Vondom Furniture – Mediterranean Style With Structurally Brilliant Brilliance

vondom furniture

Vondom fuses Mediterranean flair and structural brilliance into their furniture collection to transform even mundane spaces into lavish environments. Their modern outdoor furniture, planters and exterior lighting help turn mundane spaces into stylish venues.

This brand travels the globe in search of ambassadors who best embody its design spirit, such as Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ito Ross Lovegrove and Karim Rashid.

Founded in 2010

Vondom, located in Valencia, Spain, designs and produces modern furniture for both interior and exterior spaces. Their collection consists of chairs, tables, lamps and outdoor pieces made of polycarbonate that come in various colors and materials to meet every decor need. Furthermore, Vondom’s pieces can fit seamlessly into any setting from small homes to commercial properties alike.

Jose Albinana, the company’s founder, is an enthusiastic designer. To bring about this goal, he created a rotating mold that produced unique forms in each piece of furniture; thus revolutionizing design. Since then, his concept has spread worldwide via showrooms in Miami, New York and Los Angeles with over 120 designers contributing their talent – selling an astounding 80% of his products worldwide!

vondom has long been dedicated to innovation and originality. Their goal is to design high-quality products that stand out for both their beauty and functionality, while protecting the environment by using sustainable materials and minimizing waste production. Their product designers are encouraged to push creative limits by exploring novel shapes.

Vondom furniture products are constructed using various materials, such as polycarbonate and injected polyurethane. Their most coveted pieces include the Delta sofa with its modern lines and neutral color palette – perfect for both indoor and outdoor living spaces, it can even be combined with other vondom pieces to form custom lounge arrangements.

Vondom’s commitment to design can be seen through its collaborations with some of the world’s finest designers, such as Fabio Novembre, Ora Ito, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet and Ramon Esteve. Together they develop innovative designs that are both functional and sculptural in nature.

Alongside their indoor and outdoor furniture offerings, the company also provides an assortment of planters designed to fit any style. Not only are these pots attractive to look at but they are highly durable as well, able to withstand even extreme climate conditions. Furthermore, some models include self-watering mechanisms and remote programmable color LED lighting options to make them even more appealing.

Designed by renowned designers

Vondom products elevate ordinary spaces into lavish destinations. Crafted by internationally-acclaimed designers, Vondom products can be found in more than 80 countries such as high-end luxury homes, five-star hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and yachts. Their distinct designs incorporate natural tones, geometric shapes and sophisticated materials that capture the Mediterranean lifestyle perfectly while remaining comfortable for everyday living.

Vondom’s collections encompass furniture, vases and avant-garde IN&OUT carpets made using advanced production techniques and recyclable materials such as powder-coated aluminum, spherical fiberglass reinforced polyethylene and high-quality fabrics – many of which can be illuminated using intelligent LED lighting systems.

Vondom Toronto draws its inspiration from their Spanish heritage and captures its Mediterranean way of life with contemporary design elements including on-trend natural tones and beautiful teak details. Additionally, their neutral color palette style and open concept layout makes each collection easy to view.

Vondom, located in Valencia, Spain is a market leader when it comes to innovative furniture designs for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their collection of furniture, vases and IN&OUT carpets result from collaborations with internationally-acclaimed designers like Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove, Stefano Giovannoni, Javier Mariscal and Ramon Esteve – just to name a few!

Vondom’s collections exude modern and timeless sophistication with their signature minimalist aesthetic. Boasting sleek silhouettes and clean lines that allow them to fit seamlessly into any environment, Vondom offers furniture options from dining tables and coffee tables all the way through sofas and loungers for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ulm Daybed from our new line-up, is an ideal addition to your hotel lobby, restaurant or pool terrace. Featuring soft cubic and spherical forms that invite guests to unwind in comfort while its minimalist design seamlessly fits in with any decor while its luminous white surface adds a touch of elegance. Crafted from rotomolded polyethylene which offers shockproof durability against sudden temperature changes or shocks.

Made in Spain

Vondom Furniture of Spain is an innovator in designer furniture manufacturing. Their products combine structure and form in ways that elicit an emotional response through great design. Based in Valencia, this Valencia-based company masters roto-molded plastic and LED lighting to craft pieces which are not only structurally impressive but aesthetically stunning too. They collaborate with some of the biggest names in design to elevate outdoor seating from pedestrian lounge sets into sleek multifunctional pieces.

The brand’s contemporary Canadian flagship store showcases designs that embody Mediterranean lifestyle while blending classic and modern styles, from Ulah seesaw chair made out of woven polyester to the Moma side and coffee tables; each piece combines playfulness and function for maximum poolside patio chic or rooftop terrace showcasing.

Only 12 years into business, this company has already become a global force in modern outdoor furniture and accessories. Their goal is to bring Mediterranean charm into interior and exterior spaces through cutting edge technology combined with strong research and development efforts.

Vondom’s F3 Collection represents their efforts in pushing design and innovation further. Its modular design combines solid volumes and open voids into geometric forms that act both as furniture pieces and works of art, featuring chaise lounge, side table and lamp pieces in multiple color options.

Valencia-based company Valencia Collections’ collections also include Eugeni Quitllet’s AFRICA and TUlum, Stefano Giovannoni’s STONES and Karim Rashid’s STONES and SURF collections – perfect for restaurants, hotels or any commercial spaces with seating and dining arrangements suitable for restaurants.

Each collection in this range has been conceived by a different designer, creating an array of distinct yet complementary pieces. For instance, Tulum collection contains modular sofa, lounger and armchair pieces which can be combined to form endless seating configurations.

Sustainable design

Vondom is a luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer known for incorporating eco-friendly designs in its collections of sustainable designs into its furniture pieces, such as tables, chairs and loungers. Their collections are composed of 100% recyclable resin materials such as roto-moulded or injected polyethylene resins; with matte or glossy finishes perfect for either indoor or outdoor use – some even boast remote controlled LED lighting to add ambience.

The company emphasizes innovation through a dialogue between form and environment, working alongside world-renowned designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre and Eugeni Quitllet to craft furniture, planters and accessories with unparalleled glamour and innovation.

Environment Friendly Furniture are committed to minimizing their environmental footprint by continually searching for technologies to decrease plastic usage in their products. Furthermore, they work closely with local fishermen on the Balearic Islands to collect waste from the ocean and turn it into beautiful designer pieces of furniture.

Vondom furniture uses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure its products are both resilient and elegant. Their production uses rotation moulding for creating complex shapes with ease, as well as gas-assisted injection molding which minimizes warping, shrinkage, surface blemishes and internal stress for maximum longevity – guaranteeing you years of use from Vondom’s furniture!

Garden, pool and patio furniture from Vondom comes in various styles to fit every taste imaginable. Popular pieces include the Brooklyn chair which takes inspiration from the iconic curves of Brooklyn Bridge; Eugeni Quitllet designed the Pedrera sofa; while Eugeni Quitllet designed Pedrera sofa. Recently updated as part of Vondom Revolution line to become eco-friendly!

Dekton side tables are among the company’s standout pieces in their catalog, boasting long-term durability and stain resistance as well as easy maintenance and multiple finishes to choose from.