When is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

when is the best time to buy patio furniture

At certain holidays and times throughout the year, patio furniture sales offer attractive budget-friendly offers. If you have your heart set on purchasing a wooden porch swing for example, wait until late Summer when prices decrease to make your purchase.

Starting in August and lasting until October, stores typically start clearing out summer inventory to make way for fall merchandise. Patio furniture sales usually peak between these dates.


The best time and place to buy patio furniture is before summer arrives – typically early spring – as stores look to get rid of old inventory so as to make room for new items. But patient shoppers can also find great deals online in late autumn; especially those located in physical locations must get rid of warm-weather items so as to move onto selling winter gear and clothing.

Summer season offers the ideal conditions for finding patio furniture bargains, as demand drops and prices tend to drop dramatically compared to later in the year. Unfortunately, however, you might not find exactly the pieces you desire as many are likely sold out quickly. Holiday sales such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, President’s Day and Labor Day provide great opportunities to score outdoor furniture deals at significantly discounted rates.

If you don’t mind waiting until late summer is over, autumn may be one of the best times to purchase patio furniture. Retailers begin offering summer inventory on sale early and continue discounting it throughout the fall season until it is all gone; savings could reach as much as 70%! By October 31st you could potentially be looking at your ideal pieces.

Of course, other times are also perfect for buying patio furniture. Patience may pay off; winter can offer incredible deals as retailers rush to sell off Christmas merchandise. To take advantage of this great offer, sign up for email newsletters from your favorite online stores and follow them on social media so you’ll know of any sales campaigns as they happen. Also consider the option of repairing and restoring current furniture instead of purchasing brand new. This could save money and the environment at once!


As soon as summer hits, patio furniture prices skyrocket. Stores become busy, demand increases dramatically and supplies sell out quickly – all factors which could make shopping frugal difficult at best; but this might be an opportunity to score some bargains if you need small patio decor items like tablecloths, outdoor rugs or pillows that hold up in direct sunlight!

If you are searching for new patio furniture, wait until late summer when prices drop again to find great bargains on outdoor dining tables, chairs and sectionals that will last well into next spring.

Summer winds can bring dust, pollen, and leaves into your outdoor furniture, leaving it looking dirty and increasing the frequency of cleaning sessions. Furthermore, sunlight penetrates fabrics and wicker, potentially leading to fading and rot damage; protect your investment with a sturdy protective cover!

Retailers tend to lower patio furniture prices during the fall season in order to clear out old inventory and prepare for winter season. Some items might still be in stock at the end of October; however, most are typically purchased and chosen over by then.

Each year, stores hold various sales and promotions that provide great patio furniture deals. By subscribing to email newsletters or following brands on social media, you’ll know when these great patio furniture offers are being made available – holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can also provide steep discounts on outdoor furnishings!

Plan your purchases carefully around seasons and holidays to save as much money as possible. With careful research, budget-friendly patio furniture can be purchased anytime of the year; just remember to always put quality over price so you can enjoy your outdoor space for years.


If you have your sights set on new patio furniture for your backyard, shopping in the fall could be beneficial. While it might be harder to locate exactly what you’re after than during spring or summer seasons, fall shopping may offer better bargains as stores attempt to clear out old inventory in order to make room for seasonal products that will arrive later.

Be patient; patiently wait out the fall and winter sales promotions and you should find some amazing patio set bargains! Additionally, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Black Friday often have outstanding patio furniture discounts during these seasons.

At these sales, stores such as Pelican Shops typically try to move summer merchandise off their shelves before stocking the next season’s designs. That means finding unbeatably discounted end-of-season prices on items such as fire pit tables and durable patio dining chairs that will bring life and comfort to any outdoor space.

Note that many brick-and-mortar locations will host their own version of a fall patio furniture sale to help clear out existing merchandise, although selection may not be as extensive.

Holiday sales such as New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day offer similar opportunities, with retailers clearing out old inventory to make room for fresh designs to debut during spring and summer seasons. To get that patio furniture set of your dreams during this sale period, act quickly as items tend to sell quickly during these types of sales. Make sure you inquire beforehand regarding their return policies to avoid any unwanted surprises further down the road.


To select the optimal time and place to buy patio furniture, it is important to keep in mind your overall goal. If your main objective is acquiring the latest models, styles, and colors then waiting until spring may be best as this is when companies usually release their new offerings allowing you to get first pick of what’s available.

However, if you are less interested in keeping up with current trends, purchasing patio furniture in winter could be the better choice for you. Since few think of purchasing outdoor furniture at this time of year, bargains may be easier to come by while also avoiding crowds that make shopping during summer’s peak season challenging.

End-of-season sales during the fall and winter are a fantastic way to save on outdoor furniture purchases. Stores will begin offering discounts as early as August to make room for holiday merchandise.

These sales are ideal for consumers who don’t mind storing their patio furniture over winter and have enough storage space to do so. By buying during this period, consumers can save more money without compromising style and comfort.

As with any outdoor furniture purchase, it is wise to inspect for damage and finish quality when making an outdoor furniture purchase. If any chipped or faded paint, rust spots, frayed edges or scuff marks appear it would likely be wiser to look elsewhere for better quality furniture.

Ultimately, when and how often you purchase patio furniture will depend on both your specific needs and available funds. Luckily, you can always find budget-friendly outdoor furniture deals throughout the year by taking advantage of seasonal and holiday sales – especially Black Friday, Memorial Day Labor Day President’s Day when sales may offer deep discounts!