Why It Is Important to Find a Patio Furniture Repair Near Me

patio furniture repair near me

Left outside, patio furniture takes an incredible beating from sun, rain and wind. Frames become disfigured with unsightly nicks, scratches and rust; vinyl straps discolor or loosen; mesh slings tear and tear – leaving many pieces beyond repair.

Homes can save money by having their existing furniture repaired instead of purchasing brand new pieces. A professional can sandblast and repaint furniture to look brand new again.


Patio furniture is an investment in your outdoor living space that brings comfort, beauty and longevity. Regular inspection and repairs should be made to protect it from weather damage and extend its lifespan; additionally investing in repair can help the environment by decreasing demand for new materials while decreasing waste in landfills. In addition, fixing up old sets could save both money and time spent searching for replacement sets.

Repair costs depend on the nature and extent of damage that needs to be fixed; for instance, wood patio furniture often requires more extensive repairs than those made of metal or fabric. Labor charges range between $70 and $150 an hour while handymen often charge considerably less ($40-$65 per hour).

Finding the ideal lawn furniture repair service is essential to making sure that your furniture will stand the test of time and look its best. Look for a company with experience and an emphasis on customer service; also ideal is one with customizable products and services such as Hauser’s Patio’s extensive range of premium patio furniture (such as sling chairs, dining chairs, lounge chairs, chaises/sun loungers and bar/balcony stools) online and in store, making it easier for customers to locate pieces suitable for them.

Hauser’s Patio not only offers an extensive selection of furniture, but they also provide comprehensive repair services to refurbish your existing outdoor furniture. Their skilled repair experts specialize in replacing worn or damaged sling fabrics and can refurbish outdoor frames to ensure structural integrity as well as add powder coating for protection from moisture and environmental factors.

Hauser’s Patio provides more than repair; they also specialize in aesthetic customization and maintenance for patio furniture, such as toss and lumbar pillows, cushions, seat pads and umbrella canopies. Their staff can assist you in choosing colors and fabrics to complement the decor of your home, add monograms or personalized touches for a truly personalized touch and monograms for an exclusive look!


Selecting durable materials for your patio furniture is of utmost importance, both to meet local climate demands and fit seamlessly into your decor. There is an abundance of materials available ranging from natural wood to synthetic resins – you’re sure to find the ideal set for you! Among all of them, strong and sturdy wrought iron furniture makes an excellent choice when considering formal or classic settings, boasting both durability and a beautiful, elegant aesthetic.

When purchasing metal furniture, it is a wise idea to apply a protective coating in order to shield it from corrosion and keep its aesthetic appearance longer. You can find many protective products tailored specifically for outdoor furniture – paints and sealers can help ensure corrosion doesn’t ruin its integrity; moreover, customized upholstery services add elegance with personalized flair for patio seating arrangements.

Re-slinging and re-strapping services can restore your furniture to its original look. By making old pieces feel new again and saving money over time, these services will not only increase comfort but also extend its longevity.

Experienced companies will know what materials work best, so when selecting an outdoor furniture repair service it is vitally important to select a company specializing in different types of outdoor furniture repairs. Repair processes vary by type, and quality depends upon which materials were used in their repairs. When searching for professional companies it is wise to inquire as to the quality of materials used as well as any fees charged for their services.

An ideal patio furniture repair service should offer cutting-edge tools and techniques, free quotes on repairs and warranty coverage to save both time and money while guaranteeing that they are done correctly. This will save both you and the repair service time and effort, and help ensure repairs are carried out properly.


Patio furniture is a beloved investment, yet even its most durable pieces may experience wear and tear over time. Many homeowners have discovered the benefits of professional lawn furniture repair as an affordable alternative to replacing their pieces altogether – cleaning, fabric replacements, customized aesthetics, structural integrity are just a few advantages this service can bring.

Outdoor furniture can be exposed to extreme temperatures, sunlight and moisture which over time can cause painted finishes to fade and discolor; vinyl straps can become loose or even break; metal frames rust. But these issues can all be solved with proper care and consideration.

First step of patio furniture repair: thorough cleaning. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris from its surface and extend its lifespan; additionally it prevents mold growth that could eventually degrade it further.

Refinishing the frame is another integral element of patio furniture repair, as this process ensures structural integrity and prevents damages caused by weather extremes. No matter if your furniture is made of wood, plastic, or metal – they all can be powder coated to preserve both appearance and durability.

Patio furniture repair companies must demonstrate a history of excellent work and customer satisfaction. Request samples of previous work as well as references from past customers so you can gain an accurate picture of their knowledge, experience, and communication abilities as well as selecting the most appropriate service provider for you needs.

Hauser’s Patio has been providing custom home and commercial furniture since 1963, providing customizable products designed to meet any home or commercial space’s individual needs. Their dedication to customer service makes them a reliable source for lawn furniture repair as well as offering durable American made products designed to stand the test of time.


If you want your outdoor furniture to remain in good condition for as long as possible, regular maintenance and repair are key. Doing this will prolong its lifespan while keeping it looking new and fresh. Also recommended is fixing even small cracks to stop further damage occurring; many furniture repair services nearby offer these services and offer many different solutions; find one with experience repairing various materials with quality craftsmanship as you may find multiple services with similar offerings nearby.

A good patio furniture repair company should meet all your needs, from repairs to upholstery, frame, metal, and wood parts of your furniture to restoration of wicker, rattan, cast aluminum furniture as well as umbrella repairs and cleaning. They should also offer maintenance and cleaning services; choosing one with multiple repair services will save time and money! Invest in finding one.

Keep your outdoor furniture looking its best by regularly keeping it clean. To do so, use a mild solution of detergent and water for washing it before thoroughly drying it afterward. This will remove dirt and other foreign particles that cause your furniture to look worn-down while also protecting its surface from sun damage.

Reupholstery is another way to keep outdoor furniture looking its best. Sling furniture, which is popular due to its comfort and low maintenance requirements, may become worn over time and need replacing with something that suits your individual style. Reupholstery services can assist with this.

Sling furniture often suffers from moisture accumulation. If this moisture becomes trapped between the sling and furniture frame, it can lead to cracking and warping that leads to cracking and warping in turn. To mitigate this issue, take steps such as removing adjuster glides from underneath its legs so water drains freely, thus decreasing corrosion risks and potentially cracking issues.