extra pieces can be purchased independently to create even more customized outdoor spaces.

Wicker furniture’s weaving techniques allow for an impressive variety of designs. While basic circular weaving remains the most popular technique, more advanced weaves such as randing, pairing and waling may also be used to achieve unique looks that enhance its aesthetic appeal and make wicker an excellent choice for backyard landscaping projects.

Wicker furniture not only adds visual appeal to your backyard, but it is also an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment. These versatile furnishings are easy to coordinate with various colors, styles and patterns to create the ideal patio decor – for a beach vibe try driftwood gray wicker lounge chairs accented with cool tones; or opt for refined white wicker sofas and chairs in cool tones for more refined ambience.

Wicker patio furniture offers numerous advantages that make it the ideal addition to any backyard layout. When selecting your wicker set for the patio, keep budget, style preferences and climate in mind when making your selection. Choose a high-quality resin wicker set resistant to water, snow and UV rays so it will remain stylish year after year – and don’t forget accessories like throw pillows, rugs lighting plants to take your backyard decor one step further.