West Elm Offers the Best Patio Furniture For Full Sun Environments

best patio furniture for full sun

If you live in an environment with direct sun exposure, selecting durable patio furniture that can withstand sun exposure is crucial. West Elm offers an impressive selection of outdoor pieces designed specifically to withstand direct sun.

Natural woods such as teak and eucalyptus naturally resist rot, insect damage and weathering – making them the ideal choice for sunny climates. Resin wicker and synthetic fabrics also feature moisture resistance.


Those in search of outdoor patio furniture that will withstand full sunlight and the elements should consider Teak patio furniture as the solution. Constructed from natural wood, Teak’s resistance to rotting, insect infestation and acid damage is exceptional, while producing its own natural oils to preserve beauty and strength even when left outside. Furthermore, Teak can easily be sanded down and refinished to restore its original appearance if damage does occur.

Wood’s natural hues and neutral cushion colors allow it to complement various color schemes easily, making it an excellent choice for full sun areas. Furthermore, its durability and longevity make cleaning easily with just water can prevent water staining of its surface.

No matter what size Teak dining table or coffee table you need, we have everything here at T&A Outdoor to elevate your outdoor space. Furthermore, take extra precaution to protect it with one of our premium quality Teak Furniture Covers from rain, pollutants and UV radiation rays.

When buying Teak Patio Furniture, keep in mind that different wood species offer differing levels of UV resistance. Select an appropriate wood that matches both sunlight and cold climate conditions in your area.

Teak wood is an extremely durable option for outdoor furniture that stands up well to direct sunlight, however different types of wood may deteriorate differently in harsher environments and selecting one suitable for your location is key in order to prevent costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Wicker or Rattan

Wicker or rattan furniture brings a relaxed, breezy aesthetic to your backyard seating area. Ideal for full sun environments where these pieces don’t suffer moisture damage like teak wood does, they also blend seamlessly into coastal, Zen and rustic patio designs for stylish patio design elements.

Natural wicker furniture is handcrafted from various materials like bamboo, willow and sea grass and then woven together into stylish chairs, loveseats and sofas suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Unfortunately, due to its delicate construction it can be damaged by rain, sleet or snow; moisture resistant coatings may help make natural wicker more patio-friendly; for optimal use however cooler climates should be prioritized to use this piece more responsibly.

Resin wicker, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly synthetic material made of polyethylene that’s more durable. UV resistance also means this wicker offers long lasting strength without losing color or strength despite prolonged periods in direct sunlight – not to mention being more affordable than natural rattan rattan! This type of wicker offers all of its aesthetic charm without breaking the bank.

Rattan and wicker furniture is lightweight, making it easy to transport between locations. Furthermore, cleaning them only requires a quick hose rinse or quick scrub down with soapy water to rid themselves of dust and grime.

Rattan and wicker furniture’s natural good looks complement a variety of color palettes, from warm hues like orange and yellow to cool shades such as lime green or powder blue. You can pair these pieces with neutrals like white, grey or black for an effortlessly stylish aesthetic that is versatile yet adaptable. Rattan and wicker pieces also lend themselves well to boho-inspired designs by pairing these pieces with vibrantly patterned pillows or rugs to bring eye-catching flair into any outdoor space.


Many homeowners select metal patio furniture because it can withstand weather and environmental stresses better than wood, wicker or rattan furniture. But before making this choice for your outdoor living space it’s important to think carefully. With plenty of dining sets, benches and chairs made out of metal today ranging in different colors textures patterns styles some even mimicking wicker or rattan styles further expanding design possibilities while providing strength and durability that metal sets are known for.

Though most people associate metal furniture with industrial or utilitarian purposes, modern outdoor furniture designers have taken to using it in stylish yet contemporary designs. Aluminum and wrought iron are both durable metals that can withstand wear and tear and come in various finishes that blend in beautifully with your home’s architectural style and the surrounding garden or lawn space.

Be wary when buying outdoor metal furniture as it can rust quickly when exposed to moisture, so ensure any pieces you purchase have a coating to avoid this happening. Stainless steel is an excellent choice in humid climates since it doesn’t corrode; while wrought iron may rust if scratched or damaged near joints and weld points.

Wrought iron and steel furniture tends to be heavier than their aluminum counterparts, giving them greater stability in windy locations. Unfortunately, however, they often weigh too much to fold, restricting storage options. Some manufacturers even make powder coated wrought iron furniture.

Aluminum furniture is durable, lightweight, rust-proof and easy to care for – not to mention less costly compared to other forms of metal furniture. Many pieces feature protective layers of epoxy paint which add longevity and corrosion resistance – not to mention its versatile properties which allow users to tailor it into designs tailored exactly to their tastes!


Plastic (specifically superior resin) furniture is an attractive yet sturdy choice for patio use, providing maximum sun resistance as well as resistance against rain, sleet, snow and wind conditions. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it easier to move when required – although premium resin outdoor furniture may cost more than generic box store pieces but is well worth its higher cost due to its longevity and superior quality.

Plastic furniture can also be eco-friendly. Recycled plastic furniture uses post-consumer waste such as water bottles and milk jugs as raw material to create sustainable alternatives to wood furniture. Plastic can also be molded into various shapes and colors to meet a range of styles from sleek minimalist designs to more ornate traditional ones, with UV protection preventing its color fading over time.

Plastic’s weakness lies in its susceptibility to scratching, but there are ways around this. Many manufacturers provide protective pads with their products which can help safeguard surfaces against scratching and scuffing; some pads even feature texturing which reduces friction between furniture and surfaces it sits upon.

One key consideration when selecting furniture for use in sunny locations is how well its materials can withstand fluctuations in temperature. Sweltering days and cool nights can have detrimental effects on certain materials like wood and wicker; plastic doesn’t seem affected by such temperature swings and makes an excellent choice in full sun locations where temperatures often change dramatically. Furthermore, plastic is corrosion resistant so won’t rust or disintegrate under harsh weather conditions that could compromise other forms of furniture.