Uttermost – The Ultimate in Quality and Craftsmanship

Uttermost is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. Established by Bob and Belle Cooper in 1988, this family-owned company supports many of the world’s premier home furnishings retailers with hundreds of employees located throughout Virginia, California, Asia as well as sales/service representatives worldwide.

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Tabletop accessories play an essential part in setting the ambiance and character of any space, from everyday salt and pepper shakers to unique napkin holders and toothpick containers, each adding their own special flair. Look here for tabletop decor from brands like Alessi, Blomus and Iittala for items to complete your display; combine this decor with dining furniture from Uttermost for complete room design!

Uttermost’s lighting options are thoughtfully designed with the discerning homeowner in mind, made from only high quality materials with expert craftsmanship that create a piece that stands out. Choose between flush mounts and pendants in various shapes, sizes and finishes that break from tradition as well as bathroom vanity lights, chandeliers and floor lamps offering modern interpretations of traditional styles.

Are you searching for wall art to complement your space? Uttermost’s selection offers everything from framed paintings and decor pieces, such as vanity mirrors and arched accent mirrors, gold wall shelves and shadow box sets, to shadow box sets with photo collages and unique decorative sculptures.

In this collection you’ll also find an impressive variety of accent furniture. Be it reclaimed wood end tables, linen benches or wool poufs – each offers stylish yet practical additions to your living space.

The Uttermost company was founded with a philosophy that puts business partners first. Their designers and vendors work together closely to ensure each piece is created with care and consideration, evidenced in each piece of furniture, lighting or home decor they produce. Their dedication to excellence can be seen everywhere they produce furniture or home decor products.

Uttermost has been family-owned and operated for 46 years, making them one of the premier home furnishings and decor suppliers. Their operations encompass a 659,000-square foot facility in Rocky Mount, Virginia; a 233,000 state-of-the-art distribution center in Moreno Valley, California; permanent showrooms across America as well as partner factories throughout Asia; plus permanent showrooms within their U.S. footprint and partner factories that produce its designs – perfect for adding timeless beauty into any space in which Uttermost is known.


While bulbs and fixtures should be the main focus of your lighting setup, don’t underestimate how accessories can make a difference too. A diffuser can help soften bright lights so they won’t burn your eyes or cause strain; timers allow you to set specific times when your lights operate – thereby cutting utility costs; track lighting provides targeted illumination for wall hangings or features on your walls or other objects;

Uttermost is dedicated to bringing stylish home decor and furnishings directly to you. Their design team works tirelessly year-round to develop product lines that bring both style and value. With offices all across America and Asia, they bring beautiful home furnishings right into your living room!


Clocks have long been one of our greatest human creations, reflecting our fascination with time measurement. From hourglasses and traditional analog clocks to the digital precision of smartphones, clocks continue to represent our relationship with time while marking important milestones in life. Trends in design and technology are now altering clock preferences; with contemporary takes on classic styles becoming more widely sought-after alongside innovative features.

An increasing emphasis on minimalism and clean lines is shaping how clocks are designed and manufactured, creating minimalist clocks with uncomplicated faces and sleek profiles to meet consumer desires for sophisticated functionality, as well as clocks designed specifically to integrate into smart home systems, which emphasize connectivity and ease-of-use. Environmentally aware consumers increasingly seek out eco-friendly clocks that feature recycled components, energy efficient mechanisms and sustainable materials; reflecting an increasing awareness about our impact on Earth.

Innovation is fueling a surge in clocks that employ unconventional ways of showing time. Clocks featuring unconventional designs such as rotating discs or LED matrix displays, push beyond conventional clockmaking while adding an air of creativity to this essential tool. Antique clock enthusiasts are using old mechanical parts from antique clocks to craft innovative new clocks – an experience which epitomises tradition while at the same time pushing towards progress.

Traditional clocks use weight or spring power to turn a main, or great wheel. The main wheel then spins a pinion with multiple teeth designed to mesh with another wheel known as an arbor that then powers multiple additional wheels with their own pinion and set of numbers that tells time; alternatively some modern clocks use electric motors to power movements.

Auditory clocks for those with visual disabilities provide time displays using natural language or auditory codes (e.g., one or more sequential bell rings represents each hour like Big Ben). For people unable to read, optical clocks project time displays onto surfaces. Some clocks offer convenience by featuring multiple dials displaying time in different time zones while others only show mean solar time based on sunbeam movement through windows.