Vondom Furniture – Sculptural and Modern

Vondom furniture stands as an industry leader in the design, production and commercialization of vanguard In & Out furniture such as vanguard In & Out seating units, planters, lamps and outdoor rugs. Their designs are created by passionate people seeking innovation and curiosity in every design created.

Vondom’s roto-moulded products elevate outdoor furnishings to new levels of artistic elegance, from their Stones collection to Pixel and Vela creations that mesmerize and intrigue. Their artistically created pieces will captivate and motivate.

Modern design

Vondom’s commitment to modern design can be seen through their avant-garde outdoor furniture and accessories, from planters and tables, chairs, and benches – from planters and tables, through chairs and benches – including planters that will add a distinctive aesthetic to any outdoor setting. From planters, tables, chairs and benches – Vondom offers stylish products designed to transform any area into an inviting setting brimming with glamour. Their products feature distinctive sculpture that’s not only sustainable and functional; these pieces have been engineered specifically to last even under high traffic commercial environments or extreme weather conditions.

Vondom creates stunning outdoor furniture using recycled plastics to redefine space with contemporary elegance. Their modern designs and sculptural shapes will elevate any outdoor space from balcon to patios alike. Vondom’s pieces come in natural wood finishes, powder-coated aluminum finishes and HPL surfaces – among many other materials!

Not only does the company use eco-friendly materials, it employs cutting edge production methods. Their rotational molding process uses polyethylene resin for durability in harsh weather conditions. Manufacturing processes continue to evolve as they push innovation in furniture design.

Vondom works closely with internationally-acclaimed designers to craft outdoor furniture and accessories that transcend conventional design. Collaborations with the likes of Marcel Wanders (Suave and Venus); Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet (Africa, Brooklyn Manta Bum-Bum Ibiza Africa Brooklyn); Italian Fabio Novembre (And F3) as well as Welsh industrial designer Ross Lovegrove (Biophilia) have contributed towards developing Vondom’s distinctive aesthetic.

Vondom’s philosophy emphasizes both aesthetics and technological sophistication, which explains its recruitment of an eclectic team of designers to produce its avant-garde furniture collection. Vondom offers something for everyone with designs ranging from playfully curvaceous to artfully sculptural; all while maintaining a chic air of effortless glamour.

The Voxel collection features an eye-catching geometric and faceted design created through injection molding of plastic, and can be assembled as stackable chairs and sun loungers with LED lighting for extra appeal. Its geometric, fractal form fits in well in any setting while its lightweight construction makes for convenient transportation and storage.

Sustainable materials

Vondom’s modern furniture is constructed using eco-friendly materials that are both long-term durable and beautiful. Their eye-catching selections feature striking sculptures while still being comfortable in any environment. Vondom designs don’t aim to stand out, rather highlighting your surroundings to create a glamorous ambience. Viva Lagoon is pleased to bring this renowned Spanish manufacturer’s elegant pieces into UK markets and give you the chance to add them into your outdoor living spaces for the best outdoor living experiences possible!

Vondom incorporates eco-intelligence into their values by developing high-precision technology with environmental responsibility in mind, using recycled polypropylene materials for their unique and timeless pieces that celebrate nature and its surroundings. They have collaborated with master designers such as Stefano Giovannoni and Fabio Novembre to produce collections which celebrate these natural surroundings.

Eugeni Quitllet created the Pedrera chair as an elegant yet lightweight piece that captures the fluid lines of the sea. Inspired by his childhood spent on Ibiza in Spain’s Mediterranean landscape, its wavy lines recall seashells as an homage to this region’s natural elegance. Additionally, this sustainable design comes in various colors and finishes for any style preference.

Vondom’s Ibiza sun lounger was created by Eugeni Quitllet to capture the vibrant Mediterranean ambience, made out of recycled fishing nets and waste plastic collected on Balearic Islands. This innovative approach to ocean waste helps reduce pollution while protecting our planet – not to mention fulfilling Eugeni’s vision for an exquisite piece of furniture!

Vondom’s other collections, like Faz, draw their design from mineral shapes and their role in global chemistry. This minimalist collection includes dining essentials and lounge must-haves like lighting and planters – as well as stackable pieces suitable for both indoor and outdoor use that can easily be stored away stacked together for easy storage.

Innovative technology

Vondom combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship with an innovative approach to modern design. Their rotational molding technique produces multifunctional furniture pieces that combine style with function for users to transform their space into an immersive experience. Their designs reflect nature’s flow while exploring contemporary art movements such as Art Nouveau. Their collaborations with world-renowned designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ito Javier Mariscal and Karim Rashid push innovation further still.

Vondom’s products are constructed of weather-resistant plastic that meets international safety and durability standards. This makes their furniture resilient against extreme temperatures and conditions, perfect for use outdoors. Furthermore, these precision pieces feature high levels of precision that last years without degrading or cracking – an asset in both residential and commercial projects alike.

This company strives to inspire creativity through design and innovation while simultaneously working toward a greener future. They utilize cutting-edge technology to produce sustainable materials while working closely with leading designers on groundbreaking designs that represent an optimistic outlook of the future. Their revolutionary furniture aims to redefine space while unifying manmade objects with nature for maximum harmony and environmental impact.

Vondom has combined advanced technology with industrial manufacturing to craft the Suave collection, an eclectic line of furniture that blends indoor and outdoor elements seamlessly. This collection includes modular sofas, puffs in five sizes, stylish planters that combine organic forms with technological features as well as matte colors and glossy lacquered hues for additional customizability.

Vondom’s sculptural selections can instantly elevate the aesthetic of any space while serving as beautiful art pieces in their own right. Crafted from polyethylene resin material using rotational molding techniques, they come with multiple color options and finishes for lighting effects to accent their unique forms – ideal for dining essentials as well as lounge essentials!

Collaborations with world-renowned designers

Vondom offers an extensive range of modern outdoor furniture, decorative pots, exterior lighting fixtures, bar counters, benches accessories and more. Working closely with world-renowned designers to produce avant-garde pieces that blend modernist elegance with glamorous elements, these sleek collections combine sophisticated designs with durable construction for lasting use and come in an assortment of color choices to complement any style or taste.

Ramon Esteve has created the Factory collection as an example of contemporary sophistication. Comprising an aluminum outdoor furniture selection featuring modular sofas, armchairs, loungers, side tables, lamps, coffee tables high tables chairs and room dividers; its modular design enables users to craft personalized layouts tailored specifically to their aesthetic and needs.

Suave, part of Ramon Esteve’s Ramon Esteve line, takes inspiration from nature’s subtle yet colorful touches to craft durable outdoor furniture that blends into indoor/outdoor spaces seamlessly while remaining resilient and elegant.

Blow is a collection of organic-shaped pieces resembling smooth and oversized pebbles reminiscent of nature in modern furniture form. This series combines natural forms with strength of industrial materials for an ideal choice in any interior or exterior space.

Other pieces from Vondom’s line feature geometric and faceted designs that add architectural interest to its modernist style of furniture. One such example is Eugeni Quitllet’s Africa collection; its simple lines and shapes epitomize his philosophy that “originality comes in simple things.”

Vondom was founded in Valencia, Spain in 2010 to reinvent expectations when it comes to outdoor furniture. Their goal was to use eco-friendly, resistant, reusable plastics as moldable, bright plastics to craft top-of-the-line pieces with luxurious aesthetics using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques such as gas-assisted injection molding which eliminates warpage, shrinkage, surface blemishes, sink marks and internal stress for perfect pieces every time – featuring Siesta fabric made with 50% recycled content for this premium fabric company made out of 100% recycled content material!