Types of Outdoor Patio Furniture for Sale Near Me

outdoor patio furniture for sale near me

Bring home the luxurious elegance of teak patio furniture from The Great Backyard Place in Asheville. Crafted from Tecona Grandis trees, teak boasts sleek yet sturdy construction as well as natural protective oils embedded within its wood structure for optimal use in all environments.

This modern chair boasts clean straight lines that would look beautiful in a pergola covered patio setting. Assembling this DIY project is simple and can even be painted or stained to meet any custom aesthetic.


As its name implies, chaises are long chairs designed to allow you to rest your feet up while relaxing in comfort and style. A must have addition to any living room, chaises are also an ideal piece of outdoor furniture used poolside and on patios; with so many types available it’s important that you choose one suitable for you and your lifestyle.

If you’re searching for stylish, comfortable, and long-term chaise lounge chair solutions, the reclining chaise may be just what you’re searching for. This type of chair features a seat with reclines back that reclining front as well as footrest for ultimate relaxation or reading! Not to mention it takes up minimal space, making it great for small spaces while being weatherproof too – ideal outdoor furniture choices too!

There is a wide selection of chaises available, ranging in colors and fabrics – some made of luxurious leather even! To match the style of your living room and provide easy upkeep you can use either a soft brush, vacuum cleaner with an attachment nozzle or mild soap and water to clean it easily.

Chaises can add the perfect finishing touch to any room, while simultaneously increasing its style. They make an attractive focal point and offer great conversation-starters; plus, for those with limited space they offer the possibility of replacing sofa seating entirely!

The term “chaise lounge,” derived from French for “long chair,” is sometimes mistakenly identified with its more familiar phrase, “lounge.” While both phrases share similar meanings, English word lounge is easier to pronounce and sounds more natural than French longue; thus slowly overtaking chaise lounge as a popular term in recent years.


A daybed is an elegant addition to an outdoor lounge, serving multiple purposes: it can serve as both sofa seating and full-sized bed; some models even convert into trundle beds to accommodate guests and children. They are especially great for small spaces such as corner corners or empty patio spaces, providing comfortable reading or napping nooks with their versatile functionality.

Daybeds come in various materials, but synthetic wicker and teakwood are among the most durable choices. Both can withstand long exposure to sun and moisture without succumbing to damage or rot – they also come with various styles and colors to fit any decor!

For something unique and different when shopping for daybeds, consider getting a hanging or swinging daybed. These unique pieces hang from the ceiling and allow you to either lie back on them or sit upright comfortably – ideal for relaxing outdoors or taking shade during hot afternoons! Some even feature built-in storage compartments to store books, magazines, blankets or pillows!

Another advantage of choosing a daybed is its use as an alternative to chaise or couch seating for more relaxed relaxation. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow for much resting time on a lounge chair, a daybed offers an ideal spot for reading or lounging around.

Finding stylish yet comfortable outdoor patio furniture can transform your backyard into an oasis of peace. Finding pieces that combine style with comfort may prove challenging; but with careful selection you can easily transform an ordinary outdoor room into something stunningly breathtaking. There are so many options to select from; take your time browsing to find what suits your home and backyard retreat! Zara is a Content Editor and Blogger specializing in home, fashion and lifestyle topics. She keeps up-to-date on emerging trends, brands and products to share with readers of Homes & Gardens; since February 2022 she’s written creative and inspiring content that will show them the best in home & lifestyle products and lifestyle services.


Your patio should reflect the interior comfort of your home, so choose a sofa that extends its interior comfort to the outdoor space. An aesthetically pleasing piece should provide durability as well as visual appeal; to maximize space utilization choose one with dimensions matching that of your patio space.

No matter your aesthetic – whether classic wingback designs or more casual armless options – you will find an outdoor sofa to meet it! Additionally, sectionals allow for maximum use of available square footage.

Customize your sofa even further with fabric choices from manufacturers. Manufacturers offer an assortment of textures and weaves such as cotton, linen, corduroy, velvet, and chenille; plus stain resistance, antibacterial properties, UV protection features as well. In the past microfiber was the go-to fabric for durable outdoor sofas but newer high performance fabrics like Sunbrella and Crypton are both more appealing and effective options for use outdoors.

The frame of a sofa is its lifeblood, determining both its quality and comfort level. High-end sofas feature kiln-dried hardwood frames with strong joints to increase stability and support; in addition, these models utilize eight-way hand-tied springs interconnecting front to back and side to side for strength and longevity.

For a low-maintenance solution, polywood plastic furniture might be worth exploring. Crafted from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) found in milk jugs and shampoo containers, this material replicates authentic wood while maintaining its weight and resisting weather, sun, sleet, snow, saltwater chlorine mildew cleaning products as well as harsh chemical products used for cleaning purposes.

To ensure your sofa is both comfortable and durable, select high-quality cushion filling. Dense foam or fiber down is usually best, while synthetic materials like polyurethane tend to flatten over time. Select fillings with high thread counts and tight weave for greater resilience as well as ones made from downproof or water repellent fiber to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Storage benches

Storage benches can add both seating and storage to your patio or backyard, providing much-needed seating and organization solutions. They’re the ideal place for cushions, toys and other items you want out of sight but within reach – plus these benches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements the size and layout of your space! Plus they’re easy to build and maintain so you’ll enjoy them for years!

Plastic outdoor storage benches are quick and simple to assemble, much lighter than wooden or metal benches, and require much less upkeep compared to their counterparts. Cleaning them requires only water and mild detergent; plus their smooth surfaces make removing stains or dirt much simpler. Furthermore, plastic benches tend to be more cost-effective than other forms of garden furniture and would make an excellent addition on tight budgets.

Storage benches provide more than seating and storage, though. You can use one in various ways such as protecting patio furniture cushions from inclement weather conditions or organizing entryway clutter such as shoes, coats and backpacks. Storage benches can add versatility and beauty to any room in which they’re placed – adding the perfect piece of furniture that transforms any home!

The ideal outdoor storage bench is made from teak wood with mortise and tenon joinery for durability, aesthetics, and weatherproofness – an excellent combination. Perfect for cushions and pillows storage! Weatherproof too so no worries of rust or rot here; ideal for any homeowner who wishes to transform their patio into a comfortable living area!

As well as offering a comfortable place to sit and unwind, storage benches make an ideal seating solution for children. In addition to providing storage for their toys, this seat also gives them somewhere safe to play outside while parents relax on their porches. Furthermore, storage benches make an excellent place for pool toys or gardening equipment, and even work well as an occasional table for snacks and beverages!