Where to Buy Patio Furniture Near Me

Furniture that complements your backyard space and lifestyle is key to creating a relaxing, stylish, and enjoyable gathering space for friends and family. By taking into account factors like yard size and style, design preferences, budget constraints and your desired outcome you can find ideal patio furniture pieces to complete the picture of a relaxing, stylish, enjoyable gathering spot in your own backyard.

Select from an impressive range of outdoor seating, from chairs, loveseats and chaise lounges to dining tables, coffee tables and end tables – as well as dining rugs, throw pillows and accessories that will enhance the look of your patio space.


Teak patio furniture is an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys spending more time outside. This natural material is known for its strength, durability and longevity – as well as being weather resistant! With its smooth grain pattern and deep golden hue, Teak makes a striking choice for outdoor seating or dining tables.

Teak outdoor tables make an elegant centerpiece for a wonderful backyard, where family and friends can gather to sip wine, read books or do work on laptops. Their sturdy frame supports thick tops while their wide base ensures stability; and you can easily customize with seat cushions in colors or patterns of your choosing for optimal relaxation. Use different chairs at either head of table to achieve an aesthetically balanced effect.

Teak furniture’s construction plays a large part in its durability and longevity. Kiln dried and constructed using mortise and tenon joints ensure that it fits together securely, while being resistant to rot with minimal maintenance needs due to natural rubber and oil content in its wood that protects it from dry rot, mold spores, parasites and insects which would damage other forms of outdoor furniture.

No matter your style of choice – from traditional to modern teak furniture – there are various options available to you. Shop online to find the best prices on luxurious sofas or arm chairs; or find garden benches and other outdoor pieces at local Vancouver WA stores with free delivery and expert advice available so that you make the right selections for your outdoor space.

Home & Patio showroom offers an amazing selection of high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories, specializing in Made in America outdoor pieces, all conveniently located off Interstate 10 West at Camp Bullis Road. As it has been family owned and operated for three generations, you can trust them to deliver top quality products.

Cast Aluminum

Aluminium outdoor furniture is an excellent way for homeowners to create an elegant and relaxing backyard oasis. Easy to maintain and rust-proof, aluminum is great choice that works in just about any outdoor setting imaginable. Aluminum stands up better against coastal weather than iron or wood can while its price point makes it affordable with low maintenance requirements compared to alternatives such as wicker or wrought iron furniture. Plus it doesn’t break the bank either!

Aluminum’s light weight is one of its greatest draws; lighter than both wrought iron and tubular frame aluminum, making it easier to move and rearrange patio sets without worry that they might collapse under their own weight or blow away during storms. Aluminum also stays cool under direct sunlight making it ideal for outdoor seating areas.

Most aluminum patio furniture is constructed using extruded aluminum or similar hollow material that can be extruded, while some manufacturers offer cast aluminum as an option. Cast aluminum is heavier than extruded aluminum and allows more intricate designs without welds showing on its surface; Hauser’s Patio offers many styles featuring this contemporary and sophisticated form of cast aluminum furniture.

Aluminum patio furniture’s main advantage lies in its customization capabilities; you can quickly make changes by adding outdoor cushions and slings. Slings should preferably be made of weather-resistant materials for extra comfort, while you can swap out cushion covers whenever desired to change up the aesthetics in your backyard. Our pieces also come in an array of powder coat finishes so they match any outdoor decor imaginable perfectly; plus touch-up paint can repair scratches that occur, keeping it looking brand new over time!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel patio furniture is an increasingly popular choice due to its durability and aesthetic appeal, and often makes an ideal combination between aesthetic appeal and functionality. Although stainless steel can corrode over time, its process usually happens more slowly than with iron or aluminum products. Furthermore, manufacturers can sculpt stainless steel into different forms for easier design flexibility when manufacturing their products; additionally, powder coating adds color options.

Strength and density are hallmarks of wooden furniture’s popularity. This makes it resistant to impact damage from storms in areas with strong storms. Furthermore, its resistance to cold temperatures makes it an ideal choice for winter climates; and unlike aluminum it does not tend to flutter around with strong winds; yet heavy-duty furniture covers should still be invested in for optimal protection and long lasting style.

316 stainless steel is the go-to alloy in furniture manufacturing due to its high nickel and molybdenum content, providing greater corrosion protection than other varieties. Welders also appreciate stainless steel’s easy weldability; making repairs or modifications simpler than ever for manufacturers.

Picking out patio furniture that best matches your lifestyle and personal taste is crucial when creating the ideal outdoor living area. Take into account your lifestyle, how you plan to utilize the patio space, and your personal aesthetic when making this important decision. For instance, if you plan on entertaining friends and family in your backyard, dining tables should be top of mind; but for cozy book-reading moments a comfy lounge chair might do. No matter your taste – our HOM Furniture showroom in Vancouver WA is sure to have what you’re searching for – come visit today and browse through our collection! Our experts are always on hand to answer any of your queries and arrange delivery directly into your home! Come stop by today and browse our selection!


When purchasing wood patio furniture, look for pieces crafted from weather-resistant timbers like teak or acacia that naturally produce oil that repels moisture and preserves their surfaces. Applying furniture sealer once or twice annually will further protect and preserve these surfaces, keeping it looking new for longer.

To create an inviting outdoor living area, choose rustic patio furniture in soft colors like white, blue or pastel with rustic finishes and nautical-themed accents such as rope, resin wicker or other nautical decor items to establish a relaxing and easygoing ambiance.

Composite patio furniture offers an economical and long-term alternative to wooden outdoor furnishings, made by combining synthetic resin with real softwood and hardwood fibers, heated before molding into final furniture pieces. UV stabilizers, colorants, and couplers may also be added for maximum longevity of the composite timber product.

Many of the best wooden garden furniture retailers now provide an online sales channel, enabling customers to browse their collections and place orders. English online retailer Cox & Cox, for example, boasts an elegant collection of wooden bistro chairs combining traditional country garden styling with Scandinavian influences; French store La Redoute provides dreamy pale grey-washed honey-colored acacia furniture pieces.

Home and patio furnishing stores may also provide another great resource for finding wooden outdoor furniture. Many offer both in stock and custom outdoor pieces to meet a range of tastes and budgets; in addition, many offer delivery and set up services.

Lowery’s is one of Northern New England’s premier outdoor furniture retail outlets, selling an extensive selection of competitively priced luxury outdoor furniture from national brands. Their 4,000 square foot showroom on Lake Winnipesaukee provides customers with access to expert staff who can assist them in selecting their ideal piece to complete their outdoor space.