Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

why is patio furniture so expensive

Patio furniture takes indoor comfort to the great outdoors by creating an enjoyable living area in your backyard. Relaxing over coffee in the morning or hosting dinner guests, choosing an appropriate patio set will enhance the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces.

But why does patio furniture cost so much? In this blog post, we will examine why patio furniture may cost more than other forms of furnishings.

High-Quality Materials

If you are investing a substantial sum of money into high-end patio furniture, choosing pieces made of weatherproof and heavy-use-resistant materials should ensure they will stand the test of time.

Aluminum, wicker resin, wood and recycled plastic are among the most resilient outdoor materials, each offering their own set of benefits and style. When selecting material for outdoor furniture pieces it’s essential that they match both your desired style and environment where it will be located.

Weather in your location can have an enormous effect on the lifespan of patio furniture. Metal is excellent at adapting to varying temperatures while some forms of wicker and wood may swell or crack under extreme heat or cold. Consider investing in outdoor pieces resistant to humidity, rusting and corrosion for optimal performance.

Wood patio furniture is an attractive and practical choice due to its natural beauty and strength. Softwoods like pine, cedar, and fir provide some protection from the elements; hardwoods such as ipe and teak stand up well against environmental ravages while providing exceptional longevity – being dense heavy woods which resist rot, insect infestations, UV radiation damage etc.

Aluminium is an affordable metal option for patio furniture that provides many benefits. It is durable against rain, snow and sunlight exposure and won’t corrode in salt water environments or develop rust over time. Aluminum can also be powder coated in an array of colors to meet varying design styles; however it may become susceptible to scratches and dents which require touch ups or repairs in time.

Wicker resin is an economical yet durable option, available in a range of stylish designs, which can be finished with weather-resistant stain or paint to complete its look. Resin is resistant to moisture, rust and corrosion damage but may scratch easily – although not recommended as an outdoor material!

Recycled plastic lumber (also referred to as poly lumber) is another excellent option for those with limited budgets, offering unparalleled strength and durability at an incredibly attractive price point. Products designed with this material often resemble wood in both appearance and performance – being impervious to salt water damage, staining, and needing no ongoing maintenance or upkeep like wood does.

Designer Labels

Patio furniture reflects both functionality and your personal style, which means many outdoor pieces incorporate intricate design details and craftsmanship that may add cost. Furthermore, outdoor pieces must withstand harsher weather conditions than their indoor counterparts which further increases production costs.

Designer brands typically employ higher-grade materials in their products, resulting in more durable and long-term items. Furthermore, these premium pieces cater to an upper market segment willing to pay extra for cutting-edge designs and innovative features like LED lighting or heated seating. This type of company usually collaborates with well-known designers or offers features like collaboration.

Choose durable material when selecting patio furniture to keep costs in check. Wicker is a great example, offering durability, style and comfort at a lower cost than natural alternatives such as rattan. However, synthetic wicker furniture crafted from high-density polyethylene offers similar durability at much more reasonable costs.

Durable patio furniture requires less upkeep, saving both time and money in the long run. Wood furniture lasts many years with proper care but can become costly to refinish every few years; while plastic patio sets don’t need special treatment and may be better suited to budget-minded consumers.

Even though purchasing quality patio furniture can be expensive, the investment will pay dividends over time. Not only can it save on maintenance expenses and replacement costs; you may even save on replacement fees altogether! But make sure that when shopping around for deals to get maximum value from your money spent!

As temperatures begin to cool off, patio furniture stores will often offer discounted inventory to clear space for winter-specific items. Take advantage of these sales to save up to 20% on select pieces. Now is also an excellent time for new buyers looking for patio furniture to invest in new pieces for their outdoor living area!

Limited Availability

Patio furniture should be constructed from strong and long-lasting materials that can withstand the elements. Subpar materials like plastic resin may break down quickly and need replacing more frequently; high-grade aluminum, wrought iron or teak materials will last for many years and help save you money over time by decreasing replacement costs.

Patio furniture that requires a more complex manufacturing process may also increase in price due to intricate design details, skilled craftsmanship and higher shipping and storage fees than mass-produced pieces.

High-end brands known for their quality often charge more, as consumers value having peace of mind knowing they’ve purchased furniture that will hold up over time.

Brand recognition must also be considered. A popular designer label may add to the cost of an item as more consumers may purchase it solely due to its name recognition; this may lead to longer wait times as customers compete for limited supplies of designer-labeled furniture.

Pricey patio furniture can be daunting for shoppers, but with proper research it’s possible to find quality pieces at reasonable prices. Selecting the ideal set for your backyard can create the ideal outdoor environment for relaxing and entertaining alike – by understanding why patio sets cost so much you’ll be better able to evaluate whether their investment is worthwhile. So if patio furniture sets are on your mind be sure to buy as soon as possible to avoid lengthy wait times! Good luck with shopping!

Handcrafted Furniture

If you want your outdoor patio furniture to withstand the elements, investing in quality materials that can withstand them may cost more upfront, but will save money over time since fewer furniture replacements will need to be done in future.

High-quality outdoor furniture needs to be durable as well as stylish. Cheap plastic pieces might look cheap, while quality wicker and aluminum designs can enhance both the appearance of your patio as well as increase its overall value. This style will not only increase its aesthetic appeal but will also add significant monetary value.

Some manufacturers employ handcrafted techniques to craft unique and visually appealing patio furniture pieces, using intricate weaving patterns, decorative castings and artistic embellishments that set them apart from mass-produced options. Although these pieces require time and labor intensive designs that increase price tag; their craftsmanship also makes them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain than mass-produced options.

Material selection also plays a large part in determining the price of patio furniture, with premium pieces such as teak and wrought iron usually costing more. They may also come equipped with protective coatings to resist corrosion and increase its longevity – further adding to its cost.

Size and weight also play a factor. Larger furniture pieces require more effort to transport and storage space, which adds shipping fees costs. To minimize these fees, purchase patio furniture between July 4th and Labor Day when stores want to clear out their inventory.

At big box stores and membership clubs, you may find temporary patio furniture at discounted rates; this type of piece should only last a few years before beginning to show signs of wear and tear or disrepair. By investing in high-quality patio furniture instead, however, you may enjoy its benefits for years and possibly increase its resale value of your home or commercial property.