Why Resin Patio Furniture is a Smart Investment

resin patio furniture

Resin outdoor furniture offers an eco-friendly alternative to wood furniture that is long-lasting and weatherproof – saving money in maintenance and replacement costs. Resin’s high resistance to sun and rain makes maintenance costs significantly reduced while cutting replacement expenses significantly further down.

Choose from an array of designs and styles for your plastic resin furniture, ranging from intricate stencil patterns to texturised wicker looks – there’s sure to be something to suit everyone!


One reason resin outdoor furniture is such a popular choice among homeowners is due to its durability. Resin has been specifically engineered to withstand repeated use while resisting sun fading – proving an investment-grade choice that also requires less maintenance than wood or plastic alternatives.

Resin is an extremely flexible material, with endless uses. For instance, it’s frequently employed in making wicker furniture as it can withstand weather fluctuations while also being weaved into different styles – making it the go-to material for those wanting to achieve an urban-chic backyard aesthetic.

Resin furniture does not require regular staining or painting for its quality appearance; just a quick wipe-down from time to time should do. This significantly lowers maintenance costs while giving you more time to enjoy your patio.

Resin furniture offers another advantage in that it resists water damage, making it suitable for homes with young children and pets as well as trendy outdoor trends like resin wicker which make an appealing addition to both casual and formal homes alike.

Many types of resin furniture are constructed using polymers that can last for many years before recycling it if no longer useful, making it an eco-friendly option. Furthermore, resin furniture does not contain any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or phenol-formaldehyde that could pose potential health hazards compared to alternatives like MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Resin is an artificial material created by man, yet still maintains a natural look and feels, with a variety of natural hues available. Resin also mimics other materials’ appearances which adds further appeal. Resin furniture makes an elegant and timeless appearance when placed outdoors resembling rattan or bamboo furniture.

Resin wicker furniture is typically constructed around aluminum frames that are light-weight and corrosion-resistant, helping it withstand outdoor conditions without needing frequent replacement or repair. Furthermore, aluminum is coated to prevent sun fading of its finish – although resin generally stands up well under most weather conditions it’s wise to store your pieces indoors during harsh winter weather conditions for extra protection.

Easy to clean

Resin patio furniture is an economical and functional choice for outdoor spaces. Engineered to withstand sun, rain and humidity elements while looking great in any backyard setting, resin furniture allows you to spend less time worrying about keeping it looking brand new while more time enjoying its benefits.

Resin wicker furniture stands up well against wood furniture’s common flaws such as warping and cracking, as it’s waterproof – meaning it can withstand all manner of harsh weather, including occasional splashes from garden hoses or buckets of water.

Resin wicker furniture can be easily cleaned using a hose or bucket of warm, soapy water. Soak the furniture, using a sponge dipped into the solution to scrub away dirt, leaves, and dust from its surface before rinsing off with clean water and leaving to dry in the sun.

For stubborn stains on resin patio furniture, combine white vinegar and baking soda for an effective cleaning solution that will dissolve mildew, mold and other grime from its surfaces and cushions. However, always first test any cleaning solution on a small area to ensure it doesn’t damage or discolour its resin material.

Bird droppings require more intensive cleaning. If you notice large numbers of droppings on your resin chair or sofa, use a solution of 14 cup dishwashing liquid with 2 gallons of hot water and wash thoroughly using a sponge and soapy solution before rinsing off thoroughly with cold water.

Many resin chairs and chaise lounges feature removable seat and back cushions that can be washed in your washing machine, but before doing so it is important to read through all labels to make sure that materials used are safe for it – certain foam fillings contain formaldehyde which could trigger severe allergic reactions in people sensitive to it.

Resin furniture’s lightweight nature also makes it easier to rearrange patio spaces as needed; you can switch out dining chairs for lounge chairs when entertaining a larger group, or rearrange tables to create more intimate sitting areas.


Resin wicker furniture makes an elegant statement in any outdoor setting, thanks to its weaving patterns creating stunning color combinations that complement any decorative scheme. Even more eye-catching are its hues when combined with vibrant patio cushions for added visual appeal.

Resin wicker furniture comes in various styles and designs that provide you with endless seating possibilities for any space in your outdoor living area. Choose between traditional dining chairs or sleek Adirondack style chairs – or find rocking chairs and swivel chairs perfect for lounging poolside or beachside!

Wicker resin furniture stands up well against all kinds of weather and climate, such as rain, humidity, hail storms and intense heat. Compared to aluminum which fades and cracks over time, wicker resin furniture stands the test.

Material customization options make the material very adaptable to changing up the appearance of your furniture at will, from adding more colors or swapping out cushion covers, all using just a few simple tools. Plus, its waterproof properties make cleaning and maintaining it simpler!

Resin furniture is an affordable way to spruce up outdoor living spaces on a budget. Crafted from solid polymers, resin pieces can withstand all forms of weather without getting damaged by being easily moved around your outdoor space. Plus, lightweight makes moving around easier!

Resin may often be confused with plastic, but its unique characteristics make it a superior choice for outdoor furniture than ordinary plastic. Resin with high density polyethylene offers durability that resists fading under sunlight while being cost comparable with natural rattan furniture but more cost effective and maintenance free than its plastic counterpart. Ordinary plastic may offer greater initial budget-friendliness but over time could crack or unravel in humid or saltwater environments.


Choose a material that not only lasts, but is also affordable. When compared with materials such as wood or wicker, resin furniture stands out as being more cost-effective and eco-friendly compared to its alternatives such as wicker and wood furniture. Resin can withstand extreme weather conditions with minimal upkeep needed, plus unlike ordinary plastic pieces it does not biodegrade quickly into landfill sites.

Due to its durability and moisture resistance, resin wicker patio furniture can remain outside all year round. However, in areas with snow cover it is best to bring the furniture inside during the winter to prevent frost damage and moss growth. In order to properly care for rattan furniture at least twice annually it should also be cleaned with mild soapy water for optimal maintenance results.

Resin furniture offers comfort and style to any home or business environment, whether hosting drinks on the patio or relaxing in a chair under the sun. With its woven design resembling natural wicker while remaining long-term durable and cost effective.

Superior resin furniture offers you a lasting beauty and functionality in the form of superior resistance against fading and discoloration, providing years of enjoyment without having to worry about wear and tear. Enjoy your patio without worry regarding other materials like aluminum or wrought iron which wear away over time.

Resin wicker furniture offers many advantages, one being its range of colors and designs to meet any taste or aesthetic imaginable. Ranging from traditional rattan pieces to modern resin wicker lounge chairs, you are bound to find something suitable for your outdoor space!

Finding the ideal resin furniture can help create the ideal outdoor living area in any home or business. At Ledge Loungers, we have an assortment of resin patio furniture designed to meet all of your needs – such as our Shelly commercial resin outdoor sofa which invites guests to unwind after a busy day of business or pleasure.

Resin wicker furniture from our selection is both stylish and long-lasting; perfect for your home or business! Shop today to find pieces to fill your backyard.