When Does Patio Furniture Go on Sale?

when does patio furniture go on sale

If you’re on the market for new patio furniture, timing your purchases to take advantage of off-season, end-of-season, holiday and clearance sales is key for finding great bargains that’ll fit perfectly into your outdoor living space.

1.) Summer. 2.) Autumn


An outdoor living space is an investment for your home, so it is crucial that you know when and how patio furniture goes on sale, so you can purchase pieces that meet both your lifestyle and budget. Shopping at the right times allows you to buy high-quality outdoor pieces at discounted rates without compromising style or functionality.

Early spring is the ideal time to purchase outdoor furniture at discounted prices. Many retailers offer special promotions during this period, such as buy-one-get-one deals and bundle packages with multiple items at reduced rates. Manufacturers and retailers typically release new models and designs at the start of spring; giving you access to fresh styles and trends for your outdoor space.

Mid-spring typically finds most retailers having cleared out their winter inventory and making room for summer furnishings, though you may still be able to find bargains, particularly during Memorial Day sales events which offer significant discounts on outdoor furniture like dining sets or lounge sets that you have been eyeing up. If this weekend event appeals, be patient as Memorial Day sales events tend to feature exclusive savings opportunities!

End of summer sales of patio furniture can also provide amazing savings opportunities, with retailers trying to clear out remaining inventory before the fall season arrives. You could easily score some fantastic bargains on those wicker patio chairs or wrought iron tables you have been eyeing all summer – although keep in mind that selection may become limited by September 30.

From time to time, online retailers offer patio furniture at discounted rates due to being unconstrained by seasonality restrictions like brick-and-mortar stores are. You may also find great finds at clearance outlets, yard sales or independent home improvement stores; in some instances you might even come across vintage patio pieces! It is wise to bring measurements when shopping for outdoor furniture to ensure you don’t purchase chairs or tables that are too large or small for your backyard space.


Patio furniture is essential if you plan on spending any amount of time outside, whether sipping mimosas or hosting an outdoor barbecue, yet purchasing it can be expensive. There are ways you can cut costs when it comes to your purchase – shopping at the right time or taking advantage of seasonal clearance sales can help get what you want without breaking your budget.

Early spring sales offer excellent opportunities to find deals on patio furniture. With discounts available on dining sets, loungers and more – not to mention some of the latest styles and colors! – early spring sales provide excellent opportunities to score discounts.

Fall is another excellent time to buy patio furniture. Many retailers host end-of-season sales between August and September to clear out inventory before winter sets in, which provides an incredible opportunity to purchase high-quality pieces at lower costs than usual.

Rather than investing in an entire set of patio furniture, purchasing just one piece may be enough to create the ambiance you desire in your backyard without breaking the bank or taking up too much storage space. Just be sure that when taking care of it you protect it from direct sunlight and excessive moisture exposure so as to prevent fading and structural damage as well as regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris; should signs of wear appear be sure to replace immediately.


Furniture suppliers gear up for winter with new designs by offering discounted inventory to clear space for the upcoming year and prepare themselves. As fall progresses into winter, suppliers slash prices on current inventory to make room for winter-bound designs; brick-and-mortar stores often stop devoting floor space to outdoor furniture at this point; you may find some fantastic bargains online at this point too if purchasing it later than fall or midwinter – be a savvy shopper and save yourself some cash when shopping patio dining set furniture!

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Spring and summer are prime seasons for patio time – but also some of the most expensive times to buy furniture. People are spending more time enjoying their backyards and hosting barbeques, thus driving up prices of patio seating. As such, late summer or fall are ideal times for purchasing new wicker chairs and tables as demand drops while temperatures remain comfortable enough for outdoor seating. When temperatures cool off further in winter storage becomes necessary and please refer to our tips on winterizing your metal, wood, and wicker furniture so it survives the Polar Vortex safely!