White Wicker Patio Furniture Adds an Elegant Aesthetic

white wicker patio furniture

White wicker patio furniture adds an elegant aesthetic to any outdoor or indoor pool area, as it is durable yet looks good with most design styles. Many people opt for this furniture type due to its versatility.

Wicker furniture is easy to care for and clean compared to other forms of patio furniture, like other forms like wooden benches and loveseats. Simply hose off your wicker chairs and loveseats regularly in order to keep them looking new!


Wicker is an extremely durable material, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and sudden changes without suffering damage or degradation. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it easy to transport around your backyard setting for quick rearranging. Furthermore, its weave nature means it can even stand strong when coupled with an aluminum frame for support.

However, when purchasing wicker patio furniture you should also take note of its quality and type of material used. There is an assortment of materials on the market and each has a varying lifespan; cheaper wicker may be constructed of PVC plastic which has lower production costs but is prone to cracking, scratching, and fading when exposed to sunlight; high-quality pieces are usually created using HDPE plastic with UV inhibitors built-in that help prevent fading over time – be sure to ask or check sales tags beforehand to see if your wicker contains HDPE before purchasing it!

Woven wicker patio sets boast an effortless beachy aesthetic that complements many different outdoor colors and textures, from nature-inspired elements like trees and plants, to darker pieces such as wooden tables or chairs. In addition, their light hue can help illuminate even shadier backyard spaces.

While many may initially have preconceptions about wicker furniture, many quickly grow fond of its style once they experience it for themselves. Wicker furniture’s durability and beauty cannot be denied – making it the ideal choice for creating a relaxing backyard retreat. Just close your eyes and imagine distant tropical birds, cool ocean breezes, intoxicating scent of hibiscus flowers — you can experience all that right in your own backyard! Shop our white wicker patio furniture collection to elevate your backyard experience today and take it one step further – you won’t regret it! Free nationwide shipping as well as in home white glove delivery are both offered on all orders placed today.


Wicker furniture, featuring its classic white finish, makes an excellent addition to any backyard paradise. Perfect for adding modern glam and sophistication, its durability makes wicker an excellent choice when selecting furniture to complement lush green plants and blue skies. Be it all-weather wicker chairs and tables or white rattan decor; this material will definitely impress.

Wicker furniture may be associated with beachy or rustic themes, but this versatile material can work in many different environments and settings. Its natural woven texture adds visual interest and texture to outdoor settings while its neutral tone easily blends in with other colors – it is even frequently seen alongside more traditional furniture like teak wood and metal in contemporary designs and layouts.

Dependent upon the type of wicker material used for furniture, its colors, patterns and textures may differ significantly. Rattan is an exquisite natural material which mimics the look and feel of wicker while offering stronger durability than other plant fibers; it can even feature unique ringed designs which add visual interest. Bamboo also offers similar styles although less long-term durability.

Synthetic wicker furniture pieces are another popular choice that are typically constructed out of polyethylene, vinyl or PVC materials. While not as durable as rattan or bamboo furniture pieces, synthetic wicker is still highly long-term resistant to fading, scratching and denting; many synthetic wicker pieces even come with classic white hues!

White wicker furniture’s flexibility makes styling it with different cushions and decor easy, giving it an airy seaside vibe in your backyard with a chat set adorned with white pillows and decorative elements. Or go more minimalist by selecting sleek modern coffee tables and ottomans that blend well into monochromatic color schemes.


White wicker patio furniture will bring decades of cozy comfort to any sunroom, front porch or gazebo in Maine. The natural texture provided by its weave makes for beautiful floral arrangements and other decor elements in outdoor settings; and white wicker’s light contrast helps make for an eye-catching coastal cottage style addition.

Natural rattan fibers tend to be beige or taupe in color, while many synthetic wicker sets offer an array of finishes and colors. White outdoor wicker sofas add a chic element to any space while fitting perfectly into many home decor styles. Many sectional collections even allow users to put together their own set with various pieces that slot together seamlessly, providing cushioned seating.

If you want to give an old, outdated wicker sofa new life, paint might be just what’s needed to give it new life without breaking the bank. Apply a fresh coat of weatherproof exterior paint – some wicker furniture is treated with stain- and fade-resistant coatings which won’t stand up well under exposure to harsh outdoor elements!

Add new pillows and cushions to instantly revive the look of any wicker sofa or sectional with ease, adding seasonal changes as you please for maximum coziness in summer nights with friends. Changing seasonal decorations gives a whole new dimension of depth when it comes to updating wicker couches!

White wicker furniture makes for the ideal outdoor seating solution whether you’re renovating an urban apartment, renovating a Maine cottage, or upgrading a backyard living space. This timeless and timeless style has long been popular – be it in city apartments, suburban sunrooms or vacation cottages alike. With just a bit of TLC it can stand the test of time while remaining fashionable for decades to come – explore our selection of high-quality white wicker patio furniture today to upgrade your backyard living area!


Though wicker is less porous than wood, it still requires regular care and maintenance. One effective way of cleaning it is with water from a garden hose or bucket: this allows dirt particles to be flushed from crevices and cracks where mold or mildew might grow, eliminating breeding sites for mold growth. Use a sponge with mild dish soap or detergent and a soft-bristled brush to scrub furniture thoroughly, being careful to rinse all residue off prior to drying it completely. Soft bristle brushes can also help reach hard-to-reach places on wicker patio furniture without risking damage. If your wicker furniture has mold or mildew spots, try using an antimildew product like Tilex or Goo-Gone to break down built-up materials and clean away. Just beware not to soak the entire piece, which could damage its slats.

Most wicker furniture is treated to prevent fading and weather damage, yet prolonged exposure to sunlight may weaken its fibers or cause it to crack and peel. Keep your wicker furniture in a shady area during harsh weather, covering it as necessary – resin wicker furniture in particular may be more vulnerable than wood to cold temperatures; store indoors during winter storage periods for best results.

Your wicker furniture deserves regular inspections for optimal condition, and regular checks should include routine inspections to check for snags, chips or cracks that require repair with touch-up paint if necessary. Check wooden pieces regularly for damage such as rot or splintering so that any problems can be addressed immediately to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Although power washers are generally suitable for plastic or resin furniture, professionals advise against their use on natural wood pieces like wicker. Their high pressure can splinter or tear apart wood pieces while damaging woven materials like wicker. If necessary, use the power washer on a low setting to limit damage to patio furniture; do not soak porous natural wickers made of rattan, bamboo, or willow as this could lead to fungal growth that requires further measures to resolve.