When It’s Time to Reupholster Your Sling Chairs

patio furniture fabric replacement

After eight or ten years, even the highest-grade outdoor furniture from brands like Brown Jordan, Telescope, Woodard and Tropitone may begin showing signs of wear. At that point, reupholstering your sling patio chairs with fresh new fabric may be in order.

Choose waterproof furniture covers that perfectly fit your furniture to prevent dust accumulation from the bottom up. Look for covers with straps, Velcro fastenings or elastic hems so they can securely fasten themselves around each item of furniture.

Weather Resistant

Sling patio furniture typically comprises aluminum frames topped off with high-grade, mold and mildew resistant fabric slings – an ideal combination for outdoor furnishings exposed to abrasive sand, intense sunlight and salt air. Although lightweight and portable, regular maintenance needs must be performed for the piece in order for it to look brand new for years.

At CFR Patio, we specialize in outdoor sling furniture refinishing and repair using a comprehensive approach that includes complete recoating of aluminum frames, fabric replacement from leading manufacturers such as Tropitone, Brown Jordan Winston Woodard among many others, custom cushion creation as well as providing over 130 stock colors of sling fabric so matching existing furniture or creating something entirely different is easy! With our expert staff familiar with products from these leading patio furniture brands like Tropitone Brown Jordan Winston Woodard we provide prompt professional services.

Phifertex sling fabric is one of the most sought-after on the market, offering durability that stands up even under extreme weather conditions. Cutting doesn’t fray it either and Microban antimicrobial protection won’t wash away easily, preventing mildew growth as well as mold or bacteria that cause unpleasant odors that can be difficult to eradicate.

Twitchell Textilene fabric offers another highly-durable choice for sling furniture, and comes in multiple colors to complement any decor. Woven with polyester yarns resistant to mildew, fading, and staining, it stands up well against weather elements.

UV Resistant

Sun UV rays can be hazardous not only to our skins, but also fabric. Over time, UV fading can cause vibrant colors on patio furniture to fade over time; so it is crucial that fade-resistant fabric be chosen. At The Southern Company we have fade resistant replacement fabrics specifically designed to keep sling chairs looking their best season after season! These fade resistant fabrics keep sling chairs looking their best year after year!

Though no fabric can be completely fade-proof, UV resistant fabrics can help your furniture last for its expected life span in sunny environments where UV rays may cause significant fading and lead to early wear and tear. This feature is especially important where fabrics may be exposed to intense sun rays which could damage them prematurely and increase wear-and-tear damage.

There are various fabrics that are both UV-resistant and durable, such as vinyl-coated polyesters, acrylic fabrics, and Sunbrella fabrics. Vinyl-coated polyesters, acrylic fabrics and Sunbrella fabrics are among the most popular choices when selecting outdoor patio furniture due to being fade-proof and water-proof – Sunbrella also comes in an array of styles and colors that may perfectly compliment existing patio furniture pieces.

Vinyl-coated polyester fabric is an excellent option for replacing sling chairs as it is strong, durable and fade-resistant. Furthermore, its ease of care makes it suitable for DIY repairs projects while its stain- and fade-resistance make it suitable for patio furniture use. Alternatively, acrylic fabric may also work as it offers fade resistance along with being lightweight and water resistance properties that makes it a suitable option.

Woven Sunbrella fabrics make an excellent choice for outdoor furniture as they’re both fade- and water-resistant, boasting more of an authentic appearance than vinyl-coated polyesters and easier to maintain than their vinyl-coated polyester counterparts. Woven Sunbrella also come with Microban protection to inhibit mold and mildew growth;

Light Colors

Patio furniture can take quite a beating over time. Fabric used in sling chairs, lounge chair sling fabric replacement and chaise lounge replacement should be resilient enough to withstand occasional drinks spilling over or the daily exposure to sun and wind exposure. Polyester or nylon mesh seating material offers long-term stability while being lightweight and breathable enough for relaxing backyard relaxation.

White furniture can add an elegant touch to your patio space. However, white may not be ideal if you have children and/or pets at home who could leave unsightly marks and stains. Dust can accumulate more easily on white pieces which require frequent cleaning sessions.

Earth tones such as beige, taupe and gray can create an ambient and soothing space. Furthermore, these neutral tones complement any color palette perfectly while offering the ideal backdrop for brightly-hued pillows or other accessories. Wood materials such as teak can add natural beauty to your garden. When selecting wooden furniture pieces, be sure they have been treated properly to resist weather damage and maintain structural integrity. Resin-wicker furniture is another popular choice that combines durability with an attractive natural look, making it the ideal choice for relaxing outdoors in warm-weather climates. Many such pieces feature coastal-themed palettes and nautical accents to give their furniture an easy seaside vibe.


Even the most robust patio furniture may begin to show signs of wear after years of sun, rain, chlorine and salt exposure and daily use. This is particularly true of lightweight sling chairs designed for easy care but that aren’t immune from wear and tear – particularly fabric that has become frayed, torn or faded in appearance. If this is happening with your chair then now may be the time for replacement!

Sling chair fabric replacement doesn’t need to be difficult and can often be more cost-effective than purchasing new furniture. Houston Powder Coating can help you save money by re-slinging existing pieces – they offer over 100 fabrics so you can find something similar or try something completely different for an updated look!

When choosing replacement fabric for sling chairs, take into account both the color and style of your outdoor space as well as what your goal is with their new repairs. Do you want them to blend into existing decor or do you hope they make a statement with new patio furniture? For casual spaces opt for lighter fabrics with neutral tones; while for formal settings go for darker or brighter tones.

Houston Powder Coating’s replacement sling fabrics are highly durable and crafted from a combination of nylon and polyester, helping them withstand the weather extremes of South Texas – sun, rain, heat and cold. Furthermore, many are treated with Microban protection to reduce mold, mildew and bacteria growth on fabric while keeping its scent odor-free.

Textilene Metallic’s line of sling furniture fabrics is an excellent way to bring sparkle and shine to their patio. Crafted from polyester fibers coated with PVC to produce its glossy sheen, Textilene Metallic is stain resistant as well as extremely stain-resistant making it suitable for both sling furniture as well as other outdoor applications. Phifertex provides highly durable material that offers multiple colors and patterns to fit in seamlessly with any outdoor environment.