Wicker and Rattan Wicker Patio Furniture

Add rattan wicker patio furniture to your outdoor living area to bring nature and style into your home. This type of furniture is incredibly adaptable, suitable for many different settings and applications.

While natural wicker can be stunningly beautiful, its beauty quickly disintegrates under sunlight and rain. Resin wicker, however, can last much longer in outdoor settings due to its more robust material composition.


Rattan wicker patio furniture is one of the top choices when it comes to eco-friendly outdoor furniture, due to its ease of care and maintenance requirements. Furthermore, this durable material withstands moisture fluctuations as well as changing temperatures – both of which offer similar benefits in your home environment. Hauser’s Patio has an array of alternatives which feature various levels of weatherproofness.

Rattan wicker furniture is composed of natural fibers such as reeds and bamboo, making it flexible enough to bend into various forms and shapes for design purposes. Furthermore, its strength makes rattan suitable for indoor and outdoor environments alike – as its form can be weaved into various forms, creating different shapes for rattan furniture pieces.

Wicker furniture offers another advantage that many other pieces don’t: its versatility in mixing with different types of furnishings. You can combine wicker pieces like sofas with metal or wooden coffee tables to add elegance without spending an exorbitant sum on new pieces.

Maintaining rattan wicker furniture requires knowing how to care for it properly, including keeping out of direct sunlight and conducting regular inspections in order to detect any problems quickly and make repairs immediately – this will prevent costly repairs in the future. For instance, avoid direct sunlight as UV rays from sunlight may cause discoloration and faded areas on your wicker furniture if exposed directly. Furthermore, performing annual inspections is also highly recommended in order to identify and rectify issues quickly, potentially saving costly repairs down the line.


Wicker patio furniture makes an elegant addition to your outdoor living space, providing durability against elements and daily use. Plus, its wide variety of styles allows you to find exactly the set for you: sofa, chair and dining table sets can feature classic or modern designs complete with cushions for added comfort – some pieces even come as standalone items rather than part of a set with table and complementary accessories!

All-weather wicker is composed of resin fibers bonded to an aluminum frame that won’t rust or corrode, forming an antirust surface for durability in harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperatures or cold, rain, humidity and depredations by pets or children (though may not withstand sharp teeth or claws as effectively).

When purchasing wicker patio furniture sets, be sure to opt for high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material has the longest lifecycle and colorfast properties; plus it is recyclable so that you can feel good about buying it! Cheap PVC materials degrade quickly.

All-weather wicker furniture is an excellent addition to your backyard because of its minimal maintenance needs. However, to maintain its longevity and ensure mold and mildew-free operation it should be brought indoors during extreme cold or heat to help avoid mold growth and mildew growth. Furthermore, regular inspection of gaps or loose spots on furniture should help detect potential repairs before they worsen; additionally protect it from direct sunlight as direct exposure could damage its fibers causing brittle fibers that cause additional issues with storage or assembly.


There’s an expansive selection of wicker furniture items to choose from. These include chairs, sofas, tables and beds – each available in various shapes and sizes to meet your space needs. Many wicker pieces are constructed using synthetic fibers while some natural ones make the furniture long-lasting yet versatile enough to complement both modern and rustic interior design styles – not to mention exterior use too!

Rattan wicker outdoor furniture is an increasingly popular choice for dining al fresco and entertaining guests in your backyard. A rattan dining table, complete with chairs made of wicker material and an outdoor rattan bench will bring tropical vibes into the space. And for hosting bar or cocktail parties, adding a rattan bar cart and some chic chairs will complete the picture beautifully!

When purchasing wicker furniture, the first decision you must make is between natural or artificial rattan. Natural wicker uses plant materials such as bamboo, reed and willow to create its weave; its main advantage being eco-friendliness; however it cannot withstand weather elements like rain and snow and should therefore only be used indoors. Artificial wicker offers more durability with various color choices available to select.

Both natural and synthetic rattan wicker furniture is stylish yet durable, suitable for any outdoor living area – including porches, patios and decks. However, to extend its longevity it should be placed in protected spaces as harsh sun and wind may damage it over time. To keep it looking its best and prolong its durability it should be protected with an antimildew spray or enzyme cleaner to stop mildew growth from developing on it.


Wicker furniture is an ideal addition to any outdoor living space, offering sturdy comfort, versatility, and versatile decor-blending capabilities. Rattan patio furniture comes in both synthetic and natural forms; there’s also an assortment of colors and styles so that you can find exactly the set that meets your taste; chairs, sofas that swivel/recline, tables and footstools can even come together as part of a full patio set!

Many people do not recognize that rattan differs from wicker. Wicker refers to a technique of weaving while rattan refers to the material used to craft such furniture. Understanding these differences will allow you to purchase quality furniture at the best value for your budget.

Rattan wicker furniture’s comfort depends largely on its cushion. Lesser quality brands may pair a durable chair with an inferior cushion – so it is crucial that consumers seek out high-quality cushions with multi-layer memory foam filling for an optimal experience.

Rattan wicker patio furniture is an extremely flexible addition to any home or garden, perfect for porches, sunrooms or decks – and modern patio designs. Not only is it stylish yet simple to care for – rattan wicker furniture uses renewable resources with minimal chemical exposure – making it the ideal option for anyone with limited space who requires stylish seating without taking up too much room in smaller spaces! In terms of environmental benefits it also represents great value.


Wicker chairs are an increasingly popular choice of outdoor furniture, particularly on porches. Light, stylish, and easy to maintain, wicker chairs come in various shapes and colors that will easily suit your space – they add elegance and warmth to any living area!

Have you heard the terms “wicker” and rattan used interchangeably, but they are in fact two different things. “Wicker” refers to a style of weave while “rattan” refers to material used for creating wicker chairs. Although the distinction may seem unclear at first glance, it’s essential that everyone understands it properly in order to recognize when speaking about either material type.

The ideal rattan patio furniture is constructed of quality materials that can withstand even the harshest environments, like salty air. Some manufacturers utilize synthetic materials that do not hold up well against these extreme environments; it may be wiser to purchase all-weather pieces instead.

People looking to save money when it comes to purchasing a wicker sofa set should look no further than Hospitality Rattan’s products, which use strong yet flexible Viro Fiber material which withstands changing climate conditions while offering removable cushions that can easily be washed.

Rattan may be an expensive material, but its beauty makes it worthwhile. With wicker outdoor furniture sets matching any decor at an affordable price point and tropical-looking dining chairs that take your patio table in an exotic direction – or add an ottoman for additional seating for guests – rattan is truly beautiful and can create stunning seating areas in no time at all.