Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

why is patio furniture so expensive

Patio furniture can transform the experience of outdoor living. From stylish tables and chairs to relaxing rockers, there are endless options available to you when selecting patio furnishings.

But the cost of patio furniture may be prohibitively expensive for some consumers. So what exactly makes patio furniture so expensive? In this article, we’ll look at all of the factors influencing its price.

High-Quality Materials

Patio furniture, designed specifically to withstand outdoor elements, must be made of high-grade materials to withstand its environment. High-end brands use materials like aluminum, stainless steel and teak wood that will last and endure. As these high-grade materials cost more than low-grade alternatives, their cost will reflect in its price.

Patio furniture must withstand rain, wind, humidity and intense heat; mold and mildew growth is another important consideration. Manufacturers invest heavily in testing materials that are both durable and attractive – this extensive research process increases premium patio furniture costs significantly.

Material selection for patio furniture production also plays a large part in its cost. Different materials offer various benefits, and personal taste will ultimately dictate your selection. For example, if you enjoy wood’s warmth and natural textures such as mahogany, teak and cedar then opt for products crafted using such quality hardwoods as mahogany teak cedar etc while lightweight aluminum or stainless steel options would add modern flair.

Another factor influencing the price of patio furniture is its construction method. Many high-end pieces are handcrafted by master artisans using time and expertise, adding time and expense. Although this increases costs for consumers who wish to have long-lasting patio pieces, some premium pieces come coated with weatherproofing materials to protect them against UV rays from the sun as well as environmental factors.


Patio furniture is often designed with intricate details and skilled craftsmanship to ensure durability and functionality, and this attention to detail plays a pivotal role in determining its price. High-quality materials like teak and wrought iron require skilled artisans to shape into unique shapes and designs which drives up costs significantly. Furthermore, due to seasonal demand many manufacturers limit production thus increasing costs even further.

Some premium features of patio furniture may increase its total cost, such as built-in LED lighting or Bluetooth speakers. These additions are intended to increase functionality while appealing to a luxury market segment that prioritizes quality, design, and comfort.

High-quality patio furniture may be expensive, but its investment will pay dividends if you want to create an inviting outdoor living area as an extension of their home. However, for more budget-conscious shoppers looking for secondhand patio furniture at thrift stores and garage sales is another viable solution. Use some elbow grease to transform these pre-loved pieces into beautiful and functional patio furniture at a fraction of their original cost. Furthermore, be sure to shop around and compare different options before making a final purchase so you’re certain of getting an affordable set with both quality and functionality that fits perfectly into your outdoor space.

Brand Reputation

If you’re searching for luxury patio furniture to complete your backyard oasis, it is essential that you choose a brand with an impeccable reputation. While many high-end furniture manufacturers provide various styles and materials for furniture manufactures to choose from, certain renowned outdoor designers such as Brown Jordan, Woodard & Winston specialize in durable yet sophisticated design – they combine innovative modern ideas with traditional craftsmanship in creating high-end outdoor furnishings that last season after season.

Tropitone is a trusted manufacturer for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, known for their versatile teak patio sets, IPE lounge chairs and rattan sofas which are weather resistant, lasting decades without looking worn-out. Furthermore, their quick turnaround times for custom orders ensure that each luxury patio set can be as individual as its owner. And their most innovative line yet, the URComfort series, offers comfort combined with an automated massage system!

Kingsley Bate furniture has long been a favorite among Casual Living magazine readers, from their classic sunroom lounge seating sets, charming porch and lawn benches, relaxing pub and bar stools, to attractive commercial and upscale residential locations throughout the nation. Their exquisite patio furniture is constructed from high-grade materials upholstered in colorfast Sunbrella fabric.

Skagerak specializes in minimalist Danish designs that look fantastic in gardens, decks and even indoor spaces. Their premium teak patio furniture is FSC certified and sourced from sustainable forests; their mission is “Design for Generations,” so their furniture is built to outlive itself for decades with minimal upkeep required – their latest collection uses a proprietary finish that helps prevent staining moisture damage and aging over time.

Additional Features

Patio furniture makes more of a statement about you and how you choose to utilize your outdoor space than just being comfortable seating or relaxing areas. Eye-catching, sophisticated, and elegant design elements add flair while making the space more welcoming for guests.

One reason patio furniture can be so expensive is due to its limited availability due to specialized manufacturing processes. Furthermore, individual customers often need custom pieces made-to-order which adds even further costs for retailers and manufacturers alike. Storage and transportation also play a factor.

Patio furniture sets that are durable and weather-resistant will also contribute to their high cost, so when shopping, make sure that they come from quality materials made by experts. This factor should play an integral part in their price.

Cheap patio furniture that isn’t made of quality materials will only end up costing more in the long run as you will need to replace it sooner than if you purchased higher-grade pieces from a reliable provider.

Investment in stylish yet comfortable patio furniture will allow you to maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space for years. With proper care, your new furniture should remain as good as new for many years to come and continue wowing guests. Regularly clean with mild soap and water for best results; protect it from the elements with outdoor covers when not in use; remember to cover it when not in use to maintain its beauty!


Patio furniture must withstand outdoor conditions, which requires it to be constructed using premium materials like teak and wrought iron – which come with higher price tags than indoor options. Furthermore, high-quality outdoor pieces require professional craftsmanship for maximum durability and longevities – an added expense that adds up quickly when considering patio furnishings costs.

Brand and style of patio furniture also play an integral part in its cost, as higher-end brands typically charge more due to their exceptional quality and design. Furthermore, some manufacturers partner with notable designers to craft unique outdoor pieces which may cost more than standard sets.

Location and cost of shipping also have an effect on patio furniture prices, such as import duties or taxes that must be paid to ship products into the U.S. These additional expenses are passed onto consumers and can quickly add up when shopping for patio furniture.

Though patio furniture may seem expensive, it can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners who wish to maximize their outdoor living spaces. Durability, longevity and aesthetics of high-quality pieces justify their extra expense; but if you prefer affordable solutions instead, there are still ways to get quality pieces at lower costs – shopping during sales periods or off-season periods can get you great quality pieces at reduced rates.

Overall, patio furniture’s high cost can be attributed to premium materials and durable construction as well as its complex manufacturing process and rising demand. By understanding what factors contribute to its high cost you can make informed purchases without breaking your budget and enjoy your outdoor space without worry.