When Does Patio Furniture Go on Sale?

when does patio furniture go on sale

When shopping for patio furniture, it’s essential to know when and how you’ll find the best offers. Many factors determine when patio furniture goes on sale; such as seasonal demand and inventory levels.

Before beginning shopping for patio furniture, take accurate measurements of your patio space to make sure the furniture you select will fit comfortably. Also be mindful of any return policies offered by stores in case your new pieces do not appeal.


Springtime is one of the best times to shop for outdoor furniture. Many retailers offer significant discounts across various styles and models, while new patio furniture introductions provide you with an opportunity to bring trendsetting designs into your outdoor space.

Additionally, the weather is ideal for using outdoor furniture immediately – unlike purchasing it during summer or late winter, when storage may become necessary until warmer temperatures return.

Based on your location, seasonal demand for outdoor furniture may differ drastically throughout the year. Therefore, it’s essential that you closely follow current demand trends in order to determine when is best time to make a purchase decision.

Shoppers looking to avoid paying full price can keep an eye out for sales during major shopping holidays, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Memorial Day. These events typically offer various discounts and promotions on different furniture products that could help them find their ideal patio furniture set within their budget.

Always keep an eye out for clearance sales throughout the year; these offers often aim to clear existing inventory to make room for new product lines, often giving you access to whole sets of outdoor furniture for less than the price of one chair or table.

If you’re shopping for patio furniture, observing stock levels both in store and online will increase your odds of finding what you want at a discounted price.

Look out for sale periods during autumn and winter to score outdoor furniture deals at attractive prices, since stores must clear out summer inventory in preparation for winter demand. Furthermore, these seasons often see lower demand than usual so that pieces would otherwise be out of your reach can often come at attractive rates compared to when purchasing in summer or spring.


If you’re in the market for new patio furniture for this summer, early spring is an excellent time to shop. Retailers often offer discounts on popular styles and colors to lure customers in early. Just keep in mind that since it is so soon after spring’s start there may be higher chances that your desired pieces may no longer be in stock!

As soon as summer hits, demand for patio furniture increases exponentially. If there is something specific you want, it is best to purchase it soon rather than later; popular items could sell out faster or have their prices increase over time.

After the summer season is over, stores will start placing patio furniture on sale to make room for autumn merchandise. These seasonal sales provide an incredible opportunity to score incredible discounts on exactly the pieces you desire.

From September through November, retailers offer deep discounts on outdoor furniture as they attempt to clear out inventory for winter. It is an ideal time to purchase patio furniture as those styles that are less popular are marked down even further – sometimes up to half off their original prices!

To maximize savings, it is wise to take advantage of special events and holidays throughout the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are particularly effective ways of saving, as patio furniture stores often offer significant discounts during this period – not only on sets themselves but also other decor like side tables and umbrellas!

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As fall approaches, retailers typically put patio furniture on sale to make room for new styles and models. It is also an ideal time to find discounts on seasonal accent pieces like side tables and outdoor umbrellas. Holiday sales events such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day often feature patio set sales where you may be able to pick up your ideal set at a significantly reduced price.

Winter can be an excellent time to find patio furniture sales, though selection will likely be reduced from other seasons. When searching online for patio sets to buy, comparison shopping is always wise before making your selection – using filters and browsing by category will help narrow down your choices and help avoid overspending.

Signing up for retailer newsletters to take advantage of exclusive sale alerts and promotions is also recommended, enabling you to stay abreast when they offer your desired patio furniture at reduced rates. When buying as gifts for special events like parties or graduations, ordering early ensures it arrives before its expected date of use.

As spring and summer approach, patio furniture prices typically increase. To maximize value for money, it is wise to shop during these seasons; additionally you might find good bargains during early fall sales when retailers look to clear out inventory before the start of winter season.


Many stores start to put summer furniture up for sale during August and September to clear out space for fall merchandise, offering great bargains on patio sets that retailers want to clear out to make way for new arrivals for next season. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to score incredible savings.

When shopping on a budget, the summer is typically when prices are the highest. Additionally, take into consideration your storage capacity as outdoor furniture should probably be stored indoors during winter months in order to prevent moisture damage, rust and other common hazards associated with being exposed to weather year round.

Signing up for email newsletters and following your favorite brands on social media are great ways to keep up-to-date on sales by staying informed. Retailers frequently announce seasonal promotions through these channels, making this an efficient way of staying aware of deals as they happen.

Take advantage of major holiday sales like Memorial Day, President’s Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday to score affordable patio furniture. Stores typically reduce prices on existing inventory at these times to provide discounts to in-store and online customers alike.

At the core of it all is paying attention to seasonal trends when purchasing patio furniture and taking note of each retailer’s policies. Selecting suitable pieces suited to your climate and lifestyle while shopping during appropriate seasons to take advantage of seasonal clearance discounts can save money while creating the outdoor living space you have always longed for.

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