Vintage Brown Jordan Patio Furniture

Make the most of outdoor spaces with vintage Brown Jordan patio furniture from Long Beach Vintage Warehouse. Our large selection of sets can transform large areas as well as small setups ideal for apartment balconies.

Brown Jordan has created luxurious leisure furnishings since 1945 that transcend time and allow their users to escape into another dimension. Their first innovative designs reflected Californian postwar casualness through tables and lounge chairs sold exclusively at Bullock’s Wilshire department store.


Brown Jordan made its mark as a pioneer of outdoor furniture design in California following World War II with tables, lounge chairs and sofas that captured their carefree postwar California spirit and lifestyle of leisure defined by beauty, connection and community. Today they still embrace this philosophy by producing luxury outdoor furniture with sophisticated designs paired with high levels of durability.

Vintage Brown Jordan patio furniture collection boasts an expansive palette and styles. From sleek aluminum frames to woven straps, each piece is carefully tailored to complement its surroundings and enhance any outdoor space. Some pieces feature more modern aesthetics while others still contain classic neoclassic elements that first made Brown Jordan famous. In all, there are seating, dining, and accent pieces in various shapes sizes and materials in this extensive selection.

An essential factor when restoring vintage brown Jordan patio furniture is treating its metal parts carefully. Metal is susceptible to corrosion and requires regular polishing in order to remain looking its best. You should also regularly cleanse your furniture using a mild solution of detergent and water before rinsing off and drying completely before storing away.

If you need help restoring vintage brown Jordan patio furniture, hire an experienced restoration company like Urban Americana to take great care in refurbishing it back to looking brand new. They will ensure that it does just that!

Brown Jordan has become one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor patio furniture since their establishment in 1945. Their luxurious products are expertly crafted to stand the test of time and will add elegance and sophistication to any outdoor living space. Employing various high-grade materials with meticulous craftsmanship techniques, Brown Jordan utilizes partnerships with numerous designers in order to produce its innovative collections.

As well as offering vintage brown Jordan patio furniture, the company also offers contemporary patio pieces – most notably its Tamiami series with chairs, chaise lounges and ottomans that is popular among both homeowners and businesses.


Brown Jordan was once an industry leader when it came to luxury casual furniture. Its founders envisioned furniture designed specifically for outdoor use – reflecting Californian carefree postwar spirit in tables, lounge chairs and armchairs designed specifically by Brown Jordan for this use – creating stylish collections of modern outdoor furniture that has come to symbolize Brown Jordan today. Innovation and durability remain hallmarks of excellence for this company today; you can witness their legacy here on 1stDibs!

Tamiami and Kantan collections offer tables, chairs and ottomans with an assortment of frame finishes and vinyl strap colors, making each piece customizable to each customer’s personal aesthetic. Aluminum frames can be painted in twelve vibrantly happy hues such as Red, Orange Yellow Bright Green Dark Green Marine Bright Blue Hot Pink White Lite Coffee Mica Night while vinyl strap colors include a similar rainbow selection.

Kantan aluminum collection exudes Southern Californian-influenced relaxation with its soft corners and angles, reflecting Brown Jordan’s lifestyle of leisure in his birthplace of Southern California. Featuring Suncloth straps for additional comfort, it makes an excellent seaside chair. Plus its contemporary aesthetic can fit right in with urban settings too!

Kantan Collection draws its design cues from mid-century design. Crafted of cast and extruded aluminum, its elegantly curved frames and flares are exquisitely curved to reflect mid-century aesthetics. Flight offers a sophisticated modern aesthetic combining Brown Jordan style with casual sophistication; featuring Moto chaise seating options as well as endlessly configurable Parkway Flex, Parkway Sling, and Parkway cushion pieces for seating and dining options.

Designer Richard Frinier is instrumental to the success of many of Brown Jordan’s iconic collections. He pioneered new materials like Flex sling and Suncloth, helping transform outdoor furniture industry with designs such as Stretch, Venetian Swim Wave Still. Frinier’s attention to detail make his pieces an indispensable component of vintage brown jordan patio furniture collections.

The company teamed with some of the world’s most talented designers to craft timeless designs. This collaboration challenged and advanced traditional concepts of outdoor furniture, leading to innovative pieces now considered icons in their field, while others continue redefining possibilities of outdoor living.

Walter Lamb

Brown Jordan brand has long been recognized as an industry leader, pairing cutting-edge design with superior craftsmanship to create timeless outdoor furniture collections that withstand time. Today, their focus lies in producing eco-friendly luxury furniture which combines style with durability and longevity; working closely with some of the world’s top designers to craft pieces sure to stand out in any crowd.

Forward-thinking designer Walter Lamb was a true pioneer of patio furniture in California during the 1940s. Utilizing salvaged metal tubing and rope from sunken Pearl Harbor ships, he created chairs, sofas and tables which became iconic of California design – pieces which would later define Mid-Century Modern design movements such as his. These classic pieces remain timeless classics.

Lamb’s pieces stand out with both their stunning beauty and incredible durability. Not only are their metal frames coated in an impervious protective finish that stands up well to weather exposure, but their weatherproof woven rope supports are also made from high-grade weatherproof materials that won’t fade over time.

Hall Bradley’s iconic Tamiami chair became one of Brown Jordan’s signature products when it spread beyond West Coast markets, and remains popular today. Boasting structural beauty as well as timeless style, its popularity stands as proof that their philosophy of combining style with durability stands the test of time.

Brown Jordan has been at the forefront of American furniture since 1945, when they first opened for business. Through innovative designs and high-quality materials, their company has changed how people think of outdoor furniture – their mission being to offer customers luxurious yet comfortable living experiences outdoors.

Brown Jordan offers classic rattan to sleek fiberglass patio furniture to meet every aesthetic imaginable, from mid-Century Modern to Hollywood Regency inspired spaces. Find your ideal Brown Jordan piece on 1stDibs now.

Hall Bradley

Brown Jordan first made its mark as a pioneer of innovative materials and designs back in 1945 in Pasadena, California. Their iconic furniture styles heralded modern outdoor living – creating spaces to gather, relax and entertain outdoors. Today the brand continues to set trends with stylish yet durable products created with world-renowned designers that challenge and expand outdoor living possibilities.

At its inception, the company made quality and durability their core principles; their first designs utilized postwar aluminum and rope technologies to achieve modern silhouettes with outdoor functionality. Walter Lamb Bronze chairs from Pearl Harbor salvaged copper pipes coupled with cotton rope to form sinuous curves for an elegantly contemporary profile; in the 1950s followed Tamiami collection featuring sleek aluminum frames topped by vinyl strapping that became iconic of California lifestyles.

Brown Jordan is one of the leading innovators in luxury casual furniture design, creating designs that are both timeless and modern. Their Parkway collection boasts sleek aluminum frames paired with luxurious cushions to suit any space or style; other collections such as Parkway Flex, Sling and Cushion boast various frame finishes and strap colors as well as ergonomically designed seating that comes in various sizes for optimal seating comfort.

Designers continue to push the limits of innovation through award-winning collections. However, one noteworthy collection by Brown Jordan and designer Richard Frinier uses extra thick marine rope as a key design element, creating an elegant sculptural look with soft curves that envelope users for unparalleled comfort.

Flight collection, designed in aluminum with aerodynamic lines inspired by motorcycle designs. Inspired by sleek motorcycle finishes, this group brings metal craftsmanship into an indoor-outdoor aesthetic with classic elements and tailored upholstered panels reminiscent of motorcycle finishes. Available as dining and seating solutions.