Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

waterproof patio furniture

Waterproof patio furniture is essential to providing an enjoyable outdoor experience, as moisture can damage it by leading to rot, mildew or mold growth, as well as color fading or cracking of its fabric surfaces.

Waterproof furniture comes in many varieties. Ranging from simple waterproof tarpaulins to stylish tailored covers, waterproof furniture offers protection from rainwater damage while remaining easy to use and maintain.


Selecting the appropriate material for outdoor furniture is paramount to its enduring in the elements. Options available for purchase include wicker, metal and wood furniture that will withstand moisture damage caused by rainwater intrusion or moisture coming in contact with it; furthermore UV rays from sunlight can damage its color over time as well as fade material unless protected properly from them.

If you own a wicker patio set, waterproofing its surface with waterproofing spray is important in protecting it against water damage and prolonging its lifespan. To do so, choose a calm day without rain to apply the sealant, and be sure to thoroughly clean its surface prior to applying the waterproofing solution. Additionally, take caution not to mist plants or surfaces that might be affected by its presence – otherwise this process could end in disaster!

When purchasing waterproof fabrics, it’s essential to also take their breathability into account. Many waterproof fabrics don’t allow moisture out and promote bacteria and mold growth within cushions – leading to uncomfortable furniture as well as possible health concerns. If you prefer synthetic fabric with hydrophobic coating for maximum breathability.

Another option for patio decor is using breathable vinyl or olefin fabric, designed to resist fading, mildew, and stains and available in an array of colors and styles. Furthermore, these fabrics require minimal upkeep or maintenance requirements – making them a fantastic addition to your outdoor space!

For longer-term protection, coat your wicker furniture with outdoor resin. This will prevent moisture and other damaging substances from penetrating the cushion and causing structural damage. There are special products designed specifically to coat wicker furniture; or you can apply the protective resin yourself following instructions and safety precautions from manufacturers and agents used.

Fully waterproof fabrics may be ideal, but not necessary in all applications. For instance, it may suffice if a cover for your patio cushions and pillows were waterproof; however, breathable waterproof fabrics remain desirable as they won’t trap heat or allow sweat accumulation to build up over time.


A waterproof patio furniture cover should repel water while also remaining breathable to provide adequate protection from mold and mildew growth. Cleaning should also be easy – most covers can be machine-washed using mild detergents in cool water; hand washing may also be done following manufacturer instructions.

A breathable cover allows water droplets trapped under it to quickly evaporate, preventing mold and mildew growth and protecting furniture from moisture damage. Some models come equipped with mesh panels to allow air in and prevent condensation.

If you own fabric furniture covers, it may be beneficial to apply waterproofing agent regularly after every cleaning session. This will help preserve their waterproof qualities; however, not all waterproofing products are appropriate for fabric furniture, which could result in damaging it or nullifying its warranty; always consult the manufacturer first when considering chemical or liquid solutions as this could void their warranties and make matters worse!

Not only should your waterproofing agent protect against water, it should also be free from dyes or fragrances which could pose health hazards to both people and animals – not to mention having an effectful effect on furniture quality. Furthermore, choose an agent suitable for indoor as well as outdoor furniture use for optimal results.

Some patio furniture is constructed with metal frames that require protection from corrosion and rusting, so using liquid rust inhibitor can help. You can find these products at most hardware stores and they come in various formulas to meet your specific needs. After applying, simply rinse thoroughly afterwards for maximum effectiveness.


When searching for outdoor patio furniture, you may be tempted to purchase items marked waterproof or weatherproof. Though these terms may seem interchangeable, there is actually a significant distinction between them that must be taken into account before making your purchasing decisions. Ultimately, whether or not your outdoor furniture is waterproof depends upon what material it’s crafted from.

Some materials are waterproof while others require high maintenance or don’t withstand harsh weather conditions well. Teak furniture is a popular choice for outdoor patio sets due to its natural oils which protect it against drying out and rotting while being highly resistant to cold frost and water, making it suitable for use in all climates.

Wicker and metal furniture also qualify as waterproof patio furniture options, although pre-sealed versions should still be resealed from time to time. Metal can rust easily so a spray-on protective coating that repels rain and moisture is recommended – metal chairs or tables should have at least two or three coats of protective paint applied every 2-3 years for optimal results.

Be mindful that even waterproof furniture is susceptible to being destroyed by standing water, even for long periods. Sitting in standing water for too long can cause it to rot and speed mold growth. To protect it from storms, store your furniture away in a garage or shed a few days before heavy downpours start.

Another important consideration when purchasing outdoor furniture is breathability. Some fabrics like polyester are highly breathable, not allowing any water to seep through; whereas, other fabrics, like vinyl and vinyl-coated, tend to absorb rainwater quickly and may need to be covered more often than expected.

If you want waterproof patio furniture that’s also breathable, consider fabrics treated with UV protection to keep the color vibrant throughout the season. Additionally, this will prevent water damage while prolonging its life.


In rainy areas, you should prioritize furniture made of hardy materials like metal that resist rusting and require minimal upkeep. Metal can also be good choice in coastal climates due to its ability to stand up against salty air. Wicker is another strong material which will withstand rain and humidity but should always be covered for added protection from dust and dirt build-up.

Acacia wood is another highly resilient outdoor furniture material, capable of withstanding rain, humidity, warping and its natural protective oils – which make this material so resilient it was even once used to build ships! – making it one of the best materials available.

Resin wicker furniture is another excellent way to stay dry during rain. Resin’s weather-resistant nature extends its longevity while being easy to maintain; you can also find waterproof covers designed to protect it further from the elements.

Waterproof fabric is essential to outdoor furniture, so when purchasing it from an untrustworthy source it must be treated with an agent designed specifically to waterproof outdoor fabrics and then reapplied every few years.

Choose durable, weather-resistant materials when selecting outdoor furniture to maximize your time on your patio for as long as possible. Consider how often it needs to be moved as well. If you live in an exposed location such as windy beaches, invest in heavy-duty weatherproof covers.

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