Wicker Patio Furniture

No matter your outdoor seating needs – sofas, dining table and chairs or bar sets – our wicker patio furniture has something suitable. Made with high quality materials, you can tailor a set to meet both your style preferences and space constraints.

Wicker furniture can easily blend in with all different kinds of furnishings. Its versatility means it can suit a range of decor.


Wicker furniture has endured for centuries. Nowadays, patios frequently choose wicker due to its comfortability and adaptability; with classic and modern styles available to them. Discover your ideal look.

Wicker chairs come in various sizes and styles to meet every seating need, from lounging comfortably to accommodating multiple people at once. You can also find matching wicker tables to complete your seating area – many pieces even come in various colors to meet any theme!

When shopping for a comfortable wicker set, be sure to inspect its frame construction carefully. Inexpensive brands may use leftover strands in their sets which leads to unraveling over time. Quality sets should use minimal strands with tightly woven weave. They should also feature strong aluminum frames powder-coated against corrosion to help ensure their durability and rust-resistance.

Wicker furniture is lightweight, making it easy to move or rearrange when necessary. Additionally, its resistance to mold, mildew, and rot ensures long-term enjoyment; many preassembled sets let you start enjoying them instantly!

Make your wicker furniture more comfortable by adding cushions. Fabric will keep you cool in summertime while offering cozy warmth during wintertime, plus protect from UV rays that cause sunburns. Ottomans may even come equipped with cushions designed specifically for resting feet!

Wicker furniture is an ideal addition to any home style, from beach houses and traditional houses alike. Plus, its versatile nature allows it to coordinate seamlessly with existing pieces in the room – even sectionals! Plus if price is a concern check out clearance sales where up to 50% may be saved off some of the most stylish pieces; just be sure to invest in high-quality pieces to last you for many years ahead!


Designing the ideal patio set requires versatility. A high-quality wicker set offers multiple seating and table configurations to meet different lifestyles and spaces.

For instance, if you want a peaceful place to read or watch television, consider purchasing a reclining wicker sectional with thick cushions that provide resort-style comfort. Or if you prefer entertaining family and friends outdoors in an open outdoor space, look for conversation sets consisting of a loveseat, two chairs, and a coffee table.

Wicker furniture’s earthy aesthetic complements many different kinds of outdoor decor perfectly, and you have numerous weaving styles available to create the ideal look for your backyard garden or pool area. Flat weave wicker has an earthy aesthetic that fits well in a more traditional or rustic layout; while its airy basket-like patterns bring beachy vibes into any setting.

All-weather wicker furniture is lightweight and portable, enabling you to rearrange seating arrangements or alter the aesthetic of your yard without major investments. When shopping for quality wicker sets, look for sturdy frames made from either wood or aluminum–preferably the latter to prevent rusting and add visual interest in your setup. Cheaper sets often have weak frames that bend or warp over time due to manufacturers using cheaper materials that compromise stability over time.

Wicker furniture offers more than durability and versatility – it is also comfortable for extended sitting sessions. When purchasing your next wicker patio set, take time to test out how it feels before purchasing it online or in store. Pay special attention to ergonomic features like well-placed lumbar support, refined ergonomic seating angles and comfortable padding to support back, head, neck areas. A plush wicker lounger will keep you cozy after long days in the sun. Or opt for one as part of a plush family movie night experience or casual summer evening conversation – perfect for prolonged sitting sessions!

Easy to Care For

Wicker furniture requires little upkeep, making cleaning it simple. A regular vacuuming should remove dust and dirt that breaks down wicker fibers over time; use a brush attachment with soft bristles so as not to scratch or damage its weave; stubborn grime can be eliminated with a mixture of water and mild detergent.

Soak a sponge or cloth in cleaning solution and gently wipe down each section of furniture in small sections, taking care not to use too much soap, which could damage wicker and leave behind residue. Rinse off all soap residue using either a garden hose or bucket of clean water once finished; allow time for drying before returning it to use again.

Treat your wicker furniture with furniture polish to keep it looking its best, just be sure to follow manufacturer’s care instructions as some types require specific types of polishes.

Your wicker patio furniture should be stored in an area with adequate ventilation, away from direct sunlight. This will prevent direct sunlight from damaging its fibers and fading its colors over time. Whenever possible, place a tarp over your furniture when not in use to protect its finish from further deterioration.

Resin wicker furniture may be durable, but it can still be damaged by harsh climates and substances. Resin wicker should be placed away from fire pits, campfires or outdoor fireplaces that emit high levels of heat; otherwise it may melt or warp due to heat exposure. Furthermore, strong winds may loosen its fibers, causing loose or tangled knots.

Investment in all weather wicker furniture can transform your backyard into an inviting space for relaxing and socializing. Proper care and maintenance of this stylish furniture ensures it will stand the test of time, letting you enjoy it year after season. When selecting quality pieces with sturdy wood frames or powder coated aluminum powder coated frames – plus don’t forget cushions or pillows that match!

Low Maintenance

Wicker outdoor furniture is one of the easiest pieces to care for. Its weave design allows air flow, helping keep cushions dry. Plus, its texture adds visual interest and visual interest to any patio space. However, keep in mind that while wicker is attractive and long-term durable option – to maintain its great look you will need to maintain it carefully; to find high-quality wicker that requires minimal upkeep while fitting with both your space and aesthetic needs is key!

Finding quality wicker furniture starts with its frame construction. Avoid sets with weak frames that collapse easily; look instead for something made with sturdy aluminum construction that has been powder-coated to add additional durability and rust protection. Furthermore, select outdoor-use pieces designed specifically to endure heavy usage.

If you are shopping for natural rattan, select tightly-woven pieces which will last longer. Water-resistant finishes may extend its life up to 30 years if properly cared for; an indoor/outdoor set could last from 10-30 years when used appropriately.

Recycled plastic wicker furniture provides low maintenance needs with lasting benefits of durability and sustainability. Constructed from post-consumer and industrial waste recycled from landfills, recycled wicker furnishings help reduce plastic in landfills while providing a sustainable furnishing solution. Furthermore, recycled wicker can withstand intense sunlight or rain without cracking or unraveling and make an ideal addition to any outdoor setting.

No matter if it’s traditional wicker or modern loom furniture that you are shopping for, it is essential that the design complements both your patio and personal taste. Modern wicker is more versatile than ever with stylish designs suitable for various settings and traditions ones like natural toned plush cushions can create an inviting ambience while contemporary pieces have sleek silhouettes to provide sophisticated outdoor seating areas.