Uttermost Wall Decor Combines Premium Quality Materials With Unique High-Style Design

uttermost wall decor

Uttermost Wall Decor Blends Premium Quality Materials with Innovative High-Style Designs. Established by Bob and Belle Cooper in 1975, they remain family owned and managed today with headquarters located in Rocky Mount, VA and an expansive manufacturing facility comprising 713,00 square feet; additionally a state-of-the-art West Coast Distribution Center allows quicker shipping times for furniture retailers such as La-Z-Boy.

Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art can make an immediate statement in any room, be it modern, minimalist or rustic in design. Its natural gray tones complement any color palette easily making them suitable for monochromatic as well as vibrantly hued rooms.

But nothing beats the impact of an eye-catching metal wall sculpture in drawing in guests and visitors to your space. Ranging from safari animals to tropical trees, these three-dimensional artworks will bring any space alive! With various finishes such as metallic gold and handpainted pastels available to choose from – you’re sure to find just the perfect additions for your environment!

Metal wall decor stands out as one of the premier choices when it comes to durability. Unlike canvas, which can easily tear under moisture and light exposure, metal is strong and reliable – meaning you don’t have to worry about permanent fixtures becoming part of your decor or fading over time.

Metal wall art is lightweight, making it easy to transport and mount. This makes it an excellent way to add an accent piece without damaging your walls and ensure your decor stands out. Additionally, many unique pieces make sure that it won’t blend in.

Finding the appropriate metal wall art can be a difficult process, given all of your available choices. But with some straightforward guidelines in mind, choosing an eye-catching piece shouldn’t be too much of a chore. Be sure to select something that complements existing furniture as well as colors and shapes of decor when selecting wall art pieces for the wall.

metal wall art can not only add character and style to your home decor, but it can also help create a striking gallery wall in your office or workspace. Select an impressive centerpiece piece as an anchor of the display before layering smaller pieces with similar colors, shapes or themes – you could even combine different types of metal wall art for an abstract yet textural composition!

Wooden Wall Art

Carved wood wall decor is a stunning way to bring classic style into any room in the house, making an eco-friendly statement without breaking the bank or taking up valuable wall space. Not only will it look good for years while remaining easy to keep clean – perfect for living rooms and bedrooms alike.

Wooden wall art can add the perfect finishing touch to any room in your house, and offers many carved designs for you to select. When placed strategically in dark corners of a room, these decorations make it appear larger while simultaneously adding character. Plus, these decorations are easily cleaned and can even be changed later as per your personal taste!

Large decorative pieces come in all sorts of styles, from landscapes and geometric designs to bolder styles such as bold designs or striking patterns that stand out. As these large wood wall art pieces tend to draw guests’ eyes, their bold designs and striking patterns will grab everyone’s attention in your living room – perfect for modern or rustic styles alike – they come in sizes that range from 3’x3′ up to 4’x 5′!


Canvas wall art creates a classic gallery-like ambience in any space, adding elegance and charm. Crafted of durable polyester fabric dyed in vibrant colors and prints to fit in with any home decor theme, its long-term durability resists wear-and-tear damage from daily wear-and-tear and is hypoallergenic, machine washable and won’t fade or shrink over time – making it the ideal addition for high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways. Additionally, machine washes don’t fade the fabric either!

Canvas prints come in many different sizes, from mini canvases that measure only 5×7 to life-sized landscape prints spanning decades. Their flexibility makes them popular gift ideas and home decor options; additionally they come with natural matte finishes to prevent any glare or reflection which makes them suitable for bright spaces.

Canvas prints make wall decor easier than other types, thanks to being easier to clean than other wall art types. Simply wipe down with damp cloth to eliminate dust or dirt accumulation; they’re even stain-resistant so your masterpiece will stay looking its best for years!

Canvas prints differ from traditional frames in that there’s no glass protecting the picture, eliminating the risk of breakage. They’re also more durable than most forms of wall art and will withstand more abuse than their counterparts – which makes them particularly suitable for homes with young children who might otherwise damage traditional wall hangings if treated roughly.

Canvas prints can help educational facilities increase morale and inspire both students and staff members, by printing motivational quotes or images that represent its values – helping foster an environment conducive to learning. Plus, their affordable price point makes this an affordable alternative compared with framed prints.

Canvas wall decor can be susceptible to sagging and warping, which requires extra care for optimal condition. To extend their longevity and maintain color accuracy, keep them out of direct sunlight or humid environments as much as possible, using protective coating and keeping out direct sunlight if possible. Furthermore, consider both color quality and image resolution quality of your canvas print before purchasing online; many websites sell inferior artwork with poor detailing while premium canvas products utilize an advanced printing process that yields vivid hues with stunning detail.