Vintage Brown Jordan Patio Furniture Evokes the Spirit of Summer in Any Garden

vintage brown jordan patio furniture

Vintage Brown Jordan patio furniture brings the spirit of summer into any garden, from Mid-Century Modern to glamorous Hollywood Regency styles. Find pieces designed to meet all these criteria!

Lamb’s bold designs inspired numerous designers who followed. Today, his seating and tables remain highly desirable.

The Parkway collection brings geometric aesthetics and advanced engineering together in patio furniture for an updated aesthetic and engineering. Available seating options include both sling and cushion seating solutions.

Mid-Century Tamiami

Brown Jordan Furniture Company of California was founded by industrial designer Robert Brown and engineer Hubert Jordan in 1945 to create outdoor-oriented furniture specifically tailored for use. Inspired by postwar California spirit, their tables, lounge chairs, and armchairs helped redefine an important space of American life: patios.

Early success for the company was fuelled by innovation and style that resonated with consumers nationwide. Their first design, Morning Glory wrought-iron breakfast set debuted at Bullock’s Wilshire department store and saw lines around the block waiting outside after seeing newspaper advertisements for this elegant set. By end of day it had sold out!

Brown Jordan made history during the 1950s with their Tamiami collection of furniture featuring sleek aluminum frames with vinyl straps woven diagonally. As demand increased rapidly across California gardens and patios, demand soon spread nationwide.

As each year passed, the company’s iconic designs would continue to evolve and become more functional. In 1948, for instance, their Leisure collection introduced a lightweight tubular aluminum frame laced with vinyl lacing that was specifically tailored for full-time outdoor use and offered in Jonquil and Parrot Green to match Californian lifestyles.

Tamiami II

Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan set out in 1945 to design furniture specifically tailored for outdoor use. Their first design, Morning Glory – a traditional wrought-iron breakfast set they named – made its debut at Bullock’s Wilshire department store after an advertisement was placed in a local newspaper touting its sale – by Sunday evening there were long lines outside waiting to get their hands on this exciting outdoor furniture product!

As their popularity increased, in the 1950s they launched the Tamiami collection – featuring sleek aluminum frames with diagonal vinyl straps laced together – soon becoming immensely popular not just across California but throughout America and East Coast too. Demand increased, expanding from two color options initially available (fashion colors du jour) to 11 options and earning the company its position as an innovator of luxury outdoor furniture.

Walter Lamb Bronze collection featured designs by leading architects and featured postwar materials salvaged from Pearl Harbor ships that had sunk, such as copper pipe salvaged for use as outdoor sculpture pieces.

Rope & Strap

Rope & Strap Collection by Brown Jordan patio furniture features pieces with soft lines and angles, constructed of strong yet lightweight aluminum powder-coated for longevity, with dramatic thick rope woven over its frames to enhance each piece’s beauty. Perfect for seaside locales as well as eclectic living scapes alike with classic Neoclassic touches this collection includes seating and dining pieces to complete the ensemble.

Tropitone Furniture Co. was established in Pasadena, California in 1945 as a traditional wrought iron outdoor furniture maker; since then it has flourished into one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories. Now using premium materials such as wood, metal and rope, Tropitone crafts patio furniture that boasts timeless design while using superior craftsmanship.

Tropitone Valora patio furniture provides high performance on a tight budget. Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials that withstand both residential and commercial usage, Tropitone Valora includes outdoor sofas, chairs, chaise lounges and tables in its Parkway group; featuring geometric lines with options for cushion or sling seating arrangements.

MOTO Collection

The MOTO Collection by Brown Jordan was designed to commemorate their longstanding tradition in luxury outdoor furniture. Combining metal craftsmanship with premium cushions and modern, neo-Classical details for a refined aesthetic that works beautifully indoors or out. Aluminum lines with thick rope recall Brown Jordan’s origins in rope and strap construction while tailored upholstered panels add elegant and sophisticated detailing that is available both as dining and seating options for an updated modern aesthetic that would work beautifully in both Mid Century Modern patio settings or Hollywood Regency-influenced areas.

No matter your design vision, the MOTO Collection has chairs to meet it! Check out 1stDibs for vintage Brown Jordan furniture to discover stunning options that meet them.

Keep your Brown Jordan patio furniture looking its best by regularly wiping it down with a soft cloth and mild laundry or dish detergent, especially metal-framed pieces that require special care such as automobile wax every six months to preserve their look and protect your investment. Furthermore, furniture covers should also be purchased to shield them from harsh winter conditions.


Brown Jordan Company was founded on the premise that luxury outdoor furnishings should enable families to live “the Good Life.” This means sharing beautiful food, conversation and entertainment in an inviting setting. This philosophy lives on through Brown Jordan patio furniture designs encompassing both classic and transitional aesthetics.

The Flight collection, first designed in 2005 and updated again in 2016, is an elegant example. Reminiscent of mid-century design through cast and extruded aluminum use, this sleek group reinvents strap patio furniture while subtly nodding towards mid-century aesthetics with clean lines and modern flares that are ideal for modern landscapes.

Other popular Flight collection pieces include the Oscar and Kantan collections. The Oscar collection was designed in collaboration with Ann Marie Vering to offer an indoor/outdoor aesthetic while the Kantan chair dates back to 1956, constructed of brass with Suncloth straps woven over it for sensuality.

Brown Jordan outdoor furnishings require proper care and maintenance in order to maintain their beauty over time. Applying automobile wax periodically on metal-framed chairs and tables is one way to protect them against harsh weather conditions and UV rays; cover investments may also prove helpful in humid or salt-air environments.


Brown Jordan has long been known for their innovative outdoor furniture designs that stand up against harsh elements, making them one of the most beloved casual luxury brands. Shop 1stDibs to add timeless style and find vintage Brown Jordan pieces perfect for adding classic character into your home.

Brown Jordan’s Swim collection provides a contemporary interpretation of their legacy with light and airy furnishings perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Crafted with aluminum frames complemented by dramatic thick rope woven through them for an intriguing contemporary aesthetic while remaining true to Brown Jordan’s roots – its selections of seating and dining are also available.

Brown Jordan Furniture Company was established in Pasadena, California, in 1945 by its founders to design pieces that would soothe the senses. Their first design, the Morning Glory breakfast set crafted of traditional wrought iron was sold at Bullock’s Wilshire department store for well-heeled Los Angeles residents to purchase. By late 1945 Walter Lamb’s Bronze collection crafted of tubular aluminum and vinyl lace outshone sales expectations at Bullock’s, cementing its place as one of the premier makers of full time outdoor furniture manufacturers nationwide.

Anniversary Collection

Brown Jordan has created luxury leisure furnishings since 1945 with designs that transcend time and delight the senses. Relying on high-quality materials and iconic design, they pioneered outdoor furniture manufacturing through innovative sets like Morning Glory; an original wrought-iron breakfast set named by them.

Brown Jordan chairs and tables have become iconic figures of modern outdoor furniture design, inspiring styles like Mid-Century Modern or Hollywood Regency to meet every outdoor setting imaginable. Check out 1stDibs for vintage Brown Jordan patio chairs to suit your personal aesthetic and environment!

For metal-framed Brown Jordan pieces, we suggest using car wax and a clean cloth to maintain their beauty over time. Applying this furniture polish twice annually will protect and extend its lifespan; to maintain stone-framed tables’ natural charm apply stone-enhancing sealer every six months for optimal care.